Order Int / 358 / 2015, Of 27 Of February, By Which Is Modified The Annex 6 Of The Royal Decree 605 / 1999, Of 16 Of April, Of Regulation Complementary Of Them Processes Electoral.

Original Language Title: Orden INT/358/2015, de 27 de febrero, por la que se modifica el anexo 6 del Real Decreto 605/1999, de 16 de abril, de regulación complementaria de los procesos electorales.

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The available end first of the Real Decree 605 / 1999, of 16 of April, of regulation complementary of them processes electoral, enables to the Minister of the Interior to, prior report of it together Electoral Central, modify the content of its annexes.

Annexes collected ballot papers, envelopes, proceedings and other printed models to be used in the development of an electoral process.

After the experience of them last processes celebrated, and to request of the Office of the Census Electoral, is suitable the modification of the model VC.1c, of request for the vote of them voters resident in the foreign, collected in the annex 6 of the cited real Decree.

Article 75.1 of the organic law 5/1985, of 19 June, of the General Electoral regime, establishes the procedure whereby the Spaniards registered on the Census of the voters (CERA) Spanish living abroad, should be made the request for a vote, as well as the documentation that will accompany this application.

However, the referenced article does not determine the means of shipping by the electors to delegations provincial of the Bureau of the Census Electoral of the application form.

Until now the Office of the Census Electoral has come admitting them shipments by mail postal and fax but not by mail electronic, understanding that this not is a medium that meets the due conditions of security.

The new model allows that shipments can be made also by internet, for which will be included in the submitted application form of trade a key of processing telematics (CTT), generated for each choice and each voter for that sole purpose.

The voter, once signed the application, mail it, by mail or fax, to the Provincial delegation of the Office of the Census Electoral corresponding to their municipality of registration in the Census effect for the election concerned, enclosing as document proving your identity a photocopy of the national document of identity (identity card) issued by the Spanish authorities, or a photocopy of the passport issued by the Spanish authorities , or certificate of nationality issued by the Consulate of Spain in the country of residence, or certificate of registration in the register of registration Consular issued by the Consulate of Spain in the country of residence.

Sending the request may also be made in a way telematics, accessing the interested procedure «Vote WAX application», published in electronic INE headquarters, https://sede.ine.gob.es, and proving their identity by means of an electronic certificate recognized, associated with your ID card. Those who do not have electronic certificate, may be sending the request in this same way, accessing the procedure with the CTT contained pre-printed in communication and attaching a copy of one of the documents mentioned above.

The telematic presentation of the application will control the voter status of the WAX in the field of election due, and for them having the right to vote.

Those who opt for this means of shipment may obtain proof of the electronic record of the filing of the application.

By virtue, prior report of the Central Electoral Board, I have: single article. Modification of annex 6 of the Royal Decree 605/1999, 16 April, complementary regulation of electoral processes.

Is modifies the model VC.1.c collected in the annex 6 of the Royal Decree 605 / 1999, of 16 of April, of regulation complementary of them processes electoral, being replaced by which is collects as annex to this order.

Available end only. Entry into force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 27 of February of 2015.-the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz.

ANNEX 6 models of applications and certifications of the office of the electoral register to vote by mail voter wax VC.1 requests VC.1.a certificate request for vote by mail (print two sheets).

VC.1.b certificate request for voting by mail for electors temporarily absent (print two sheets).

VC.1.c request for the vote of those electors resident in the foreigner (WAX).

Model submitted by the Office of the Electoral Census.

VC.1.c.bis request for the vote of voters resident abroad (WAX).

Model available in Internet and in offices and consular sections.

VC.2 certifications and communications VC.2.a certificate to be registered in the Census for the vote by mail.

VC.2.b communication not be inscribed on the list of electors.

VC.2.c certificate of being registered in the Census of residents absent for the vote from the outside (WAX).

VC.2. communication not be inscribed on the list of absent resident voters (CERA).