Coast Guard Data Regulation (2012:146)

Original Language Title: Kustbevakningsdataförordning (2012:146)

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Introductory provisions

paragraph 1 of this regulation, see supplementary regulations if

the processing of personal data within the scope of

Coast Guard data law (2012:145). The terms used in

This regulation have the same meaning and tilllämpningsområde

as in the law.

2 § When the coast guard is planning new it systems of larger

scale or new it systems which are likely to present specific

risks of infringement of personal privacy,

the authority shall consult the Data protection authority in good time before the

a decision is taken. The same shall apply when the coast guard

implementing significant changes in such systems.

In assessing the risk of interference with the personal

integrity, particular attention should be paid to sensitive

personal data will be processed.

Access to personal data


section 3 of the coast guard may provide details relating to the

access to personal data of persons involved

within the authority. For the assignment of permissions for access

to personal data, it shall in particular be taken into account that these

people have needs for data, and that it requires

their education and experience.

section 4 of the coast guard is responsible for it within the authority

procedures for assigning, modification, removal and

regular monitoring of permissions for access to

personal data.


§ 5, the coast guard may provide for consultation of

information which has been made available at the joint


6 § when you search according to Chapter 4. paragraph 5 of the coast guard data law

(2012:145) receives information showing that the person

has previously been suspected of a particular crime is not taken forward

If a court, in a decision which has become final,

have dismissed the indictment, announced the acquittal judgment or written by

the goal since the indictment.

The coast guard may provide for the limitation of

access to such data as referred to in Chapter 4. paragraph 5 of the first

subparagraph Coast Guard data law. Particular attention should be

to the right of the individual to protection from intrusion into the

personal privacy. Access to personal information about

earlier suspicions of criminal offences to be particularly limited.

section 7 the coast guard may notify arrangements under

what conditions search according to Chapter 4. section 6, first paragraph

2 Coast Guard data law (2012:145).

Electronic disclosure of personal data

section 8, unless it is inappropriate, more personal information than they

as mentioned in Chapter 2. the first sentence of paragraph 8 of the coast guard data law

(2012:145) on a medium of automated

treatment to

1. Marine and water,

2. The Transport Agency,

3. Europol, and

4. Interpol.

Data may not be disclosed to a medium for automated

treatment if it can be assumed that the disclosure could

mean that the task is processed in breach of the

personal data Act (1998:204).

§ 9 the police, customs, maritime and

the water authority, the environmental protection agency, the Swedish Meteorological

and Hydrological Institute, Finnish maritime administration,

The Swedish Transport Agency, the geological survey,

The Swedish civil contingencies Agency and

The armed forces may be granted direct access to personal information

as the coast guard deals with to coordinate civilian needs

of maritime surveillance and to convey the civilian maritime information

to the relevant authorities. If the coast guard admits

direct access applies as set out in Chapter 5. paragraph 5 of the

Coast Guard data law (2012:145). Regulation (2014:1230).

section 10 of the coast guard may announce details relating to what

as required in terms of permissions and security in order to

authority to permit direct access to personal information

for the authorities referred to in article 9 of this regulation and in 4

Cape. section 7 of the coast guard data law (2012:145).

Direct access to the data shall not be granted before

The coast guard is satisfied that the receiving

the Authority meets the requirements on competence and safety.

section 11 of the limitation in Chapter 2. section 8, first sentence

Coast Guard data law (2012:145) does not apply to the

authorities who have been granted access in accordance with article 9 of this

Regulation or Chapter 4. section 7 of the coast guard data law in respect of

personal information that has been made jointly available.

Retention and deletion

General rules on archiving and deleting

12 § When the coast guard archive particulars and documents

digitally, the archived data and documents

separated from the Agency's law enforcement activities.

Access to archived data and documents should

limited to specified officials.

paragraph 13 of the national archives in may, after consultation with the coast guard,

provide that data to screen according to 3

Cape. section 5, Chapter 4. section 13 or Chapter 5. section 7 of the coast guard data law

(2012:145) may be kept for historical, statistical or

scientific purposes.

Retention of personal data processed in the

law enforcement activities

section 14 of the 15? 18 § § provides that certain categories of data in

crime reports and completed investigations,

treated in the Coast Guard's law enforcement activities after

the end of the period referred to in Chapter 4. 9 and 10 of the

Coast Guard data law (2012:145). The same applies to data

in other investigations that are handled in accordance with the provisions of 23

Cape. the code of judicial procedure.

When processing data in accordance with §§ 15? 18 may, in addition to what

that said, the following data:

1. the case number and similar reference data,

2. the criminal codes, and

3. details of the circumstances surrounding the crime.

section 15 information concerning a convicted person in a preliminary investigation that has

led to a criminal conviction may be processed following the end of the

time specified in Chapter 4. 10 section

Coast Guard data law (2012:145), on the treatment of

specific reasons are necessary to find the relation between different

crime or between the possible perpetrators.

The data should be sorted out at the latest when the data on the

the judge was culled from criminal records pursuant to lagen (1998:620)

If the load tables.

section 16 information concerning a person who has been a suspect in a

preliminary investigation as closed or terminated otherwise than

by the prosecution in a particular case may be dealt with after the end of

the time limit referred to in Chapter 4. section 10, second paragraph

Coast Guard data law (2012:145), if the treatment is

necessary to prosecute the person.

The data should be sorted out later when criminal charges are no longer allowed

brought for the offence, or the last seventy years from the date of

the crime was committed in the cases referred to in chapter 35. section 2, first paragraph

the Penal Code.

section 17 If information concerning property which was the subject of crime

found in an investigation or a complaint,

the data are processed after the expiration of the time specified in the 4

Cape. 9 and 10 of the coast guard data law (2012:145). This

However, provided that the processing of special

reasons are required to be able to restore the property to the correct

owner or track another offence or the use of the object in the

criminal activity.

Personal data relating to such property should be sorted out when

treatment is no longer required for any of the purposes

referred to in the first subparagraph.

section 18 of the Information if a person who is sought as missing

may be processed as long as the task is needed for the purpose of

the treatment.

The data should be culled within three months of the

the person has been recorded.

Other provisions

section 19 of the coast guard may provide the additional regulations

needed for enforcement of Coast Guard data law

(2012:145) and this regulation.

20 § Before the coast guard notifies rules with the support of

This regulation, the Data Inspection Board to be consulted on matters

involving special risks of intrusion into the personal


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