Regulation (2014:1103) With Instruction For The Swedish Security Service

Original Language Title: Förordning (2014:1103) med instruktion för Säkerhetspolisen

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Areas of responsibility

section 1 of the Swedish security service carries out in the capacity of security service

intelligence and security work.

The security police's main tasks and responsibilities is clear from

by paragraph 3 of the law on police (1984:387). Security Police other

tasks and responsibilities can be seen from the police the regulation

(2014:1104), regulations and specific decisions.

section 2 of the security police shall operate under the rule of law and


The security police to follow events in the outside world

and have the ability to quickly customize the orientation of

operations when needed.

paragraph 3 of the security police is responsible for the prevention, prevent

and detecting criminal activities and to investigate and prosecute

crimes are similar to the following:

1. violation of 18 or 19. the Penal Code or other breach

against national security, in the case of crimes against civil liberty

but only if there are special reasons for it,

2. crimes against

a) Act (2002:444) if punishment for the financing of particularly

serious crime in some cases,

b) Act (2003:148) if the penalties for terrorist offences, and

c) Act (2010:299) if the penalty for public incitement,

recruitment and training in respect of terrorist offences and of other

particularly serious crime,

3. such violations of Chapter 13. the Penal Code, which has been referred to

to evoke the danger to national security or to seriously

threaten or harm central social functions,

4. corporate espionage or illicit dealings in

trade secret, if there is reason to believe that

the offence was committed on behalf of or are supported by

a foreign power or by someone who has acted for a

on behalf of foreign powers,

5. crimes involving violence, threats or coercion has been used for political

purposes, if the crime was directed against someone whose

personal protection security police is responsible, or if the Act has

focused on a particularly important interests of society, and

6. offences relating to the sanctions legislation, munitions or

dual-use items, but only crimes

related to the activities of the security police has

the task of prevention.

If the security police in connection with the activities listed in

first paragraph 1 – 4 or 6 detects any other breach, may

Security Police investigate even the crime.

Personal protection

paragraph 4 Of article 3 of the law on police (1984:387) shows that the security police

is responsible for the personal protection of the Central Government leaders.

With Central Government leaders referred to the following people:

the head of State, heir to the throne, the President, members of Parliament,

the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, State Secretaries and

Cabinet Secretary. The security police, also in a

case-by-case basis, decide on personal protection.

The security police is responsible for such protection, and more

safety work connected with State visits and the like


5 § security police may, without prejudice to paragraph 3, even in

a case-by-case basis, investigate crimes levelled against anyone for whose

personal protection security police is responsible or a loved one

to him or her.

Security protection and other security work

paragraph 6 of the Security Police, in addition to what follows from 47 §

safety protection Regulation (1996:633), give advice on

security protection. Security Police may otherwise give advice

to prevent crimes against national security or other particular

important public interests.

section 7 of the security police, with the consent of the Government of a

in particular cases, conducting external relations with regard to

security protection and other security work.

Information to the Government

section 8 Notice which may be important in Swedish

security policy or that otherwise should be

the Government's attention shall, without delay, be reported to the

Government offices (Ministry of Justice) on the way

Government closer to decide.

§ 9 the security police shall by 31 August each year at a

Letter to the Government account for the application of the law

(1991:572) on special control of aliens in the period 1

July of the previous year to 30 June.


Cooperation with other authorities and bodies

section 10 in section 6 of the Police Act (1984:387) provides basic

provisions on the security police cooperation with other

authorities and bodies.

Particularly if interacting with Police

paragraph 11 of the security police shall co-operate with the police in

to the extent necessary for the police to


The security police and the police authority shall determine, in consultation

and continuing to develop modalities for interaction and

coordination between authorities.

The Security Chief of police is responsible, together with the national police

for that there are effective mechanisms for solving cooperation-

and coordination issues between authorities.

section 12 of the security police should, to the extent that privacy is not

prevents it, inform the police authority about conditions that can

relevant to its activities.

section 13 Of the police authority in a particular case, request it and it

no special reasons against it, the security police, assist

When police led by police.

The security police shall provide technical assistance and other help

to the extent that Police authorities

will agree.

paragraph 14 of the Security Chief of police shall immediately notify

the national police information of extreme importance.

section 15 of the Deputy Security Chief of police may, in consultation with the Manager

for National Operations Department, despite the

responsibilities that would otherwise apply to the authorities, in

a case-by-case basis, decide that an investigation or other

task in the law enforcement business will be left

to the police for further processing.

International cooperation

section 16 of the security police shall cooperate with foreign authorities

or bodies and international organizations in the

extent necessary for Security police activities and

as the Government closer to decide.

section 17 security police may conclude an international

agreement on cooperation with a foreign law enforcement

authority, intelligence or security services, or other

equivalent bodies in a Member State of the European

the Union or that have concluded agreements under the Convention on the

implementing the Schengen agreement of 14 June 1985 on the

cooperation with States parties. It does not apply if

the agreement requires parliamentary or Utrikesnämndens


Security Police Chief included agreements referred to in the first

paragraph. Before the Security Police Chief included an agreement

should the Government offices (Ministry of Justice).

Support for Security and integrity protection

section 18 of the security police will provide security and

integrity protection the aid referred to in paragraphs 11 and 15

Ordinance (2007:1141) with instruction for security and

integrity protection.


section 19 of the security police is headed by a head of Government.

section 20 of the security police, there shall be an Advisory Council which

consists of no more than eight members.

Advisory Council information shown in section 9 of the Government Regulation.

Transparency should not, however, refer to such information that can compromise

the Agency's cooperation with any other notice or

security services or relating to the management of police operations in

a case-by-case basis.

Positions and assignments

section 21 of the Security Chief of police is the head of Government.

At the Agency, there shall be a Deputy

security police officer who is the Deputy Head of Government

and whose employment is decided by the Government.

section 22 Government orders for a certain time the members of the

the staff disciplinary board who shall serve for a period in particular.

23 § if required with regard to the data may

Security Police may decide that for the specified time or until

Furthermore, until a certain time, hire a

police officer who has an indefinite by

The police authority.

Movement of workers

section 24 of the security police decides about the movement in accordance with paragraph 5 of

Police Act (1984:387) by a worker who is employed by


Employment at the Police Department or any other agency

as part of such a transfer duty is decided by the

receiving authority. It does not, however, apply for a

employment as decided by the Government.

Transfer the obligation only applies when moving to

an indefinite.

Staff disciplinary board

section 25 of the security police, there shall be a

staff disciplinary board. Board hears matters referred to in section 25

first subparagraph, the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

employees at the Agency, unless otherwise stated.

The Board is composed of the Security Police Chief, who is the Chairman,

staff representatives, three representatives of the authority that

Security Police Chief determines and two by the Government especially

appointed members. Alternates may be designated for the representatives

for the security police.

Security Police Chief decides who should be Deputy

Chairman of the Board.

section 26 of the cases concerning disciplinary responsibility, suspension,

resignation or dismissal, the President determines if a

proceedings before the Board shall be initiated. The President may

cancelling a case if it is obvious that the matter should not be

lead to some action from the Board page.

The Board has decided to suspend someone from work and is

because of changed circumstances is obvious that decision

no longer should apply, the President may decide alone in

the question.

Decision of the Chairman shall be reported at the next

meeting of the Board.

paragraph 27 of the Board is a quorum when the President and at least four

other members are present.

When cases that are of a policy nature or of other major

weight is handled should at least seven members being present.

The applicability of a specific regulation

section 28 of the security police shall apply

the staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).

The right to provide, etc.

section 29 of the second paragraph of section 27 of the Regulation (2014:1102)

instruction for police authorities show that police authorities

immediately notify the security police about crime or

criminal activity referred to in paragraph 3 of this regulation.

The security police, in consultation with the police notify

rules about what other types of crimes and other

phenomena that can affect the security police's area of responsibility

and as the security police must be informed.

section 30 of the security police may, after the police have

been heard, provide for Police involvement in

the protection of a person whose personal protection security police


section 31 of the security police shall, by such general advice provided

in article 1 of the Constitutional Assembly Ordinance (1976:725) and

statements promoting the legality and coherence at

the application of the law within its area of responsibility.

Exemptions from government regulation

section 32 the following provisions of the governmental regulation

(2007:515) should only be applied in administrative matters:

-section 20 of presentation,

– section 21 of the decision of the Agency,

– section 27 if the Authority's right to represent the State in the courts,


– section 29 on the case.

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