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Regulation (2013:1157) Om Yrkesintroduktions Support Employment

Original Language Title: Förordning (2013:1157) om stöd för yrkesintroduktionsanställningar

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on aid to

employers in order to stimulate the yrkesintroduktions employment

of young people under 25 years old.

section 2 of the aid approved by the European Commission under

Article 107 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union

and may not be combined with other aid for the same purpose.

Employment for which aid may be granted

paragraph 3 of the Support provided for yrkesintroduktions positions. With

yrkesintroduktions employment referred to in this regulation

positions covered by a central collective agreement on

vocational introduction, or hang the agreement to such

collective agreement, and which contains a share with education

or tutorial. Employment targets people

lacking relevant professional experience or who are unemployed.

Regulation (2014:947).

section 4 Of the employed is unemployed and has

relevant professional experience must have been unemployed

and registered as a person seeking work with the employment services of

a total of 90 calendar days during the uture for four months

immediately preceding the day on which the application is entered into

The public employment service.

paragraph 5 of The workers applied for must not already be

an employee of the employer, if not

1. the employment involves other tasks on another

collective bargaining than the tasks covered by

yrkesintroduktions employment, or

2. employment relates to work alongside his secondary school at

full time.

section 6 of the Assistance provided with regard to

1. the employed has over 15 but not age 25,

2. the employment of at least 75 per cent of the full-time course

at least six months, and

3. training or tutorial overall is at least

15% of the time.

section 7 if the time in training or tutorial is 25%

or more working hours, salary to be at least 75% of

salary according to collective agreements for employment without

training or tutoring.

If the time in training or supervision is less than 25

percentage of working hours, salary at least equal to the proportion of

the working time is not education or with supervision.

section 8 assistance may not be provided if the employee over the last 18

months has had a yrkesintroduktions job at the same

collective agreement area, for which aid has been granted.

Support shall not be granted if the employer previously received support

yrkesintroduktions employment for the same person.

§ 9 support may only be provided on the respect of the education

or the tutorial to be included in the employment, there is a

prepared training plan. Such a learning plan should be

signed by the employer and the employee, and at least


1. education and the content and scope of the Guide,

2. the objective of the training and supervision, and

3. who should be the supervisor of the employee on

the workplace.

section 10 the employer is responsible for ensuring that the staff receive the

training and supervision provided for in your learning plan.

If training and supervision overall is 15

% of working time will not take the form of:

high school, high school, adult education, special municipal

special education for adults, education in Swedish for

immigrants, Polytechnic, training organised by a

folk high school or community group, training

covered by the higher education Act (1992:1434), regulation

(2000:521) on State aid to the complementary courses

and Regulation (2013:871) on State support for the arts and

culture, education and some other courses.

If training and supervision on the whole, greater than 15

percent of the time, however, the exceeding part constitute

such training referred to in the second subparagraph.

Aid in the form of a wage subsidy and financial support


section 11 of the aid includes a wage subsidy and financial support

for the tutorial.

Support is provided for the duration yrkesintroduktions employment,

for a period of no longer than 12 months.

section 12 of the financial support for the tutorial is provided to the

employer contribution of SEK 115 per employee per day.

In the case of part-time work, the aid is reduced in relation to the

working time.

paragraph 13 of the aid in the form of a wage subsidy provided by the refund

to the employer by an amount equal to the

employer's contributions and the public payroll tax for the

employee that the employer would have paid under the

social tariff Act (2000:980) and the Act (1994:1920) on General

pay fee if the employee at the beginning of the year had reached the age of 26

year. Support is provided to a maximum of the amount that would have

paid at a gross salary of 18 750 SEK per month.

section 14 of the aid in the form of a wage subsidy the employer tillgodoförs

by crediting at such a tax referred to in 61

Cape. section 1 of the tax Procedure Act (2011:1244).

section 15 of the aid in the form of a wage subsidy and supervisor support,

all in all, not exceed 50% of the wage costs. With

"wage cost" means gross pay including sick pay, and holiday pay

as well as tariffs according to the social tariff Act (2000:980) and the law

(1994:1920) on payroll tax.

Procedural provisions

section 16 of the local workers ' organization or if such

is missing, the central workers ' organization, should be given

the opportunity to comment on whether the salary and training plan is in

accordance with the collective agreement.

section 17 issues of assistance under this regulation be reviewed by

The public employment service.

Decision on aid for yrkesintroduktions positions taken

on application by the employer. The application must be in writing

and contain the information necessary for the examination.

section 18 of the support may only be provided to the employer

the decision-making moment is registered as an employer of

The Swedish tax agency.

Support shall not be granted to an employer who has

business, tax liabilities which has been submitted to the

Enforcement authority for the recovery or

payment default which is not insignificant.

If such a relationship referred to in the second subparagraph shall be incurred

After the decision on aid has been notified to

Employment agency reconsider the decision. The same applies if the

going to the employment service's attention that the employer

ceases to be registered as an employer of

The Swedish tax agency.

section 19 of the employer shall, within 180 days from the working month

out by the aid submit dossiers to the public employment service

for the calculation of the amount to be credited to

the tax account and of the financial support for the tutorial. If

the dossier is not submitted within the prescribed time, loses

the employer is entitled to the support of the working month.

If there are special reasons, the employment agency decide

If a derogation from the obligation to leave the base within 180

days. The dossier should be submitted within the time

Employment agency decides. Regulation (2015:513).

section 20 of the employment service shall submit the tax agency the tasks

required for entry.

Aid in the form of a wage subsidy is credited to the employer's

tax in the 12 months after the dossier

received, with the exception of the month of January when the aid instead

credited to the 17.

section 21 of the employment service's decision that an employer has

entitlement to aid should be combined with an obligation on the

the employer to immediately report changes that can

affect eligibility or the amount of the aid. A decision

shall be reviewed by the change in circumstances.

Supervision and follow up

section 22 of the employment service shall ensure that support for

vocational introduction is used in the prescribed manner.

The employers that have received support to provide employment services

or employment agency appoints an opportunity to review

operations and supply the information necessary for

the review.

section 23 of the employer shall, within three months from the time the aid

expired, send information to the Employment Office on the content

and extent of the training and guidance that the

the employee has received.

Refunds and chargebacks

section 24 of The recipients of the aid are obliged to refund if he

or she by leaving through false statements or any

otherwise have caused that aid has been granted on incorrect

basis or with an excessive amount.

If aid otherwise than in the first paragraph has been provided on

improper basis or with an excessive amount, the receiver

repayment required only if he or she realized or

reasonably should have realized the error.

section 25 of a recipient of aid is furthermore obliged to refund if

the workers for whom the employer has granted support

have not received the training or tutorial that he or

She is entitled to according to an established curriculum.

section 26 if a recipient of aid is the repayment obligation according to

section 24 of the employment service shall decide to recover the

incorrectly tillgodoförda or paid out.

If a recipient of aid is the repayment required under section 25 of the

to the public employment service may decide to recover an amount

may be considered reasonable in the light of the education or

tutorial that the worker has received in relation to what

He or she would have received in accordance with

training plan.

section 27 of the public employment service may grant deferred payment

or negotiate contracts with the repayment obligation if a

payment plan. The employment service shall in such case remove

interest on the unpaid amount.

Interest is charged from the date on which the deferment was granted or

the agreement on the payment plan was hit, but not for time

before the amount recovered is due and payable.

Interest shall be charged after an interest rate at any time

exceeds government lending rate by two percentage points.

section 28 If an amount has been recovered is not paid in the right

time, the penalty interest rate (1975:635) withdrawn

on the amount. The same applies when the repayment obligation

been granted deferred payment or reached an agreement on the

a payment plan and payment is not made within the time

follow the order for deferral or agreement on

payment plan.

section 29 At chargebacks, the employment service, at a later

tillgodoförande of support for the repayment obligation,

may decide to deduct a reasonable amount in settlement on what

have been paid too much. The same applies in case of obligation

to pay interest.

Reconsideration and appeals

section 30 of the employment service's decision under this Regulation shall

be reviewed by the Agency's central unit for reconsideration, if

It is requested by the decision. At the review,

the decision is not rectified to the detriment of the individual.

A request for review must be in writing. The request shall be

to the employment office and must have got in there within three

weeks from the date of the request for reconsideration was part of

the decision.

section 31 in 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) contains provisions

If an appeal to the administrative court. Other decisions

than the decision on the review of the decision under section 17, second subparagraph,

the third paragraph of section 18, article 19, first paragraph and section 29 may, however,

not subject to appeal.

If a decision is appealed before it has been examined,

the appeal shall be considered as a request for reconsideration.


32 § employment agency may announce regulations

necessary for enforcement of this regulation.

Transitional provisions


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on August 1, 2014.

2. Older rules still apply for

employment contracts concluded before the entry into force.