Resolution Of 22 April 2015, Of The Public State Employment Service, Which Are Updated By The Year 2015 Constituent Maximum Amounts From The Amount Of Subsidies For Carrying Out Actions Of Vocational Guidance P...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 22 de abril de 2015, del Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal, por la que se actualizan para el año 2015 las cuantías máximas constitutivas del importe de las subvenciones para la realización de acciones de orientación profesional p...

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The order of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, of 20 January 1998, which establishes the regulatory basis for the award of grants for actions of vocational employment guidance and assistance for self-employment, as amended by the order of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, on February 4, 2000 (((, indicates in its article 4.1. c) that them amounts maximum of them grants, indicated in the paragraphs to) and b) of the cited article, is updated each year natural in accordance with the evolution that experience the index of prices to the consumption.

However it previous, the paragraph 3 of it available transient of it law 2 / 2015, of 30 of March, of desindexacion of it economy Spanish sets that «by what is refers to them values monetary in whose determination intervenes the sector public different to them referred in them paragraphs earlier, them regimes of review periodic and default approved with previously to it entry in force of the present law will keep its force until it entry in force of the» Royal Decree referred to in article 4 of the same, while in the en las formulas formulas references to variations in General indices, such as consumer price index and the industrial price index, must be replaced by the value zero".

Therefore, by the year 2015 are amounts maximum subsidies established in the resolution of 25 February 2014, the public service of State employment, which are updated by 2014 the maximum constituent amounts of the amount of grants, to actions of vocational guidance for employment and self-employment assistance , to non-profit entities.

Virtue, in accordance with the provisions of article 4.1. c) of the order of 20 January 1998 cited, this General direction of the public State employment service has resolved: first.

Them amounts maximum with which the service public of employment State will subsidize them remuneration total and it quote business to it security Social by all them concepts of the personal necessary for the execution of them actions depending on them standards legal and regulatory of the Convention collective applicable, or in accordance with the regulations of application in them administrations public for officials (, and by the year 2015 will be the following: to) for technicians, those laid down in the respective applicable regulations for each category, level or professional group, up to 34.912,11 euros per year.

(b) for the personal of support, the fees established in the respective normative of application for each category, level or group professional, to 24.438,50 euros by year.


This resolution shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, April 22, 2015.-the Director General of the public employment service state, Kings Zatarain of the Valley.