Order Ecd / 510 / 2015, Of 18 Of March, By Which Is Modifies The Order Edu / 2095 / 2010, Of 28 Of July, By Which Is Sets The Structure Of Them Tests For The Obtaining Of The Title Of Bachelor To People Greater Of Twenty Years In The Field Of...

Original Language Title: Orden ECD/510/2015, de 18 de marzo, por la que se modifica la Orden EDU/2095/2010, de 28 de julio, por la que se establece la estructura de las pruebas para la obtención del título de bachiller para personas mayores de veinte años en el ámbito de ...

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The organic law 2/2006 of 3 may, education, as amended by organic law 8/2013, December 9, for the improvement of educational quality (LOMCE) highlights the importance of lifelong learning in the Spanish educational system. The preamble makes explicit the need to develop the education system in a more flexible manner, so that young people who dropped out of school early to resume them and complete them and that adults can continue their lifelong learning.

Article 5 States that the educational system has as a basic principle lead to lifelong learning and, to this end, prepare students to learn for themselves and made available to adults its incorporation to different teachings, favoring reconciliation of learning with other responsibilities and activities. This article states that the educational system should facilitate and public administrations should encourage the entire population to reach to acquire training in post-compulsory or equivalent secondary education.

Order EDU/2095/2010 of 28 July, which establishes the structure of the tests for the Bachelor degree for persons older than twenty years in the field of management of the Ministry of education, established the characteristics and structure of proofs for the Bachelor degree for over twenty years that by order of the organic law 2/2006 of 3 may, education, they will be organized periodically by the educational administrations in the field of its competences.

However, the current design of the test has failed to achieve the objective for which was created, showing year after year through their results that is suitable a rethinking of its structure. In order to improve the achievement of the objective of the tests, the content of the order EDU/2095 must be checked/2010, of 28 July, to facilitate the overcoming of the difficulties arising from the result is concentrated into two parts, one set of common materials and another set of matters of form, as well as that ratings of both were based on the overcoming of all and each one of materials that shape them, without the possibility that independent of the materials results had validity for later years.

In the elaboration of the present order has issued report the Council School of the State.

By virtue of the above, I have: single article. Modification of the order EDU / 2095 / 2010, of 28 of July, by which is sets the structure of them tests for the obtaining of the title of Bachelor to people greater of twenty years in the field of management of the Ministry of education.

Modifies the order EDU/2095/2010, of 28 July, which establishes the structure of proofs for the Bachelor degree for persons older than twenty years in the field of management of the Ministry of education, in the following terms: one. Article 4 is drawn up as follows: «article 4. Structure.

1. the test for the obtaining of the title of Bachelor for greater of twenty years is will organize of way differential according to them different modalities of the high school, performing is an exercise by each an of them materials collected in them articles 7, 8 and 9 of the order ESD / 1729 / 2008, of 11 of June, by which is regulates it management and is sets the curriculum of the high school.

2. to carry out the test applicants must formalize the inscription on all matters that includes, according to the mode and if the path chosen, may request exemption from the exercises of those matters that might have overcome previously, validated or exempt status at the time of registration , in accordance with the regulations in force.

3 for access, and development of the exercises shall be respected accessibility measures in each case for candidates with disabilities.

Two. Paragraph 4 of article 5 shall be deleted.

3. Article 6 is worded in the following way: «article 6. Cross credits and exemptions, equivalencies and exemptions.

1 applicants may apply for recognition by the Court of the condition of matter equal or exempt validated in accordance with the following regulations: to) Royal Decree 777/1998, of April 30, by which certain aspects of the ordenaci6n of the vocational training in the field of the education system are developed.

b) Royal Decree 986/1991 of 14 June, which approves the timetable for implementation of the new management of the education system.

c) Royal Decree 242/2009, of 27 February, establishing recognition between the teachings of professional music and dance and the compulsory secondary education and secondary education, as well as the effects that physical education should have the condition of athlete of high level or high-performance and professional dance lessons.

((d) order EDU/2395/2009, of September 9, which regulates the promotion of course incomplete of the education system defined by the organic law 1/1990 of 3 October, management of the educational system, to another of the organic law 2/2006 of 3 may, general education e) order EDU/2739/2009, 1 October by which determine the validation between the professional teaching of music and dance and the compulsory secondary education and secondary education, and exemption from physical education, in the field of management of the Ministry of education.

(f) resolution of September 24, 2009, of the Secretary of State for education and vocational training, by which establish the validations of the optional courses of the compulsory secondary education, in the field of management of the Ministry of education.

«2. corresponds to those courts the appreciation of the validations, equivalencies and exemptions corresponding.»

Four. He article 7 is drafted in the following way: «article 7.» Overcoming of the test.

1. to obtain Bachelor's degree through this test will be required the overcoming of all the common subjects of both courses, six subjects of modality, three in the first year and three of second-year, of which at least five must be of the form or destination, and two elective subjects, in accordance in article 13.4 of the order EDU/3330/2010 16 December, which regulates the teaching of high school for adults in night regime, distance and virtual distance, in the field of management of the Ministry of education, always and when respect for the rules of priority provided for in annex II of the order ESD/1729/2008 of 11 June.

2. the results obtained in each one of the materials that compose the test is scored from 0 to 10; the score with decimals are rounded up to the number whole more next and in the event that the digit decimal is 5, the rounding is will make to the number whole top.

3. students who complete the professional teaching of music and dance will receive Bachelor's degree if it exceeds the exercise of all the common subjects of baccalaureate, in accordance with article 19.2 of the ESD/1729 order/2008 of 11 June.

4. also, students who are in possession of the title of technical vocational training obtained Bachelor's if they do exceed the common subjects of high school, as set out in article 34.3 of Royal Decree 1147 / 2011, July 29, which establishes the general management of the vocational training of the educational system.

5. the materials passed through this test will be regarded, exceeded for successive calls or to study the teachings of secondary education for adults in the field of management of the Ministry of education, culture and sport.

6. for applicants who meet the requirements for the degree of Bachelor, shall be the calculation of the average grade of secondary education in accordance with the rules governing it.

7. those who overcome successfully test in all its forms will receive the degree of Bachelor on request. Obtaining the degree of Bachelor shall be subject in any case to the fulfilment of the requirements laid down in the regulations in force.

8. all persons involved in testing may obtain, on request, a certification of the results.»

Available end first. Application of the order.

Is empowered to the person holder of the Secretariat of State of education, training professional and universities for dictate few instructions and resolutions requires the application of it willing in this order.

Second final provision. Entry into force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, March 18, 2015.-the Minister of education, culture and sport, José Ignacio Wert Ortega.

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