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Regulation (2015:213) Of Loans To The Power Company To Facilitate The Connection Of Renewable Electricity Generation

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:213) om lån till nätföretag för att underlätta anslutning av förnybar elproduktion

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section 1 of the Swedish Swedish power grids (Swedish power grid),

under this regulation and subject to availability of funds provide loans

for online merchants to facilitate installations of

the production of renewable electricity is connected to the mains.

The regulation is notified pursuant to Chapter 8. 7 §

the Constitution Act.

Words and expressions in the regulation

section 2 of the regulation referred to in

facility: power generation plant with one or more

production units behind the same measuring point,

renewable electricity: electricity produced from biomass,

geothermal energy, solar energy, hydropower, wind power, or

wave energy,

network company: the operator of network activities under electricity Act


net gain: an increase in the electricity network capacity for making

It is possible to connect plants,

power enhancement loans: loans that Swedish power grids will give according to

This regulation to an Internet company to finance a

power enhancement aimed at installations

the production of renewable electricity is connected to the electricity grid, and

planned establishment: an establishment for the production of renewable electricity

planned to be connected to the mains.

The purpose of the network enhancement loans

paragraph 3 of the Net gain loans to promote the socio-economic

efficiency. In determining whether the loan should be given particular

taking into account the

1. If the net enhancement is done in an area due to

wind mode or other circumstances from the energy point of view is

particularly suitable for renewable electricity production,

2. If the power gain contributes to a more efficient use

of the electricity grid, and

3. how much electricity output is expected to be from the plants

that will be connected as a result of net gain.

Conditions for loans

4 § a net gain loans may be granted only if the

1. mesh reinforcement is necessary for two or more

planned installations shall be connected to the mains,

2. the planned installations are referable to two or

several companies not included in the same group and are planning

the plants independently of each other,

3. the planned facility total

production capacity amounts to at least 100 megawatt,

4. consultation as required in Chapter 6. 4 and 6 §§

the environmental code have been made in the case of the planned


5. the networks the company has entered into an agreement on the accession of one or

several planned plants with a nominal installed

capacity takes at least 30 percent of the planned

the increase in capacity, and

6. There are specific reasons to presume that the proposed

the plants will not be connected without loan

is given.

§ 5 a net gain loans may not refer to the cost of operation

or maintenance or is given to fund a

network reinforcement that has already begun.

6 § a net gain loans must not be used if the mains which

power amplification to occur already has capacity for connection

of installations for the production of renewable electricity whose collective

production capacity of a total of 20 megawatts or more.

section 7 a net gain loans must not be used so that the State's

total commitments for such loans at any one time

amounts to more than 700 million.

section 8 Of the State's total commitment for nets gain loans

amounted to SEK 700 million but then decreased by

the repayment of loans, the net gain loans given to

finance a new power gain only if such

previous current capacity increases that have not fully taken

space, at least one that has been used to 70

per cent through contracts for connection of the installations.

Loan terms

§ 9 Swedish power networks shall ensure that a net gain loans

combined with the terms of a loan agreement with the power company and to

the terms are designed so that

1. the loan shall be reimbursed only to the extent that a

mesh has been used by the connection of the


2. the need for control and follow-up will be ensured, and

3. the interest rate is determined on the basis of the average

the cost of loans in the network activities in Sweden and without regard

to the risk that repayment of certain part fails with

due to the power gain is not being used.

Application for loan

section 10 of the application for a loan will be personally signed by

the applicant and submitted to Swedish power grids. If it is given in

electronically, it must be signed with an electronic


The applicant shall submit the Swedish power grids the data and make it

investigation authority.

Monitoring and supervision

section 11 of the Swedish power networks should follow the development of the

mesh as a net gain loans and exercise

supervision of compliance with the terms of the loan.


section 12 of the Swedish power grids may decide that a loan completely or

partly is required again, if

1. the loan is granted on the basis of incorrect or incomplete

information from the applicant,

2. the borrower on a serious breach of

terms of the loan, or

3. something else occurs, that means it is clear that

the borrower, taking into account the purpose of the loan should not have

It left.

Change of borrower

paragraph 13 of the Swedish power grids may allow another network company

enter into the borrower's place in connection with the transfer of

Online concession. For the application of such a takeover of loans

applies to section 10.


paragraph 14 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

Other examination

section 15 decision under this regulation do not form part of the

authorisation which may be required in respect of the current

network enhancements or farms to be connected

to the mains.

Enforcement regulations

section 16 of the Swedish power networks may provide for

the enforcement of this regulation.