Law (2016:38) On The Receipt Of Some Newly Arrived Immigrants For Settlement

Original Language Title: Lag (2016:38) om mottagande av vissa nyanlända invandrare för bosättning

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The law's content and scope

section 1 of this Act contains provisions on the receipt of some newly arrived immigrants for settlement through the instruction to a municipality.

section 2 of the Act apply to a new arrival who has been granted a residence permit which can form the basis of the national registration, if it has been granted under

1. Chapter 5. 1, 2, 4 or 6 of the Aliens Act (2005:716),

2.12 Cape. section 18 of the Aliens Act, or

3.21 or 22. the Aliens Act.

section 3 of the Act also applies to a new arrival who has

1. granted a residence permit that can be the basis for national registration because of ties to a person who has been granted a residence permit on the basis of any of the provisions of section 2, and 2. applied for the residence permit within six years from the time the person that the participant has a connection to the first was received in a municipality.

The first subparagraph shall not apply if the person to whom the participant has a connection to every Swedish citizen at the time of the nyanländes the application for a residence permit.

section 4 of the Act does not apply to children under 18 years of age upon arrival to Sweden was separated from both parents or from any adult person may be deemed to have come into the parents ' place, or after arriving without such vicarious (unaccompanied minors), unless the child has been granted a residence permit pursuant to Chapter 5. section 2 of the Aliens Act (2005:716).

Instruction to a municipality

paragraph 5 of a municipality is obliged to after instruction receive a new arrival for residence in the municipality.

section 6 of The Government authority determines, on a case by case basis, decide on the instruction under section 5.

paragraph 7 of the Guidelines to municipalities to cover new arrivals registered and staying at the Migration Board's fixed properties and new arrivals who have been granted a residence permit under Chapter 5. section 2 of the Aliens Act (2005:716).

At the distribution of instructions between the municipalities shall take account of the municipal labour market conditions, population size, overall the reception of newcomers and unaccompanied children as well as the scope of asylum seekers residing in the municipality.


section 8 Government may provide for

— determination of the number of new arrivals to be allocated in a given year,

– the closer the priority of the new arrivals to be covered by the instructions during the year,

– the procedure for the distribution of instructions between municipalities,

-What criteria, in addition to those referred to in the second subparagraph of paragraph 7, which may be taken into account in the distribution of the instructions, and

-within what period the receipt in the municipality.

Appeal a ban

§ 9 Decision under this law may not be appealed.

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