Resolution Of 20 Of April Of 2015, Of The University Of Valencia, By Which Is Publishes The Plan Of Studies Of Master In History Of The Formation Of The World Western.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 20 de abril de 2015, de la Universitat de València, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Máster en Historia de la Formación del Mundo Occidental.

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Obtained the verification of the curriculum by the universities Council, following a positive report from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation, and agreed to the official nature of the title by the Council of Ministers of 26 December 2014 (published in the «official Gazette» of January 29, 2015), this Chancellor, in accordance with the provisions of article 35.4 of the organic law 6/2001 , of 21 of December, of universities, in the drafting given by the law organic 4 / 2007, of 12 of April, has determined publish the plan of studies conducive to the obtaining of the title official of the Master University in history of the training of the world Western by the University of Valencia (Estudi General), that is structure in accordance with what figure in the annex to this resolution.

Valencia, 20 of April of 2015.-the Rector, Esteban Jesús Morcillo Sanchez.

ANNEX Plan of studies of the title of Master University in history of the formation of the world Western by the University of Valencia (Estudi General) branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities 1. Distribution of the plan of studies by type of matter in credits ECTS: character of the subjects ECTS obligatory 18 optional 30 practices external 0 work end of Master 12 credits total 60 2. Description of the modules of that consists the plan of studies: module I: module mandatory subjects character ECTS lines and debates in the history ancient Western mandatory.

3 the sources written late: public and private compulsory.

3 perspective of research in history modern compulsory.

3 memory written and genesis of the world Western mandatory.

3. total loans to study 12 module II: historiographical update subjects character ECTS update historiographical required.

6 total credits to attend 6 module III: the city and field subjects character ECTS city and territory in the classical world: the Roman city in the high Empire optional.

3 landscape and exploitation of resources in Greco-Roman antiquity: the optional wine.

3 production, trade and taxation in the late Middle Ages optional.

3. market and markets in the medieval West, optional.

3. the urbanization in the modern age: political capital and major ports optional.

3. the Manor economy in modern Western Europe optional.

3. the city as a space for optional written communication.

3. total loans to study 6 module IV: models and social relations subjects character ECTS democracies and oligarchies in the Greek world: Athens and Sparta optional.

3 identity, ethnicity and gender in the mythical origins of optional Europe.

3 res public communities urban late optional.

3 family and farming community in the late Middle Ages optional.

3. wealth, power and privilege: the transformation of the aristocracy in modern Europe optional.

3. the optional popular in modern Europe challenge.

3. written culture and gender elective.

3. total loans to study 6 module V: forms power subjects character ECTS to central and periphery in the classical world: the Roman provinces optional.

3 army and barbarism in the formation of Europe: from Adrianople to the optional Catalaunicos fields.

Taxation in medieval Europe and 3 power optional.

3. social organization of space: the construction of the medieval landscape optional.

3. the constitutional models of modern Europe optional.

3 officers and bureaucrats in modern Europe optional.

3 files and libraries: forms of power optional.

3. total loans to study 6 module VI: culture and religion subjects character ECTS monotheism against polytheism: Theodosius I optional.

3. popular culture and religiosity in the old West: the Roman calendar optional.

3. religious culture and secular culture in the medieval world. optional.

3. socio-cultural minorities in the middle ages: Jews and Muslims optional.

3. modern thinking and optional cultural revolution.

3 modern culture optional spaces.

3. the transmission of texts as cultural expression Optional.

3 total credits to attend 6 module VII: complementary training courses unavailable ECTS gender and history in the formation of the Western world. optional.

3 archaeology medieval optional.

3 latin specialized for historians optional.

6 fundamentals of the culture legal European: the Ius Comune optional.

3 credits total to study 6 each student will complete them 30 ECTS of optionality studying 6 ECTS in each one of the modules III, IV, V, VI and VII.

Module VIII: work end of Master course character ECTS work end of master compulsory.

12 credits total to study 12