Regulation (2010:1925) About Age Limits For Films That Will Be Shown Publicly

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:1925) om åldersgränser för film som ska visas offentligt

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section 1 of this regulation contains provisions relating to the

Act (2010:1882) about age limits for films that will be shown

in public.

With the production of the video "means the same as in section 2 of the Act on

age limits for films to be shown in public.

section 2 of the application for approval of a petition in a movie

to appear in public for children under 15 years of age shall be submitted

in writing to the Swedish media Council. The application shall contain

indication of

1. the title and length,

2. the Distributor's name,

3. the age limit that the authorisation shall indicate,

4. the content of the request, and

5. the number of the licence card.

The application to the representation to which it relates shall be attached.

Petitions in other languages than Swedish, Statens

Swedish Swedish media Council may require the translation to be posted

on the petition or that the application be accompanied by a

complete list of the texts that the representation is

intended to be displayed with.

The permit card

section 3 When the State Swedish media Council has decided to approve a

petition for viewing for children under 15 years of age, the authority shall

issue the number of permit cards as the applicant has requested. By

permit card shall show:

1. the Distributor's name,

2. the registration number of the complaint has been

Swedish media Council of the State,

3. a brief description of the representation,

4. indication of the length of the request, and

5. the age limit that the petition has been approved for.

Permit card must contain an indication that the card will

be available when the production will be shown at a General

meeting or a public event as that

during the fifteen years have access to.

Appropriation if the age limit

4 § clear appropriation shall specify what age limit

for entry to a display of a generation in one

video at a public meeting or a public


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