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Regulation (2011:155) For The Authorization Of Service Companies

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:155) om auktorisation av delgivningsföretag

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Introductory provision

section 1 of this regulation contains provisions which

Supplement Act (2010:1933) for the authorization of

process server companies.


section 2 of the regulatory authority for the authorized service company


1. The County Administrative Board of Stockholm when

method of management of the company has its registered office in Stockholm,

Uppsala, Södermanland, Västmanland, Värmland, Gotland

Örebro or Dalarna County,

2. The County Administrative Board Skåne County when the process server company

the leadership has its headquarters in kronoberg, Blekinge, Kalmar, or

Skåne County,

3. the länsstyrelsen Västra Götaland County when

service management is headquartered in Halland,

Jönköping, Västra Götaland, or Östergötlands län, and

4. the County Administrative Board of norrbotten when

service management is headquartered in Gävleborg,

Västernorrland, jämtland, Västerbotten or

Norrbotten County.

Supervisory authority for service companies where management has

their registered office abroad is the County Administrative Board of Stockholm.

paragraph 3 Of section 6 of the Act (2010:1933) for the authorization of

service companies shows that the supervisory authority examines

questions of authorisation and approval and revocation

of authorization and approval.


section 4 of the application for authorization of service companies,

be in writing and contain information about

1. applicant's name, personal or corporate, and

address, and, if the applicant is a legal entity,

of the Managing Director or

other leading operations, as well as members of the Board and

Deputy members of the service company,

2. name, personal or corporate identity number and address for

those owners that have a significant influence over the

the management of the company,

3. the persons who are employed or otherwise

active in the company and which of those already


4. how the name of the company is signed, and

5. within the County service company

intends to carry out service activities.

The application for authorisation shall, in respect of the persons

referred to in the first subparagraph of paragraph 2, be accompanied by

1. birth certificate,

2. bankruptcy proof of freedom,

3. evidence of freedom from disqualification, and

4. assurance that the person does not have trustees under 11

Cape. 7 § parental code.

The application shall also include a statement of how

the company intends to conduct service activities and

how the company should ensure that staff have the necessary


section 5 Is an application is incomplete, the supervisory authority shall

order the applicant to within a specified time

supplement it. The applicant shall be informed that the case

otherwise, it can be determined as is.

section 6 supervisory authority shall, when it transmits an application

for opinion to the Police in accordance with the second subparagraph of paragraph 2 of

Act (2010:1933) for the authorization of service companies,

specify the period within which the opinion should be submitted to

the supervisory authority. Regulation (2014:1186).

section 7 of the supervisory authority shall notify the police authority,

other regulators and provincial governments in the County in

the company intends to conduct service activities

decisions on the authorisation. Regulation (2014:1186).

Approval of personnel

section 8, an application for approval under section 3 of the Act (2010:1933)

on the authorisation of the company must be in writing

and state the name, social security number and address

with respect to which the application relates.

§ 9 a case if the approval not be examined in the context

with a case for the authorisation shall be settled within two

weeks from the time a complete application came in to

supervisor, unless special reasons causing the

other things.

section 10 of the supervisory authority shall notify the police authority and

other supervisory authorities about the decision in respect of acceptance.

Regulation (2014:1186).


section 11 of The statement of service company shall provide

According to section 7 of the Act (2010:1933) for service companies,

include information on

1. what kind of activities the company has


2. the structure and design of its


3. the scope of activities,

4. What is the training that personnel have undergone during

in the past year, as well as

5. the company's systems of internal quality assurance of

process server business.

section 12 of the supervisory authority should, in the course of an inspection under section 8

Act (2010:1933) for the authorization of service companies,

in particular, check that the staff and management is

approved. Supervisor should also check how

process server tasks are documented and reported, and how

information subject to the privacy and

documents containing such information will be stored.

The supervisory authority shall, if it considers that there is

reason, check the suitability of the staff and

management through control of the records referred to in section 15.

paragraph 13 of the supervisory authority shall keep a record of any


section 14 Request the administrative authority for the exercise of supervision

the assistance of another county administrative board, the County Administrative Board

participate in the supervision, if it is not inappropriate.

Register control

section 15 of the Regulation (1999:1134) on load records and

Regulation (1999:1135) if suspicion registers are

provisions on the right of the supervisory authority that at

authorization, approval and supervision receive information from

These registers.

Notification obligation

section 16 of an authorized service company shall notify the

the supervisory authority

1. If there is a change in the circle of owners who

specified in the first subparagraph of paragraph 4 of 2,

2. If an authorised person leaves his employment or his

Mission of

the company,

3. If a previously approved person employed in the undertaking,

4. If it is clear that a person who, after the application of

the company has been approved or are under consideration in

the supervisory authority, will not begin its

employment with the company,

5. If the company expands its business to another

County, or

6. If the company ceases its activities.

The supervisory authority shall inform the competent authorities

specified in section 8, if the content of the notification.


section 17 of an authorized service companies shall ensure that

the staff has such knowledge and such

practical experience needed to carry out

service activities in accordance with applicable

regulations. Personnel who are to perform

service shall have the specific knowledge of the

the conditions for and the procedure of such

the service of documents.

Service company will provide both

induction training of new recruits as running

continuing training.


section 18 of the provincial Government shall charge a fee for the examination of

application for authorization of service companies and for

examination of an application for approval of staff.

For the amount of the accommodation, the provisions of §§ 9-14

fee Regulation (1992:191), in which case the fee class 6

apply to applications for authorisation of

service companies and the fees for applications for class 3

approval of personnel. Of an application for authorisation which

be examined in the context of an application for authorisation shall

tariff class 2 shall apply.


section 19 of the police authority, after regulators have

consulted Info

1. further provisions on the authorisation and approval,


2. additional provisions for the enforcement of the law

(2010:1933) for the authorization of service companies and of

This regulation. Regulation (2014:1186).