Regulation (2012:31) On Support To Efforts In The Forest Area

Original Language Title: Förordning (2012:31) om stöd till insatser på skogsområdet

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The scope of the

(1) assistance under this regulation be provided, subject to availability

on average, players operating in sectors related

to the forest for measures which create conditions for

economic development and growth in the processing and

innovation and experiences and recreation with

connection to the forest.

The arrangements for aid set out in paragraphs 2 to 8.

General conditions of support

section 2 of the aid under this Regulation may only be submitted in accordance with

Commission Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006 of 15

December 2006 on the application of articles 87 and 88 of the

Treaty to de minimis aid.

paragraph 3, aid under this Regulation may only be submitted to the

micro, small and medium-sized enterprises such as the

defined in Commission recommendation 2003/361/EC of

on May 6, 2003.

Which companies should in this context be considered to be any entity

exercise activity consisting in offering goods and/or

services on a given market, regardless of the legal

the form, regardless of whether it is carried out in individual or public

and whether the activities are carried out with a profit or

do not.

section 4 of the aid under this Regulation may not be submitted to the

firms in difficulty within the meaning of Community

guidelines on State aid for rescuing and

restructuring firms in difficulty.

§ 5 a recipient of assistance under the Ordinance (2007:481) if

support for rural development measures shall not be granted

support for the same costs in accordance with this regulation.

Aid under this Regulation may be combined with other

forms of State aid or other Union support than that

referred to in the first subparagraph, if the total amount of subsidies not

exceed the maximum aid intensity laid down in section 8. The

total aid must not, however, mean that the ceiling

as set out in Commission Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006

is exceeded.

section 6 of the aid under this Regulation shall not be granted for

actions that have been initiated before the application for aid has been granted.

paragraph 7 of assistance under this Regulation shall not be granted for

measures which the beneficiary is obliged to implement in accordance with

law or regulation.

section 8 Assistance may be provided with a maximum of 100 per cent of the estimated

approved costs of the action.

The fate of the aid

§ 9 questions about aid under this regulation be reviewed by

The Swedish forest Agency.

National Board of forestry, prioritising applications for


paragraph 10 of The decision on the aid to be compatible with the conditions

necessary to meet the purpose of the aid, or as

needed for the supervision and monitoring of how the aid is used.

A decision on aid shall be subject to conditions that

the recipient of the aid to carry out the intended measures in the

a certain amount of time.

The conditions shall be set out in the decision.

section 11 Before support is granted shall provide the applicant

full information about other de minimis aid

which it received during the previous three years. The aid may

not be granted until it has been verified that this is not

raise the total de minimis aid

the company may, during the current three year period exceeds

the aid per holding as set out in Commission Regulation

(EC) No 1998/2006.

When the aid is granted shall

the company informed of the nature of the support of the

less importance pursuant to Commission Regulation (EC) no


section 12 of the Forestry Board shall keep a register of the aid

provided pursuant to this regulation. Such a register should

contain the information necessary for it to be

possible to establish that the conditions for the aid referred to in

Commission Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006 are met.

The information contained in the register shall be maintained for 10 years from the date

When the aid was paid out.

paragraph 13 of the Forestry Board may decide to suspend a decision

aid granted in whole or in part and that the aid should not

be paid on any of the grounds specified in section 17 1-3



section 14 of the Forestry Board supervises that the conditions for

left assistance under this regulation are complied with.

15 § the recipient of assistance under this Regulation shall provide

The Swedish forest Agency the opportunity to check the performance of the

action by the aid.

16 § the recipient of assistance under this regulation, the following

call leave forest Agency a written report for

the business support and its exploitation

and a plan for the facility's continued exploitation.

Refunds and chargebacks

17 § the recipient of aid under this regulation are

repayment required if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or

any other way has caused that the aid has been granted

improperly or with excessive amounts,

2. the aid for any other reason has been supplied incorrectly, or

with the high amount and the recipient should have known this,


3. the terms of the decision on the aid have not been respected.

section 18 if a beneficiary is obliged to refund under section 17,

should the Swedish forest agency decide to fully or partially require

back support. If there are special reasons,

The Swedish forest agency remit reimbursement in whole or in


section 19 of a recovery decision under section 17 shall be taken within ten

years from the time the aid was paid out.

On the amount recovered shall accrue interest under

interest Act (1975:635).

If there are special reasons, the Swedish forest agency decide that

put down the interest the claim in whole or in part.


section 20 of the 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) there are

provisions for an appeal to the public

Administrative Court. Other than Forestry Board's decision

According to section 13, however, may not be appealed.


section 21 of the Forestry Board may announce further provisions concerning

conditions for support. The Swedish forest Agency, notify the

provisions necessary for the implementation of this


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