Regulation (2013:871) On Aid For Artistic And Cultural Training, And Some Other Courses

Original Language Title: Förordning (2013:871) om stöd för konst- och kulturutbildningar och vissa andra utbildningar

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Conditions for support

Introductory provisions

§ 1 a single natural or legal person who is organising a

training may be supported under this regulation for

education, training

1. placed under State supervision,

2. the students financial aid eligible to be declared, or

3. eligible for government subsidies.

The aid referred to in the first subparagraph 2 and 3 within the framework of the

designated funds.

Support provided for in the first subparagraph may not be provided for an education

otherwise under State supervision or eligible

the student to student financial aid. The aid must also not be left

for such a part of an education that Government subsidies provided for

in any other way. Regulation (2014:1003).

paragraph 2 of this regulation, ' students that at

admitted to and pursuing studies at a training aid

provided for under the regulation.

paragraph 3 of the Payments may be provided if the education provider has

conditions that comply with the regulations that apply to

the training provided for in this regulation.

section 4 of the training should

1. preparing for higher education that can lead to

artistic qualifications,

2. contribute to the development of a qualified professional expertise

in the artistic or cultural field, or

3. have a content that aims to preserve or develop

cultural heritage.

5 § in addition to those mentioned in paragraph 4, the education

1. be a tertiary level full-or

part-time studies and not be an education that can lead

to a degree by the Government as specified in

the higher education Act (1992:1434) announced the regulations if,

2. give a theoretical position in the artistic or

cultural area, and

3. rest on scientific or artistic basis or on

proven experience.

Although it referred to in the first subparagraph may, if it

necessary, contain occasional hints of secondary character in

the training.

Basic requirements

section 6 of the training shall be drawn up in accordance with

basic democratic values. Every one that seems

education should promote respect for every person's

self-worth, respect for human rights and our

common environment. It engaged in training must

in particular, actively promote gender equality and combat

all forms of abusive treatment.

The scope of training

section 7 of the education will include

1. at least 20 weeks full time if it should be under State

supervision or declared eligible students to

student financial aid, or

2. at least 30 weeks full time if it is to qualify for

State grant.

If the training is conducted as part-time studies, required instead

that training will be conducted for so long that the

equivalent to at least 20 or 30 weeks full-time studies.

Short training courses

section 8, an education that contributes to maintaining or developing

cultural heritage may be shorter than that stated in section 7, if the

There are special reasons.

Support only in the form of supervision for certain courses

9 § training may be supported by the training set

under government supervision, even if the conditions laid down in paragraph 4 or paragraph 5 of

first subparagraph 2 or 7, 12, 14 to 16, 19 or 22 sections are not

true, if the training of at least 200 hours teacher-

or instructor-led teaching for a maximum of three years.

Regulation (2014:1003).

Student fees and costs for education

section 10 Student fees should be reasonable in relation to the

the nature of education and the costs

education provider has for the training. These costs

shall be reasonable for the business.

The detailed specification of the training

11 § for each training should be a responsible

training providers who are responsible for education

carried out under this regulation.

section 12 of the education to be conducted in the form of one or more


section 13 for each training should include a training plan.

The plan must show:

1. educational title,

2. the responsible education provider,

cases other training providers,

3. educational objectives and direction, as well as the courses included

in education,

4. If the teaching is wholly or partly carried on in English,

5. duration, scope, specified as a percentage of

full time, main structure and organisation,

6. the number of hours of teacher or instructor-led activities

the program covers,

7. where applicable, the specific prerequisites that

set up,

8. the grounds and methods to be used for selection among

qualified applicants to the training,

9. how eligibility assessment, selection, admission,

control of knowledge and academic performance and archiving of

study results shall be documented, and

10. how the training will be quality assured.

section 14 for each course, there shall be a course syllabus. Of course plan

shall show:

1. course name,

2. the objectives of the course,

3. the main content,

4. If the course is given in English, in whole or in part,

5. the forms of knowledge control to be applied, and

6. If the score is to be placed on the course and in that case the principles

for grading should be applied.

section 15 if the score shall be placed at a course, the score is settled when

the course has been completed.

That score, one of the expressions Non authorized, Approved and

Once approved for use.

In the case of a course which, because of their content or by

any other reason is unable to cover the level Well approved shall

some of the expressions non-approved or authorized use.

section 16 if the score should not be set at a rate, rather than a

certificates are issued where the student's skills are documented.

In the certificate specified which parts of the course

that the student has completed.

A student who has completed a course to be scored

but who wants to get their knowledge documented other than

by score will receive a certificate.

section 17, a student who completed a training shall upon request

get a qualification of the responsible

education provider where the contents of the training and the

student's results indicated.

Education management and staff

section 18 of the responsible education provider,

a Board of directors or management team for training.

section 19 of the Board or the senior management team of the education,

1. ensure that the training is carried out under this regulation

and regulations and decisions have been issued by the Authority

for Polytechnic,

2. adoption applicants to the programme,

3. issuing certificates,

4. be responsible for the systematic quality work is being carried out,


5. be responsible for the training to be developed.

20 § there should be a person who is appointed by the responsible

education provider to lead the daily work in the

the business.

section 21 of the education provider will be for teaching and

tutorial using persons through training or

experience has competence for the activities they will conduct.

section 22 of the education provider shall ensure that the personnel

used for instruction and supervision is given opportunities to

skills development.

section 23 of the students should be given the opportunity to inspect

the business and the opportunity to influence the education

structure and implementation.


section 24 is eligible to be admitted to the studies that have

completed high school or secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities or

the corresponding training. Jurisdiction to be adopted is also the

otherwise, it is deemed to be able to benefit from the course.

Education provider, in addition to what is stated in the first

the paragraph on special prior knowledge.

Regulation (2014:1003).

Forbearance and study break

24 a of if there are special reasons, the education provider

in individual cases to decide that a person who is admitted to

the training may

1. payment to begin their studies, or

2. continue their studies after studies.

Regulation (2014:1003).

Application and decision support

section 25 of the application for aid in the form of supervision, a declaration that the

students are eligible for student financial aid or State aid

be submitted to the authority for the Polytechnic which decides on

the aid. The application shall contain the information authority

need to provide for educational and

the curriculum for the education to which it relates.

Decision support is granted shall be limited to

refer to a specific time. The decision should always relate to at least one

training session. The training decision will be

completed within the time that the authority no later

six years after the start date specified in the decision.

The Authority's decision on support for such training provided

in 4 § 1 shall be taken on the proposal of the Council of

College Preparatory arts training.

Regulation (2014:1003).

section 26 of The training referred to in paragraph 4 of the 1 may be declared eligible

the student to student financial aid under Title 2 of the annex

to the financial aid regulation (2000:655). Of Chapter 3. paragraph 2 of the same

regulation shows that student grants may be given to students

in such an education even before the age of 20.

The training referred to in paragraph 4 of the 2 or 3 may be declared

entitle the student to student financial aid under title B 1

in the annex to the financial aid regulation.

in particular, section 27 of the Government decides if the aggregate number of

annual sites that may entitle the student to student financial aid

According to title A 2 and B 1 of the annex to

the financial aid regulation (2000:655).

With the annual pitch referred to one student place in full-time education who

includes 40 weeks.

paragraph 28 of the decision on the aid within the meaning of section 25 shall contain

1. whether the decision relates to supervision, an explanation that the

students are eligible for financial aid under title A

2 or B 1 of the annex to the financial aid regulation (2000:655)

or Government subsidies,

2. the amount, if the decision relates to government subsidies,

3. training start and end time,

4. the length, scope, specified as a percentage of

full time and the number of annual vacancies, and

5. training location.

For the decision to be a syllabus for training

section 13 is attached.

If the education provider with the aid of 24 a of 2 has decided

the studies may be resumed, the number of annual vacancies on

training exceed the number of seats the decision under

section 25 relates. The excess quantity shall not, however, be

greater than that resulting from the education organiser's decision with

support of 24 (a) § 2. Regulation (2014:1003).

Distribution and calculation of aid

section 29 of the authority for the Polytechnic should at its distribution of

annual sites that may entitle the student to student financial aid

and by Government subsidies in particular take into account the degree to which

the quality of the training responds to the conditions for

assistance under this regulation. Regulation (2014:1003).

section 30 of the Authority for studies may provide additional

Government grants for necessary support measures for students with

disabilities who have been admitted to an education

contributions provided for under this regulation.

section 31 of the Authority for the Polytechnic, in their calculation of

the Government take into account the actual costs of

the training.

Payment of government subsidies

32 § state aid paid by the authority for the Polytechnic

to the responsible education provider.


section 33 Authority for Polytechnic may revoke a decision

that an education should be under State supervision or

entitle the student to student financial aid, if the training is not

longer meets the requirements or education provider or

anyone else that is involved in the organisation does not comply with its

obligations under this regulation.

Before the authority makes a decision referred to in the first subparagraph,

the responsible education provider to have had the opportunity to

remedy the deficiencies.

Containing and the recovery of State aid

34 section if any provision, or any terms and conditions that apply to

Government grants under this regulation materially has

been infringed, the authority may for the Polytechnic decide to

contribution in whole or in part shall be withheld from future

payments pending on rectification. If the correction is not made,

the Agency may decide that the retention amount shall be deducted

of the contribution from the State.

35 § the recipient of State aid under this regulation are

the repayment obligation, if any provision or something

conditions applicable to grant materially has

been infringed.

Authority for the Polytechnic should decide to fully or

partially recover a contribution, if any, is

the repayment obligation referred to in the first subparagraph.

36 section On Government subsidies required back, interest will be charged from

on the day that is one month after the decision on the

the recovery has been taken after an interest rate at each

time exceeds government lending rate with two

percentage points.

If there are special reasons for it, the Agency may order

Polytechnic fully or partially waive requirements on interest.

Change of training providers

37 § the responsible education provider for an education

that support has been provided for pursuant to this Regulation may be replaced

only if Authority for Polytechnic accepts change.

Monitoring and reporting

38 § the museums for the Polytechnic is to follow up and

evaluate the training courses that support has been provided for under

This regulation.

section 39 the responsible education provider for an education

that support has been provided for under this Regulation shall participate

in the follow-up and evaluation of training activities

as determined by the authority for the Polytechnic, as well as in

the Agency's oversight of the program. Education provider

should also disclose the information authority.


section 40 of the authority for the Polytechnic may provide


1. education plans and curricula,

2. grades, certificates and diplomas, and

3. the enforcement of this regulation.


section 41 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) contains provisions

If an appeal to the administrative court. Other decisions

by the authority of the Polytechnic than decisions under sections 33 and 34

may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 25 december 2013 and

apply for the first time on education that begins after the

30 June 2014.

2. The regulation repeals Regulation (2000:521) if

State aid for supplementary training. The repealed

the regulation still applies for training before

entry into force has been granted State aid under

the regulation, but only for the duration of the order for support

apply. Such a decision may, except on such grounds as

set out in paragraph 24 of the repealed Regulation, be revoked at

the request of the principal.

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