Regulation (2014:298) On State Contributions To Electronic Communication Equipment

Original Language Title: Förordning (2014:298) om statsbidrag till utrustning för elektronisk kommunikation

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid

to electronic communication equipment. Political contribution

submitted to the County Council.

What is said of the regulation on the county councils also applies

municipalities that are not part of any County.

If several regions work together and form an Association of local authorities

to provide equipment for people with

deafblindness, left the State contribution to the Association.

The purpose of Government grant

2 § the purpose of Government grant is to encourage counties to

provide electronic communication equipment to

deaf or severely hearing impaired persons and persons with

deaf blindness, speech impairment or language impairment.

Conditions for State aid

paragraph 3 of the Contribution is paid for the cost of

1. equipment which enables a dialog in real time via a

communications networks and to be used by deaf or severely

hearing impaired people and people with deaf blindness, speech impairment

or language impairment who cannot, or only with significant

difficulty can communicate without such equipment,

2. the equipment referred to in the first paragraph if it is to be used by the

related to the persons referred to therein;

3. the adaptation and preparation of the equipment and

training for those who have received the equipment referred to in the first

or other point, and

4. support and education to those who have acquired

equipment referred to in the first paragraph and belong to the

circle of persons referred to in the first and second point referred to

use the equipment.

Contribution referred to in the first subparagraph 1 is given even for equipment

enable a dialogue that is not in real time if such equipment

more effectively meet individual needs

to fjärrkommunicera with other people.

With equipment shall include software, or a combination of

computer hardware and software, product or service.

section 4 of the Contribution is provided also for costs that the County Council has

the necessary service and repair, as well as the necessary replacement of

such equipment as specified in section 3.

paragraph 5 of the Premium is payable only subject to availability of funds.

The allocation and disbursement of State aid

section 6 of the Government contribution is allocated by the National Board of health and welfare.

The National Board of health shall establish the State contribution and pay out

it without requisition at the beginning of January, april, July, and

October with a quarter of the estimated State grant for

the current calendar year.

Monitoring and reporting

section 7 of The National Board of health or the national audit request is

the County Council is obliged to provide the

needed for their review.

section 8 A County that received State grants under this

Regulation shall by 30 June of each year declare to

The National Board of health and welfare how much of the State's contribution as consumed

the previous calendar year. In the report, the County Council also

Enter other data that give information on the National Board of health and welfare

how Government grant has been used.


§ 9 the Board's decision on the allocation of Government contribution

may not be appealed.


section 10 of the National Board may provide for

the enforcement of this regulation.