Regulation (2015:553) On State Aid To Informatörsverksamhet Relating To Mental Illness And Mental Disabilities

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:553) om statsbidrag till informatörsverksamhet som rör psykisk ohälsa och psykiska funktionsnedsättningar

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/Entry into force: 2015-10-15/

Scope and purpose

section 1 of this regulation provides for State grants to nonprofits engaged in informatörsverksamhet relating to mental illness and mental disabilities. With informatörsverksamhet provided courses, face-to-face meetings and similar operations carried out by people with experience of oneself or relative's mental health or mental disabilities (informers).

2 § the purpose of Government grant is to support the activities referred to in paragraph 1 in order to raise awareness in society about what it is like to live with mental illness and mental disabilities.

Conditions for State aid

3 § contributions may, subject to availability of funds, are submitted to a non-profit organization

1. is a legal person,

2. operates on a non-profit basis,

3. has adopted bylaws and is democratically structured,

4. in its operations respects the democratic ideas, including equality and non-discrimination, 5. governing their activities against the stated objectives and expected results, has approved a plan for the activities of contribution sought and describe what activities are planned, and how the work will be followed up,

6. can document their business through determined activities and audit reports, and

7. carrying out an informatörsverksamhet referred to in paragraph 1 for at least one year on its own or together with one or more other players.

Grants may be made for certain costs for administering the Association's activities.

section 4 of the Contribution must not be left to a compound

1. have liabilities of Swedish taxes or fees of the bailiff,

2. is in liquidation or bankruptcy, or

3. has a different state grant for the same activities as an application under this regulation relates.

The shape of the State contribution

paragraph 5 of the premium takes the form of an operating grant. Such contribution may cover some of the costs of administration of the Association's activities comply with the second subparagraph of paragraph 3.

The fate of the State's contribution

section 6 of the National Board of health examines the issues of State aid under this regulation.


section 7 of the application for grants under this regulation is submitted to the Board at the latest at the time as the authority determines.

section 8 of the application shall be made on a form conforming to a form of Social Board. The application shall be signed by the authorized representative of the Association seeking the grant. In the application, it shall certify that the information given there is real.

§ 9 an application shall contain

1. the Association's bylaws,

2. documents showing who has the right to represent the Association,

3. business and the audit report for the previous fiscal year,

4. information on the activities to be carried out, what is the goal of the activities and the expected results of the activities,

5. the County activities relate,

6. the annual budget for the activities to which it relates, and

7. an indication of the presence of other State grants applied for or granted.

section 10 the applicant shall submit the documents and information requested by the National Board of health to examine the application.

section 11 if the applicant does not provide the documents or information as to the provisions of §§ 8 and 9, the applicant shall be given the opportunity to complete his application within a certain period of time as the Board specifies. If the applicant does not comply with a request to supplement the application, the Board examine the application as is.

Decisions and payments

12 § examination of the applications received, the National Board of health prioritize the applications which are deemed to be in the best position to meet the objective set out in section 2. In priority to the regional spread of informatörsverksamheten be taken into account.

paragraph 13 of the decision on the contribution shall identify

1. for the objectives and activities the grant is awarded,

2. What are the conditions for granting the premium,

3. for the year in which the grant is awarded, and

4. What are the reasons for the possible priority made under section 12.

The decision shall also include a statement of accounts in accordance with section 16 and refunds and chargebacks in accordance with §§ 19 and 20.

paragraph 14 of the decision on State aid taken once a year and refers to grants for a calendar year (premium years).

section 15 shall be paid quarterly in advance with a maximum of one quarter of the grant for the year.


16 § a recipient of grants under this Regulation shall, by 31 March of the year following the grant year to National Board submit a written report containing 1. a financial accounting and statement that specifies what resources were used to, and

2. a description of the results achieved.

Report shall be made on a form conforming to a form of Social Board.

An auditor shall audit the accounts. The auditor's report on that review shall be annexed to the report. If the contributions received amounted to at least five price base amounts according to Chapter 2. 6 and 7 of the social code, should the examination be made by an authorized or certified public accountant.

section 17 a beneficiary is required to provide, at the request of the National Board of the evidence which the Board needs to review the report.

section 18 of the National Board of health shall annually not later than 30 september of the year following the grant year to the Government to provide a comprehensive accounting of the Government grants provided under this regulation.

Report shall include information on who has received government subsidies, with the amount for which the goals and activities, what results have been achieved and which are likely to be achieved and how they relate to the objectives that the subsidies granted for and an explanation of the use in relation to the purpose referred to in section 2.

Refunds and chargebacks

section 19 of a recipient of a grant is required to refund if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or otherwise caused to contribution has been provided improperly or with excessive amounts,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been provided improperly or with excessive amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the refund entirely or partially unused or has not been used for the purpose for which it has been granted,

4. the recipient has not provided such financial statements referred to in section 16, or

5. the terms of the decision on the contribution has not been followed.

section 20 if a recipient of a grant is required to refund under section 19, the Board may decide to fully or partially recover the premium. If there are special reasons for it are getting welfare remit reimbursement in whole or in part.


section 21 of the Board's decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.


section 22 of the National Board may provide for the enforcement of this regulation.

Transitional provisions


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on 15 October 2015.

2. this Regulation shall apply for the first time in the case of State aid for the grant year 2016.

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