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Announcement (2012:623) By Agreement Between Systembolaget Aktiebolag And State

Original Language Title: Tillkännagivande (2012:623) av avtal mellan Systembolaget Aktiebolag och staten

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Agreement between Systembolaget Aktiebolag and State

General provisions

section 1 of this agreement between Systembolaget Aktiebolag – hereinafter referred to as the company – and the State.

section 2 of the company shall be, in Chapter 5. section 1 of the alcohol Act (2010:1622) prescribed retail company.

section 3 of the company must be a member of the housing association or be part owner of the property or real estate companies to obtain premises required for the operation. In General, the company may not, without the Government's consent acquire shares or other participation in other companies or in other commercial activities.

Product selection

section 4 of the company's product selection must be such that no favoritism is made by domestic products. The selection must be based on an assessment of the quality of the product, specific risks to the harmful effects of the product, customer demand and other commercial considerations.

At the request of the vendor of the product which had been removed from the company's rejected from or range to the company in writing, the reasons which led to its position. The provider shall be informed of his right to have the decision of the Board of överprövat Alcohol assortment.

With the range referred to in this agreement as the alcoholic beverages Company buys after the quote and the alcoholic beverages are available for sale in the so-called

order assortment.

§ 5 the company shall without delay give effect to decisions of the Board of Alcohol assortment.

At the trial of cases of Board, Company providing Board materials and information is required.

section 6 of the company's trading margin should be set according to objective criteria, which apply equally to domestic and imported products.

Marketing and product information section 7 of the company's measures for marketing and product information shall be impartial and independent of the country of origin of the products.

The company shall, with regard to the limitations stated in law for the marketing of alcoholic beverages, work to ensure that new products are known for their customers.

The company shall further provide information to the public about the risks associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.


section 8 it is the responsibility of the company to carry out retail activities in the manner provided for in the law on alcohol. Activities to be conducted efficiently and the customers are given good service.

Activities shall be exercised in private operation.

§ 9 The overall objective for the company at the time of installation of outlets should be to basically every municipality that make the production if it is to get a point of sale (retail).

The decision to establish or discontinue a system store is taken by the company's Board of Directors. The decision shall be based on an overall assessment based on the business and service considerations.

section 10 the company shall hear the municipality and the police before the company decides on the establishment, relocation or closure of the store.

section 11 of the company decides on the opening times for the shops in the system in accordance with the guidelines adopted by Parliament.

section 12 of the annual report, the company will account for the decision on the establishment or closure of the system store that has been taken and provide information on the establishments or closures that have been implemented.

section 13 upon request by buyer, in the place where the system store is missing, the company shall ensure that the sale can be effected by shipment of the requisition. For such shipment, the company may employ special agents and dispatch the cost shall be paid by the company. The company may also, during a trial period in all or part of six counties provide sales on requisition by distance selling and supplies of goods to the buyer. In such a sale, the company shall in particular assess whether the same high quality can be achieved in terms of age verification as for the company's sales. For the execution of the delivery, the company may use the services of another company. The company has the right to levy a fee in connection with such distance selling.


section 14 of the company Conducts such wholesale referred to in Chapter 5. the third paragraph of section 1 of the alcohol Act, the company is obliged to ensure that wholesale distribution shall bear their own costs.

The company's trading conditions shall be impartial and be in compliance with the terms and conditions otherwise apply within the industry.


section 15 of the company's sales of spirit drinks, wine and strong beer by auction on behalf of others may cover only valuable collector's items. Such sale shall be made in the company's direction.

The company may, however, hire an individual or company to assist with the assessment and organisation of auction or for similar missions in connection with the auction business.

The company has the right to levy a fee for the auction or appraisal.


section 16 Of the company arranged tests of alcoholic beverages to the public is to occur at specific times of the company, for individuals or groups of persons and under the supervision of the company's staff. Testing in or in connection with the company's retail premises shall be made at different time than when the store is open for sales.

The company has the right to levy a fee for conducting tests.

Period of validity

section 17 of this Agreement shall enter into force on 5 October 2012 and replaces the agreement between the parties by 15 May 2011.

It now met the agreement valid until further notice, with the six-month period of notice. If it is necessary by reason of the decision of the Parliament, the agreement may be terminated with the shorter period of notice, that such a parliamentary decision may lead.

Changes and additions

section 18 of the changes and additions to this agreement must be in writing to be valid and signed by both parties.

This agreement is drawn up in two identical copies, of which the parties taken was his.

Stockholm 28 september 2012

For the Swedish State

Lars Hedengran

Of Systembolaget Aktiebolag


Magdalena Gerger