Resolution Of 12 Of March Of 2015, Of The University Polytechnic Of Cartagena, By Which Is Publishes The Plan Of Studies For Master In Engineering Environmental And Of Processes Sustainable.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 12 de marzo de 2015, de la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Máster en Ingeniería Ambiental y de Procesos Sostenibles.

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Obtained the verification of the curriculum by the universities Council, following a positive report from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation, and agreed to the official nature of the title by the Council of Ministers on January 17, 2014, published in the official Gazette of February 7, 2014, by resolution of the Secretary General of universities on January 23, 2014.

In the exercise of the powers conferred by the law organic 6 / 2001, of 21 of December, of universities, and by the Decree 72 / 2013, of 12 of June, by which is approves the text integrated of them statutes of the University Polytechnic of Cartagena, this Rector's Office has determined publish the plan of studies conducive to the obtaining of the title official of Master University in engineering environmental and of processes sustainable contained in the annex to this resolution.

Cartagena, 12 of March of 2015.-the Rector, Jose Antonio Franco Leemhuis.

ANNEX Master in environmental engineering and sustainable processes 1. Branch of knowledge to which is ascribed the title: engineering and architecture.

2. structure of the teachings: character subject credits ECTS obligatory 36 electives 12 working end of master 12 Total 60 3. Overview of the subjects that make up the master and its distribution in ECTS.

Modules subjects ECTS character module engineering environmental engineering for the Control of the quality of the air.

6 (B) advanced techniques in treatment and purification of water 6 B management and treatment of waste and soil.

4.5 B tools of management environment.

3 B module engineering of processes sustainable technologies of process sustainable.

6 B biorefineries.

4.5 B technologies advanced of separation.

3 (B) management of quality and safety.

3 B module specialization characterization of risk environmental: management of the health.

3 or simulation and optimization of processes.

3 or Biocatalysis and microencapsulation.

3 or piles of fuel.

3 or statistical methods applied to chemical and environmental processes.

3 or numerical methods applied.

3 or technical instrumental advanced of analysis.

3 or innovation management and entrepreneurship training.

3 or work end of Master work end of Master.

12 B abbreviations: B. compulsory subject, or an optional subject.