Resolution Of 20 Of February Of 2012, Of The University Of Alcalá, By Which Is Published The Plan Studies Of Graduated In Architecture.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 20 de febrero de 2012, de la Universidad de Alcalá, por la que se publica el plan estudios de Graduado en Arquitectura.

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Obtained the verification of the plan of studies by the Council of universities, prior report positive of the Agency national of evaluation of the quality and accreditation, and agreed the character official of the title by agreement of Council of Ministers of 22 of July of 2011 (published in the BOE of 19 of September, by resolution of the Secretary General of universities of 1 of September of 2011) , This Rector's Office has determined publish the plan of studies leading to the obtaining of the title of graduated or graduated in architecture, that will be structured according to consists in the annex of this resolution.

Alcalá de Henares, 20 of February of 2012.-the Rector, Fernando Galvan Reula.

ANNEX curriculum conducive to graduating in architecture (architecture and Engineering Branch) Royal Decree 1393 / 2007. Annex I, section 5.1. Structure of the lessons 1. Distribution in ECTS credits of the materials that constitute the curriculum: basic commodity credits training type 60 mandatory 210 electives 18 Transversals 12 working end of grade 30 Total 330 2. Credits of basic training. Distribution in materials: branch of knowledge materials Basic (according to R.D. 1393 / 2007, of 29 of October) subjects linked ECTS course engineering and architecture.

Graphic expression.

Geometry and representation I.

10 1 geometry and representation II.

6 1 workshop of drawing I.

8 1 analysis of forms I.

6 1 analysis of forms II.

6 2 drawing II.

6 2 math.








Total créditos ECTS



3. Structure of the lessons full time: the subject character organization name temporary credits ECTS first course physical annual FB.

9 mathematics annual FB.

9 geometry and representation I FB 1st semester.

10 Drawing Workshop I FB 1st semester.

8. history of the art OB 1st semester.

6 geometry and representation II FB 2nd semester.

6. analysis of ways I FB 2nd semester.

6 architectural design I OB 2nd semester.

6. second course analysis of forms II FB 1st semester.

6. Drawing II FB 1st semester workshop.

6 history and theory of architecture I OB the 1st semester.

6. Introduction to constructional OB 1st semester.

6 architectural design II OB 1st semester.

8. I OB 2nd semester building structures.

6 theory and history of architecture II OB the 2nd semester.

6 OB 2nd semester building materials.

6 architectural design III OB 2nd semester.

8. third course Instalaciones-acondicionamiento OB 1st semester.

6 architectural composition I OB 1st semester.

6 structures of the building II OB 1st semester.

6 buildings architectural I OB 1st semester.

6 projects architectural IV OB 1st semester.

6 instalaciones-servicios OB 2nd semester.

6 urban I OB 2nd semester.

6 architecture of the landscape OB 2nd semester.

6 buildings architectural II OB 2nd semester.

6 projects architectural V OB 2nd semester.

6 fourth course projects architectural SAW OB 1st semester.

12 structures of building III OB the 1st semester.

6. Urban II OB 1st semester.

6 III OB 1st semester architectural constructions.

6. transversal UAH TR 2nd semester.

12. practical external (18 Cr) / OP 2nd semester elective modules.

18 fifth-year architectural constructions IV OB 1st semester.

6 architectural design VII OB 1st semester.

9. mechanics of soil and foundations OB 1st semester.

6 architectural composition II OB 1st semester.

6. urban III OB 1st semester.

6 projects architectural VIII OB 2nd semester.

9 workshop 2 OB. Semester.

6. Legal architecture OB 2nd semester.

6. Urban IV OB 2nd semester.

6 work end of FB grade OB 30: basic training.

OB: Compulsory subject.

OP: Elective.

TR: 4 cross matter. Electives: electives credits theory, history and intervention in the heritage 18 (max) urbanism and landscape 18 (maximum) innovations technological 18 30 (maximum) 18 (max) materials cross 12 Total optional credits Externships

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