Law (2010:1882) About Age Limits For Films That Will Be Shown Publicly

Original Language Title: Lag (2010:1882) om åldersgränser för film som ska visas offentligt

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Scope of application

section 1 of this Act contains provisions on how age limits should

be determined in relation to the production of the video, intended

to appear at a public meeting or a public

event that the one who is under the age of 15 have access


2 section With the production of the film referred to in this law moving images

films and videograms as well as playback from a database.

section 3 of the petition in a video to be shown to children under

fifteen years at a general meeting or a public

event must be approved by the Swedish media Council of the State.

paragraph 4 by way of derogation from paragraph 3, may request, in a video shown to

children under fifteen years, if the

1. provided in a tv program covered by

freedom of expression,

2. constitutes advertising for a product or service,

3. displayed at a trade fair, an exhibition or a

sporting events, unless the display is a general meeting,

4. will be shown in a museum as part of the Museum's normal

exhibitions and is a documentary production,

5. is a simple statement that is created by children or young

amateurs when shown at a film festival or another

artistic or non-profit events that mainly targets

to children and young people, or

6. only constitutes a reproduction of a public opera, theatre

or music show or a sporting event.

Assessment criteria and age limits

paragraph 5 of the petition in a video may not be approved for display

for children under seven years of age, during eleven years or during the fifteen years of

It can be detrimental to the welfare of children in the

current age group.

Statens Swedish media Council decides on age limits.

section 6, At a public meeting or a public event

where the display of a representation of a video appears,

access not permitted any who have not reached the minimum

age as the Authority appointed under section 5, if not anything else

follows from the second paragraph.

Children under the age of seven years and who is in the company of a person

over the age of eighteen years may be granted access to the display of a

the production allowed for children from 7 years. Children who

age of seven but not eleven years old and who is in the company of a person

over the age of eighteen years may be granted access to the display of a

the production allowed for children from 11 years.

The Government or the authority that the Government may

provide for allocations of age limits.

section 7 Notwithstanding sections 3 and 6, the age of fifteen years take

children under the age of one year to a showing that

specially designed for parents who have babies with him.

The return

section 8 a petition in a video that was submitted to the State

Swedish media Council for decision on age limit shall be returned to the

applicants will be notified of the decision. If

the petition has been filed by electronic means, to the authority in

rather than delete the representation.

The permit card

§ 9 When a request has been reviewed by the national Swedish media Council

will be shown at a public meeting or a public

event, should an authorization card issued by

authority shall be available. The requirement for the permit card case

only a petition approved for viewing for children under

fifteen years.


section 10 of the fee for the fixing of an age limit under this Act shall be charged with 1. basic fee of SEK 200,

2. time charge 17 euros per game minute at normal display speed, however, at least 200 crowns, and 3. fee for each licence card in addition to the first with 550 SEK.

Time fee is not payable if a petition in a movie is essentially documentary.

If a request for a video has a running time for thirty minutes at a normal velocity, is a fee charged for each authorization card in addition to the first with 250 dollars or, if playing time is less than five minutes, with $40.

If a petition in a film only to be shown at a film festival or other artistic or non-profit events, the Swedish media Council of the State grant exemption from the fee. Team (2013:1132).

Liability and appeal provisions

section 11 to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months convicted the

intentionally or negligently:

1. at a public meeting or a public event

shows a representation of a film that has not been tried according to

This law for a child under the age of fifteen years, or

2. violates section 6, if age limits for admission to the show.

section 12 of the State's Media Council decision on age limits and fees

may be appealed to the administrative court. Otherwise,

decisions under this Act is not subject to appeal.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to

the administrative court. Team (2013:114).

12 a of when assessing objectives under this Act shall

administrative law consist of a legally qualified member and two

special members. The members shall have

special knowledge of video and have specific skills in

Behavioral Sciences.

The first subparagraph shall not apply if the subject of the section 18

Act (1971:289) on the General administrative courts.

Team (2013:114).

section 13 Upon examination of cases under this Act, the Administrative Court of

consist of three members and two special members-in-training.

Of the particular members should have special knowledge of

video and have special expertise in behavioral science. Even

If one of the special members is absent, the goal

determined if the three other members of the Chamber agree

the end.

Chamber the quorum but the specific members of such

cases referred to in the fourth paragraph of section 12 of the Act (1971:289) if

General administrative courts. Team (2013:114).

section 14 of the Government or the authority, as the Government determines

orders for some time those who will serve as special

members of the Administrative Court and the administrative court at the

processing of cases under this Act. Of these persons, in

each court half have specific knowledge of video and

half have special knowledge in behavioural


If, while a special members participate in the processing of a

target, a fact which gives rise to the appointment

cease to apply, the mandate still valid in the current


The who will serve as Special Councillor should be Swedish

citizens and must not be a minor, bankrupt State

nor have trustees under Chapter 11. 7 § parental code.

Team (2013:114).

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 July 2013.

2. Older regulations apply for decisions rendered

before the entry into force.

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