Order Eha/3411/2011, Of 5 December, Establishing The New System Of Consumer Price Indices, Base 2011.

Original Language Title: Orden EHA/3411/2011, de 5 de diciembre, por la que se establece el nuevo sistema de Índices de Precios de Consumo, base 2011.

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The National Institute of statistics produces systems of Consumer Price Indices since 1939. Since then, changes in consumer habits have required periodic changes in the structure of weights and calculation methodology. These changes have been reflected in the different systems of Price Indices of consumption that have been in force in Spain, whose bases have been the years 1958, 1968, 1976, 1983, 1992, 2001 and 2006.

On the one hand, data from the survey of family budgets, which provides information on the consumption habits of families and their variations in time, and on the other hand, the methodological improvements experienced in the preparation of indexes, and the tendency to homogenize the methodologies applied in the 27 States members of the European Union, advised to establish a new system of Indices of prices consumer base in the year 2011.

Paragraph 7.1. D) of annex I of the Real Decree 1663 / 2008 of 17 October, which approves the national statistical Plan 2009-2012, noted as one of the operational objectives and quality of national statistical Plan, that the consumer price index will have a change of basis, which will become in 2011.

By this, the President of the Institute national of statistics proposes perform the process of the change of system, that includes the implementation of the new structure of weightings, it review of them products, municipalities and establishments selected for the collected of them prices and the update of the methodology of calculation.

By virtue, I have: article 1. Elaboration of the IPC according to the new base.

He Institute national of statistics shall draw up monthly the Indices of prices of consumption (IPC), with base in the year 2011, from January of the year 2012.

Article 2. Population coverage.

The consumer prices Indices with base in 2011, will be developed taking into account the new structure of expenditure of the entire population resident in Spain in family homes.

Article 3. Classification functional.

The consumer prices Indices with base in 2011, will be used as reference the international consumer classification (Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose). Consequently is elaborate, monthly, the Indices of prices of consumption partial of them following groups: 01. Food and non-alcoholic beverages.

02 alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

03 clothing and footwear.

04. housing.

05 household.

06. health.

07. transport.

08. communications.

09 Leisure and culture.

10. teaching.

11. hotels, cafes and restaurants.

12. other goods and services.

Sole transitional provision. Relating variations.

1. until December 2011 officially govern relating variations that provide general system indices with base in 2006 and from January 2012, the new system based on the year 2011.

2. relative variations in January 2012 on December 2011 will be which provide the new consumer prices indexes system based in the year 2011.

Sole repeal provision. Repeal legislation.

Are repealed any other provisions of equal or lower range that is opposed to it established in the present order, in particular, the order of the Ministry of economy and Hacienda of 29 of November of 2006, by which is establishes the system of indexes of prices of consumption, base 2006.

Sole final provision. Entry into force.

The present order will enter in force the day following to the of your publication in the «Bulletin official of the State».

Madrid, 5 December 2011.-the Vice-President of the Government for Economic Affairs and Minister of economy and finance, Elena Salgado Mendez.

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