Resolution Of March 20, 2012, Of The Directorate-General Of Employment, Which Is Recorded And Published The Act Where Approve Changes To Salary Level And Definitions Of Various Occupational Categories, As Well As The Creation Of Other...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 20 de marzo de 2012, de la Dirección General de Empleo, por la que se registra y publica el acta donde se aprueban las modificaciones de nivel salarial y definiciones de varias categorías profesionales, así como la creación de otras...

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Seen the text of the Act where approve changes to salary level and definitions of various occupational categories, as well as the creation of new ones, corresponding to the assessment of the first half of 2008 of the company Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-real Casa de la Moneda (Convention number 90002052011987 code) Act which was signed January 17, 2012 by the joint assessment Committee of representatives of the direction which form part of the company and the Committee of company, in representation of the entity and of them workers of the same, to which is accompanies report favorable issued by the Ministry of Hacienda and administrations public (Commission Executive of it Commission inter-ministerial of remuneration), in compliance of it planned in the law 39 / 2010, of 22 of December, of budgets General of the State for the year 2011 and of conformity with it willing in the article 90 , paragraphs 2 and 3, of the law of the Statute of them workers, text consolidated approved by Royal Decree legislative 1 / 1995, of 24 of March, and in the Real Decree 713 / 2010, of 28 of mayo, on registration and deposit of conventions and agreements collective of work, this address General of employment resolves: first.

Order the registration of the above-mentioned Act in the corresponding register of conventions and collective agreements of work with performance through electronic means of this Center Directors, with notice to the Committee negotiating with the warning of forced compliance of law 39/2010 of 22 December, of the State budget for the year 2011 , in the execution of such agreements.


Have its publication in the official bulletin of the State.

Madrid, 20 of March of 2012.-the Director General of employment, Xavier Jean Braulio Thibault Aranda.

FINAL address representatives ACT: Dona Azucena boat Rodrigo.

Don José Jesús Pereira Fernández (Advisor).

Employee representatives: Don Antonio Santiago Morales.

Don Daniel Sierra Quiles (Advisor).

In Madrid, to 17 of January of 2012, is meet them members of the Commission mixed of valuation cited to the margin, developing this Act end, where is collected them results of valuation of them positions of work corresponding to the first half of 2008.

Jobs rated or reviewed at the request of departments: jobs climbing level: Personal operator: Corrector. Prepress: 9. posts that do not climb of level: Personal operator: operator of manufacture cards PVC. Printing: 9. jobs reviewed by claim of its occupants: jobs climbing level: personnel with command: head of technical specialists. Security: 12.

Technical staff: 1st currency organization technician: 11.

Posts that do not rise level staff Operator Machinist Cortadora-Bobinadora. Factory: 7. Officer 1st Team Manager of special coinage. Currency: 11.

Officer 1st Chief of equipment machine Offset-Timbre 2 + colors. Bell: 10.

Official 2nd machine Offset-Timbre 2 + colors. Bell: 8. place not valued by there is no change of functions.

With regard to the job of artistic engraver of currency. Currency, there is agreement not to assess job by there is no change in functions.

With regard to the job of Officer 2nd electronic electrical maintenance outstanding. Maintenance, there is agreement not to assess job by there is no change in functions.

Jobs rated or reviewed at the request of the departments without agreement on any factor: official 1st print mechanical-CAD. Currency.

Posts reviewed by its occupants claim without agreement on any factor: official 1st mechanical engraving. Currency.

The following workstation not has been valued by absence of agreement regarding if the claim involves or not a revision of the valuation of the same, as is reflected in the daily record: administrative Areas and maintenance workshops. Maintenance.

As recorded on the 9th of the current collective agreement article, jobs in disagreement shall be subject to arbitration, remembering that it is the Provincial Labour Inspectorate who carry it out, accepting both representations of the report issued by the Inspectorate. The posts are: official 1st print mechanical-CAD. Currency.

Officer 1st mechanical engraving. Currency.

Administrative Areas and maintenance workshops. Maintenance.

Several: posts that is integrated in categories collected in Convention: studied them functions that performs the Chief of product and developments of the Department of factory of paper, is has proven that is integrated in the category of head of Area «level to» (level 15).

Studied them functions that performs the head of quality and environment of the Department of factory of paper, is has proven that is integrated in the category of head of Area «level B» (level 14).

Relationship of people and date of effects: is makes public internally in them centers of work of the FNMT-RCM the relationship of the personal affected by the present review and the dates of application.

All the ratings will be applied a time is get the authorization ministerial mandatory and is published in the newsletter official of the State as part member of the Convention collective and with effects of them dates of application before cited.

Concealer: It is the operator who, with full knowledge of his profession, check printing tests with the original in any medium. You must know and apply perfectly the rules of grammar and composition, distribution of pages and marginalization, correcting errata, printing errors or omissions for obtaining the product, according to the original, with required quality and aesthetics. For which carry out the following functions: reading tests, verifying them with the original, in any medium, pointing out typos, errors of spelling, punctuation, writing or omissions that may be found, applying the rules of spelling and grammar. Also performs with the original proofreading and, occasionally, determines criteria of work style in order to normalize them.

Check modifications identified in previous corrections or directions made by the clients have been made.

Verification of tests for conformity of pulled, checking: quality of printing, errata, marginalization, adjustment of printing and of intonation, etc., responsible is of its correct concordance with the original or with the rules established; also check assemblies before the last plate, checking the correct distribution of pages and margins.

Preparation of summaries and registry according to the order of the pages and white pages, portadillas and so on, is correct.

Encoding, archiving and safekeeping of corrected proofs and the originals.

Technical organization of 1st: is the technician who with full knowledge of his profession, autonomy and responsibility, has as its mission the scientific organization of work, preparation of budgets and control costs and production. You must study times of all kinds, studies of improvement of methods, economic estimates, preparation of rules and administrative procedures, estimation of lots or sets of work for programming, establishment of needs of material, graphic representations, charts, diagrams, preparing reports required him; all of this aimed at the improvement of methods, budgeting, cost control and planning and production control, always acting under the supervision of the head of organization or immediate superior or guidelines. For which carry out the following functions: preparation of analyses and studies of saturation and occupation of machines and equipment, distribution in plant machinery and workshops, according to the rules of prevention of labour risks, design of tooling for new methods, which must prepare reports, diagrams of process, design graphics for control and monitoring , etc.

Development of administrative procedures, distribution and implementation, description, analysis, improvement and modification thereof.

Monitoring and control of the inventory of machinery and immobilized.

Preparation of budget calculating materials and performance times of production programming, manufacturing, estimated costs and estimated delivery time.

Periodic production control, reporting of deviations detected at each stage of the process. Control of the stock of raw materials and semi-elaboradas, defining economic lots and security stocks. Analysis of costs, study of deviations and proposal of solutions to the problems detected. Programming annual of the production depending on the forecast.

Preparation of reports of all type, related with production, programming, costs, yields, estimates economic, improvement of methods and endowment of personal.

Attention personal, telephone or through another via to give u get information on any topic related with your work, solving them incidents that is produce. Preparation and realization of audits.

Supervision of the work of the personal that collaborates with him in their functions, guiding you and solving them doubts that could present is them.

Machinist of cortadora-bobinadora:

It is the operator who with full knowledge of their profession and monitoring capability, driving a machine for longitudinal cutting of paper reels. Must perform it preparation of the machine, threading of the band, adjustment of measures, photocells, tension, change of blades, mounting of coils, axes and mandrels, attention to them systems auxiliary, included them of control and security, as well as all them controls and settings necessary for the Court of coastal or of several coils simultaneously to them measures required, responsible is of it pulled for the obtaining of a correct quality and production. For which carry out the following functions: provisioning and rolls weighing, threading the paper through the different rollers and presses; preparation of the machine checking the correct functioning of all its elements.

Start-up of the machine checking, according to tab technique and system of traceability, the signaling of incident edges, format, adjusting screws, photocells and removed from coastal.

Surveillance and control of the different parameters of the machine, specimen collection and preparation of all necessary checks according to the established quality control guidelines. Packaging and labelling of coils.

Management of the baler, removing and stacking the finished bales.

Storage of bobbins for manual or mechanical form in place established for that purpose, by entering the necessary data in the computer program that has, and obtaining reports, lists and drawing requiring, according to needs or instructions received.

Realization of the entertainment and cleaning of all its elements and areas of performance, collaborating with the personal of maintenance in the repairs, whenever is you require.

Completion of all the printed necessary in connection with his work.

Supervision of the tasks of the Assistant who collaborates with him in his role, guiding you and resolved the doubts that it.

Officer 1st Team Manager of special coinage: is the operator which, with full knowledge of their profession and coordination capacity, has as mission the resolution of incidents that occur in relation to the production of the workshop of special coins. Must perform the control and the classification of dies, modification, changes of format and settings in them machines to your charge, attending them systems auxiliary, included them of control and security for the obtaining of the product finished in accordance with them standards of quality required; You must also perform all the functions of the official category 1st of coinage and Machinist of packaging of special coins. For which will take to out them following functions: Supervision and coordination of the work of the operators of the workshop of coinage special, solving them doubts that could pose is les in the development of their functions.

Control and classification of dies, distributing them between operators on the basis of the work to be done, as well as the selection and registration of dies used for recycling or disable. Control of material deposited in the safes.

Accomplishment of all of the functions of Officer 1st of coinage, evidence of minting of currency, special minting, engraving of songs, as well as turning, facing, preparation and sharpening of tools and finish end of medals, being responsible for obtaining a correct quality and production.

Realization of modifications, changes of format and settings of greater difficulty in the machines to your charge, that not need of the assistance of personal specialized of maintenance. Troubleshooting in relation to the production in the absence of his immediate superior, following the guidelines laid down by the latter.

Qualitative and quantitative review of the work of officers 1st of coinage, indicating changes of necessary supplies, checking and adjusting used pressure and checking the work of all the machines according to the established quality standards.

Realization of it all of them functions of Machinist of packaging of coinage special, as well as the changes of format, settings and consultations computer of the makers of numitecas.

Theoretical and practical training of the personnel in charge.

Preparation of dies for their destruction, witnessing the inactivity of the same together with the staff of Control processes and products and signing the corresponding minutes.

Realization of them labors of maintenance that has assigned, solving those faults that not require of the intervention of the personal of maintenance and collaborating with this whenever is you require.

Filling in the forms of control relating to their work, monitoring of the personnel in charge.

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