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Regulation (2010:185) With Instruction For The Swedish Transport Administration

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:185) med instruktion för Trafikverket

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section 1 of the Swedish transport administration will be based on a

connected and perspectives responsible for the long-term

infrastructure planning for road, rail, shipping

and aviation as well as for the construction and operation of State roads and


The Transport Department will work for a basic accessibility in

the interregional transportation.

The Transport Department will, on the basis of a

community development perspective to create the conditions for a

economically efficient, internationally

competitive and sustainable transport system.

The Transport Department will work to ensure that the objectives

is achieved. Regulation (2011:1131).

section 2 of the Swedish transport administration will be

1. responding to questions about the way equipment technical performance,

2. collect and compile information from all

infrastructure managers and service providers to

describe the overall Swedish rail network,

3. collect and disseminate knowledge and information on

availability, accessibility, environment, health and safety in the

his area of responsibility,

4. develop, manage and apply methods and models for

socio-economic analysis in the field of transport, including

efterkalkylering and in-depth calculations,

5. prepare and provide the current traffic forecasts,

6. carry out in-depth studies of all road traffic accidents

meant that someone has died,

7. responsible for research and innovation that is justified by the

the tasks of the authority,

8. observe, document and on government finance

research and innovation in the field of transport,

9. be the infrastructure managers of the railway network

belong to the State, unless otherwise agreed,

10. in its role as client in particular seem to

productivity, innovation and efficiency in the markets for

investments, operations and maintenance increases,

11. have well-functioning procedures, working methods and

partnership that promotes and facilitates national,

regional and local influence,

12. promote public transport development, such as

by giving the regional public transport authorities advice

and support for the design of the

the regional transport programmes described in Chapter 2. 8 § law

(2010:1065) if public transport,

13. participate in the implementation of the regional

growth process,

14. by a special decision-making bodies within the DMV test

questions about Government grant to American shipping, and

15. by agreement with the airport holder ensure

There is a national network of airports

maintain a basic readiness to

key public transport should be carried out.

Regulation (2015:363).

paragraph 3 of the Finnish transport agency to interact with other players, and thereby

take action with a view to achieving the objectives of transport policy. The

measures taken will effectively contribute to

target attainment.

The Transport Department will report annually to the Government, the measures

taken in accordance with the first paragraph, as well as their costs and


section 4 of the Swedish transport administration will be

1. annually to the Government account for the productivity of

operation, maintenance and construction measures in their

the area of responsibility,

2. monitor and annually to the Government report completed

measures in the national plan for transportation infrastructure

as well as in County plans for regional transport infrastructure in the

parts authority responsible for implementation,

3. annually assist traffic analysis in its mission to

the Government recognise a monitoring of the transport policy

the objectives,

4. report annually to the Government cost per

identified surcharge passage that key figures for

road charging systems,

5. assist the traffic analysis with regard to the use of

databases and analysis tools,

6. with regard to the trans-European transport network TEN-T

and CEF (CEF)

(a)) responsible for Sweden's part in the management of the technical

the information system for the trans-European transport network


(b) assist the Government in the preparation), quality assurance and

coordination of grant applications as well as in the follow-up of the

projects awarded grants,

c) assist the Government in the work of the European

corridors referred to in the European Parliament and of the Council

Regulation (EU) no 1315/2013 of 11 december

the Union's guidelines for the development of the trans-European

the transport network,

7. report annually how the requirements on insurance for a

vessel and its operation and training places on Board according to

Ordinance (2001:770) on maritime support, and

8. every two years to implement and to the Agency for

civil contingencies agency report a discovery work

of potential European critical infrastructures in the

the transport sector under Council Directive 2008/114/EC of 8

December 2008 on the identification and designation of

European critical infrastructure and the assessment of the need to

improve their protection. Regulation (2014:113).

section 5 of the Finnish transport agency shall ensure that the rules and routines

the work has is cost effective and easy for

citizens and businesses.

section 6 of the Transport Department may perform the assignment, renting and

the sales activities that are consistent with the Authority's tasks in

otherwise. This includes

1. perform tasks within infrastructure, electricity and signal area,

provide operation of it systems, as well as conduct other

electronic communications services,

2. procure and provide material for

railway infrastructure,

3. provide ferry operations,

4. provide educational activities, and

5. manage and rent out vehicles primarily

railway undertakings by the State included the operational agreement with, in

other hand other railway companies. Regulation (2012:793).

section 7 of the Swedish transport administration will remediation under 10 Cape.

the environmental code in cases where the State has a responsibility for remedial

as a result of the airport activities carried out by

The CAA and the activities carried out by the Swedish Road Administration,

Banverket and the Swedish state railways.

The Transport Department will also, in addition to what is stated in the first paragraph,

answer for

1. the historical environmental debt that the State should carry under

framework agreement of 25 March 2010 between the Swedish State, LFV

Holding AB and Swedavia AB for the incorporation of

airport operations at CAA, and

2. the environmental liability that the State must bear in accordance with the framework agreement of the

22 december 2000 between the State Director, Swedish AB, SJ AB,

SJ Green Cargo AB, Jernhusen AB, Unigrid AB, TraffiCare AB and

Euromaint AB for the incorporation of the State Railways, and extensions

to the agreement. Regulation (2012:793).

Interaction, etc.

section 8 Transport Department should

1. provide input to planning authorities

and agencies in the work of the County plans for regional

transport infrastructure,

2. in particular, interact with the maritime authority in the development and

implementation of the national plan for

transport infrastructure and in the work with applications for

Ten-T contribution, and

3. in carrying out the duties set out in section 2 of 8

interact with the CAA and the Swedish Maritime Administration on matters

relating to the respective jurisdiction. Regulation (2013:171).

section 9 to ensure that Swedish defence requirements are taken into account in the

the peacetime operations, the Transport Department will consult with

The armed forces, the Swedish civil contingencies Agency

and the other concerned totalförsvarsmyndigheter.

section 10 of the Finnish transport agency, in its field of activity

provide a basis for the application of Chapter 3-5.

the environmental code and the planning and building Act (2010:900).

Regulation (2011:384).

section 11 of the Transport Department will work to ensure that the generation of targets for

environmental performance and the environmental quality objectives which Parliament has

established accessible and shall, where necessary, propose measures for

development of environmental work.

The Transport Department will be concerned about their environmental performance report to the

The environmental protection agency and consult with the work of the reporting

as needed. Regulation (2011:1227).

section 12 of the Transport Department must handle formalities for claim

compensation for personal injury in railroad traffic, except cases

According to section 3 of the Ordinance (1995:1301) on the processing of

liability claims against the State are to be managed by

The Chancellor of Justice. The provisions of sections 11 to 13 of the

the regulation applies to the Transport Department in matters of regulation

of personal injury in railroad traffic.

The State's agreements on inter-regional public transport etc.

12 a of the Swedish transport administration will conclude and be responsible for the agreement on

1. transport policy justified interregional

public transportation, including air traffic, which is not maintained

in the other direction and where there are no prerequisites for

commercial operations, as well as

2. liner shipping to Gotland.

The Transport Department should also ensure that there is regular

air traffic at line Östersund – Umeå.

The Transport Department will also be responsible for the State's agreement with AB

Stockholm public transport, if the Government has not decided anything

other things. Regulation (2013:1095).

12 b of the Transport Department may conclude agreements on transport policy

motivated international public transport which is not maintained

in the regional public transport authorities and where the

missing opportunities for commercial operations.

Regulation (2011:1131).

12 c § Dmv may

1. take the decision to sign an agreement on new traffic and if

the conditions for this traffic, if changing the range of traffic,

and decide whether to close down traffic that is carried out under contract,

provided that the Government has not decided otherwise,

2. make efforts to complement traffic that essentially

under the responsibility of the regional public transport authorities

If it is considered important for the inter-regional public transport,

and provided that such action does not replace the

responsibilities of the regional public transport authorities have under

Act (2010:1065) on public transport. Regulation (2011:1131).

12 (d) of the agreement, the Transport Department is responsible for going to the DMV

consider the need for functional employment areas.

Regulation (2010:1836).


section 13 Transport Department should have a regional organization and may have

the number of regions that work. A region be

cover one or more counties.

13 a section Within the Transport Department, there shall be a special

decision-making body known as the delegation for maritime support.

The delegation of the maritime support has the task of

independently examine issues concerning State contributions to Swedish


The delegation of the maritime support shall consist of a maximum of seven

Members, who are appointed by the Government.

Regulation (2010:1836).

13 b of the Finnish transport agency management is responsible to the Government for

The delegation of the maritime subsidies are allocated funds and resources in

the rest of their business. Regulation (2010:1836).

13 c § delegation for maritime support is a quorum when

the Chairperson and at least half of the other members is

at present. Regulation (2014:362).


section 14 Transport Department is led by a Board of Directors.

section 15, the Board shall consist of not less than five and not more than ten



section 16 of the Board of Directors may entrust to Government Chief to decide

Swedish national regulations. This does not apply to regulations

that has fundamental importance or otherwise of major importance.


section 17 the Director General is the head of Government.

17 a of At the DMV is a Deputy Director General.

Regulation (2015:626).

Staff disciplinary board

section 18 At the Transport Department, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

section 19 of the Transport Department will implement internal audit regulation

(2006:1228) and staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).


section 20 of the Transport Department may charge fees for the activities referred to in

section 6.

Agency may decide if the grounds for the charges and

the fees.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2011.

2. Decisions given by the shipping Board with the support of

Ordinance (2007:1160) with instructions to the Shipping Board,

continue in effect according to their content, and, after

date of entry into force shall be deemed to have been issued by the Transport Department.

3. Decisions given by the national traffic, with the support of

Regulation (2008:1338) with instruction for National traffic is

continue in effect according to their content, and, after

date of entry into force shall be deemed to have been issued by the Transport Department.


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on July 1, 2012.

2. Accounting under section 4 of the 7 will happen the first time before the end

by 2012.