Law (2011:1211) If The Consumer Ombudsman's Participation In Certain Disputes

Original Language Title: Lag (2011:1211) om Konsumentombudsmannens medverkan i vissa tvister

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section 1 of this Act provides for the involvement of the Consumer Ombudsman in certain disputes between consumers and traders.

paragraph 2 of a dispute between a consumer and a trader gets the Consumer Ombudsman may decide to assist the consumer as a delegate at the General Court and bailiff, if the dispute is of importance for the application of the law or if it otherwise, there is a general consumer interest in the dispute are examined.

3 § during the time that the Consumer Ombudsman's agent under this Act to the consumer get the benefits referred to in sections 16 to 20 legal aid Act (1996:1619). The cost of benefits should stay in the State.

The Consumer Ombudsman decides in the case of such an investigation referred to in section 17 of the Act, as well as for compensation to the person involved in the investigation.

section 4 Of the Consumer Ombudsman under this Act assists a consumer at the action in the ordinary courts of law, the provisions on civil litigation on small claims in Chapter 1. 3 section 10 d, Cape. 8 (a) and 18 Cape. 8 AOF the code of judicial procedure is not applied.

5 § If the consumer under 18 Cape. the code of judicial procedure is obliged to compensate the trader for his legal costs, should the State instead of the consumer is to be ordered to pay the costs. The State, however, did not respond to the trader's costs if these occurred after the consumers ' Ombudsman ceased to be representative and the supplier notified thereof.

If the trader through the conduct referred to in chapter 18. section 6 of the

the code of judicial procedure caused the postponement of the case or otherwise caused the cost to the Consumer Ombudsman, is obliged to compensate the seller or State for this cost.

section 6 of the 32 § 7 legal aid Act (1996:1619) provides for granted legal aid shall cease if the Consumer Ombudsman decides to assist consumers.

section 7 of the Consumer Ombudsman under this law may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions


1. This law shall enter into force on 1 January 2012.

2. The law also apply to cases pursuant to lagen (1997:379) on activities related to the involvement of the Consumer Ombudsman in certain disputes initiated by the end of 2011.

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