Regulation (2013:666) On Government Subsidies To Counties And Some Municipalities Of Efforts Against Hiv Infection

Original Language Title: Förordning (2013:666) om statsbidrag till landsting och vissa kommuner för insatser mot hivinfektion

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Introductory provisions

paragraph 1 of this regulation are regulations on State aid to

counties and some municipalities in response to HIV infection.

2 § the purpose of Government grant is to strengthen and supplement the

such efforts as the counties and some municipalities are taking

to achieve the following objectives:

1. limit the spread of HIV infection by

maintain and develop effective prevention work

performed by skilled personnel, are based on Science and

proven experience and primarily directed and adapted to

different prevention groups ' conditions and needs,

2. strengthen and complement efforts to combat other sexually

-transmitted and blood-borne diseases which are likely to contribute to

to meet the objectives of 1, 3-6,

3. limit the consequences of HIV infection for society and


4. create transparency about HIV infection and aids as well as prevent

people living with such an infection or disease or

their families stigmatized and discriminated against,

5. cooperate with other counties and municipalities for

knowledge creation and transfer of knowledge within such

activities that promotes achievement of the objectives referred to in 1 to 4,

6. collaborate with or support such non-profit organizations

that is a legal person and that the objectives set out

in 1 – 4.

section 3 allowance under this Regulation may be used to

support not-for-profit organizations pursuing the objectives set out

in 2 § 1-4.


paragraph 4 for the purposes of this regulation,

1. prevention teams: such groups of people,

based on what is known through epidemiological data, or

other scientific evidence, in particular the high degree

at risk of HIV infection, or transfer

HIV infection to others,

2. claim year: the year a the grant application submitted to

The public health agency,

3. premium years: the year following the application year.

Regulation (2013:918).

§ 5 what this regulation about a County case

a municipality that is not part of a County.

Forms of State aid

section 6 of the State aid provided in the form of operating grants or

project grants.

Conditions for State aid

7 § Contributions may only be provided for interventions that are based on

Science and proven experience or whose results can

be followed up and evaluated by scientific methods and that

to be taken to achieve the objectives set out in section 2.

Operating grants may only be submitted to the Stockholm County

counties, Skåne County and Västra Götaland County

counties and municipalities that are part of that County.

Project grants may only be submitted to the county or to a

commune forming part of the Stockholm County Council, County

County Council or Västra Götaland County.

section 8 Subsidy should only be given to an applicant who can account


1. the current epidemiological situation concerning

HIV infection within the applicant's geographic area of responsibility,

2. what actions applicants during the application year self

in order to achieve the objectives set out in section 2,

3. what actions other participants during the application year

performs on behalf of or with the support of the applicant to

achieve the objectives set out in section 2,

4. what proportion of the costs of the efforts

are accounted for in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 3 which have been funded with

the applicant's own resources and the proportion financed

through funding from other stakeholders,

5. what measures, in addition to those covered by the application for

grants, which the applicant intends to carry out during the grant year

in order to achieve the objectives set out in section 2.

For all operations are reported in accordance with the first subparagraph,

indicate whether they are performed until further notice, or in the project and what

prevention groups efforts are directed to. In the event that the

any cooperation with or support for non-profits

is not present, the reasons for this are reported.

section 9 for the operational grant also applies to the

activity grant application relates have been conducted for at least

two years.

section 10 of the Contribution is payable only subject to availability of funds.


section 11 of the application for a refund must be in writing and be received

the public health authority by 1 June

application year.

Application must be signed by an authorized

representative of the applicant. Regulation (2013:918).

section 12 of the application, the applicant shall specify the

1. the objectives of section 2 which is sought,

2. the actions to be implemented to achieve the stated

the objectives,

3. prevention teams that interventions are targeted to and on

how the stakes have been adapted to meet these

groups ' particular circumstances and needs, and

4. the expected results of the listed actions.

section 13 the applicant shall in addition to the 11 and 12 of the

leave the other documents and data

The public health agency needs to be able to examine the application.

Regulation (2013:918).

section 14 if the applicant does not submit the documents or information

imposed by section 11, 12 or 13, the applicant shall be given the opportunity

to supplement the application within the specified period.

If the applicant does not comply with a request to supplement the application,

may the application be examined as is.

Determining authority, etc.

15 § public health authority decides in cases of grants under

This regulation. Regulation (2013:918).

16 § A premium years covers a calendar year. Decisions on grants

taken at only one point for every premium years.

section 17 of the assessment of an application for funding must be made with

based on the applicant's ability to meet the

objectives sought. Decisions on contributions to

The public health agency, on the basis of the prevailing

epidemiological situation in the country, prioritizing applications


1. is expected to play a role in disease control throughout the country,

2. is expected to support the Centre's work as a County Council

According to the Constitution, is obliged to carry out,

3. refers to the actions to be implemented in cooperation between the

counties, between municipalities or between counties and

municipalities, or

4. refers to the actions to be implemented in co-operation with non-profit

organisations representing different prevention groups.

Regulation (2013:918).

section 18 of the public health agency will decide in each case if

the conditions to apply for the grant.

The conditions under which a contribution shall be

the grant decision. Regulation (2013:918).


section 19 of a beneficiary is obliged to by 1 March

the year after the grant year, submit a report to the

The public health agency. Report shall contain

1. a financial accounting,

2. Description of what resources were used to, and

3. the results achieved, and how these relate

to the expected results and the objectives

applied for the grant. Regulation (2013:918).


section 20 of the public health agency shall, by 31 May of each year

provide a comprehensive financial statement to the Government. By

report shall state

1. who has a contribution,

2. the amount of contributions paid to each


3. What are the conditions that applied in respect of each of

the contributions,

4. examples of the types of actions taken

and on activities that are deemed to work particularly well, and

5. a summary of the State grant

use in relation to the objectives set out in section 2.

The health authority shall every two years, starting in 2014, at

the same time also provide Government an assessment of

Government grant effects in relation to the objectives set out in

2 §. Regulation (2013:918).


section 21 of the contributions shall be paid in advance by a quarter

each quarter.

Refunds and chargebacks

section 22 of a beneficiary is obliged to refund if

1. the refund fully or partly unused,

2. the refund has not been used for the purpose for which it has


3. the recipient has not provided such a statement or such

Schedule referred to in article 19, or

4. the conditions in the decision on the contribution has not been followed.

section 23 if a beneficiary is required to repay pursuant to the

22 § 2 – 4, public health authority may decide to fully or

partly to recover contribution.

A beneficiary shall without special request refund

grant funds not used. Such reimbursement shall

be made no later than 1 March of the year following the grant year.

Regulation (2013:918).


section 24 public health authority's decision under this regulation,

not subject to appeal. Regulation (2013:918).

Transitional provisions


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on January 1, 2014.

2. For applications that have been received by the

The Swedish Institute for infectious disease control prior to the entry into force applies 4 § 2 and

section 11 of the their older version.

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