Resolution Of 25 Of Mayo Of 2015, Of The University Of To Coruña, By Which Is Published The Plan Of Studies Of Master In Engineering Nautical And Transport Maritime.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 25 de mayo de 2015, de la Universidad de A Coruña, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Máster en Ingeniería Náutica y Transporte Marítimo.

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Obtained the verification of the curriculum by the Council of universities, prior favourable report from the Agency for the quality of the University system of Galicia, as well as the authorization of the autonomous community of Galicia to its implementation, and established the official nature of the title by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 14 November 2014 (published in the «Official Gazette» of December 29, 2014 (, by resolution of the Secretariat General of universities of 24 of November of 2014), this Rector's Office, of conformity with it willing in the art. 35.4 of it law organic 6 / 2001, of universities, in the drafting given by the law organic 4 / 2007, resolves: publish the plan of studies conducive to the obtaining of the title of Master University in engineering nautical and transport maritime by the University of to Coruña , that are structure according to consists in the annex.

To Coruña, 25 de mayo of 2015.-the Rector, Xosé Luís Armesto Barbeito.

ANNEX curriculum leading to the degree of Master's degree in marine engineering and shipping by the University of A Coruña structure of the teachings (Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, annex I, section 5.1) 1. Branch of knowledge to which is attached the title: engineering and architecture.

2. distribution of curriculum in ECTS credits, by type of material.

Subject compulsory ECTS credits (OB 48 electives (OP 6 work dissertation (Total 60 3 6 TFM.)) Content of the curriculum.

Course credits ECTS character organization temporary course hydrostatic and stability.

6 OB 1st semester.

1 management Integral of it security and it protection.

6 OB advanced navigation.

6 OB maneuver advanced.

6. computer OB for the nautical management.

3 OB meteorology nautical in conditions extreme.

3 OB Management and Control of the operations of load.

6 OB 2nd semester.

The maritime business and project management.

6 OB Management of inspections nautical.

6 OB electives (choose 2 courses from the offered).

6 OP end of Master work.

6 TFM curriculum offers the following optional subjects, 6 subjects of 3 credits each one, 18 credits in total, of which students have to choose 6 credits, i.e., 2 subjects.

Course ECTS credits character peculiarities of the right maritime.

3 OP Control computer.

3 OP operation and Automatic Control of maritime facilities.

3 OP rescue and damage Control techniques.

3 OP hull maintenance.

3 OP resistance to advancing and Propulsion.



4. Conditions of termination.

To obtain the Master's degree in marine engineering and shipping students exceed 60 ECTS credits distributed in accordance with point 2.