Resolution Of 2 March 2015, Of The University Of Oviedo, Which Publishes Modification Of The Curriculum Of A Master's Degree In Gender And Diversity.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 2 de marzo de 2015, de la Universidad de Oviedo, por la que se publica la modificación del plan de estudios de Máster en Género y Diversidad.

Read the untranslated law here:

Of conformity with it willing in the article 28 of the Real Decree 1393 / 2007, of 29 of October, modified by the Real Decree 861 / 2010, of 2 of July, by which is sets the procedure for the modification of plans of studies already verified, and a time received the communication of the Agency national of evaluation of the quality and accreditation-ANECA-accepting them modifications presented of the plan of studies corresponding to them teachings of the Master in gender and Diversity at the University of Oviedo, official title established by agreement of the Council of Ministers of January 22, 2010, posted by decision of 9 February 2010 of the General Secretariat of universities in the «Official Gazette», of date 26 February 2010 this Rectorate resolved order the publication of the modification of the curriculum of Master in gender and diversity by the Universidad de Oviedo , leaving the new plan of studies structured according to consists in the annex of this resolution.

This modification of the curriculum will take effect from the year 2014 / 2015.

Oviedo, March 2, 2015.-El Rector, Vicente Miguel Gotor Santamaría.

ANNEX Plan of studies leading to the title of Master's degree in gender and diversity by the Oviedo University branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010, annex I, section 5.1. Structure of the teachings.

Distribution general of the plan of studies in credits ECTS, by type of matter: type of matter credits ECTS mandatory (OB) 30 electives (OP) 18 work of end of Master (TFM) 12 Total credits 60 structure of the plan of studies by modules or materials and character of the subjects: module matter subject character credits methodological.

History of the feminist thought and feminist historiography.

The history of women and contemporary historiography.

OB 6 history of the feminist thought.

10 Total 4 OB feminist theory.

Women and science.

4 OB feminist theory: equality, difference and diversity.

OB 6 Total 10 methodologies of the research feminist.

The feminist research methodologies.






Social analysis.

Gender and education.

OP 6 equal opportunities in work, employment and citizenship.

OP 6 violence against those women: analysis psychological and Social.

Total 6 OP 18 Cultural analysis.

Cultural diversity, Diaspora and globalization.

OP 6 gender, theory and practice film.

6 OP literature, national identity and gender.

OP 6 Total 18 practices external.


6 Total 6 OP end of Master work.

End of Master work.

End of Master work.