Order Eit/1186/2015, Of 16 June, Establishing The Public Price Of The Spanish Office Of Patents And Trademarks.

Original Language Title: Orden IET/1186/2015, de 16 de junio, por la que se establecen los precios públicos de la Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas.

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-6820

The order ITC/742/2009, of 20 March, which establishes the public price of the Spanish Office of patents and trademarks ("BOE" of 26 March), carried out a thorough review of public prices received by certain services of the Spanish Office of patents and trademarks.

Since then, new electronic processing systems have been implemented and open query, so it is unnecessary to maintain certain public prices for the provision of these services. To your time, is have created new services of reproduction of documents that make necessary to introduce a new category of prices public for these services.

On the other hand, introduces a new service consisting in the sale of broadcasting of images of industrial property, initiative that arises in order to inform citizens on the importance of an adequate protection of industrial property, the historical background of the OEPM archive contents and familiarizing society with the activity carried out by the OEPM.

These reasons need for a reformulation of the concepts referred to in the existing system of public prices, in order to respond to the new situation determined by the evolution of services, new technologies and the demands of the users.

Moreover, fits noted that them prices is maintained in the same amount that in the order ITC / 742 / 2009, of 20 of March, what assumes a reduction indeed of them prices that is can encrypt on a 8%, to the not apply is the increase of the index of prices to the consumption of them last years.

(Of conformity with it earlier and under it intended in the article 26.1. to) of the law 8 / 1989, of 13 of April, of rates and prices public, have: first. Prices public for products and services of the Office Spanish of patents and trademarks.

Public prices for products and services whose perception corresponds to the Spanish Office of patents and trademarks are those who are established in the annex to this order. The amounts collected in the same not include the tax on the value added, being you of application the percentage that corresponds for them themselves according to it established by the legislation existing.

Second. Discount for contribution to the promotion of products or services.

Them entities that contribute to the broadcasting of them products or services of the Office Spanish of patents and brands may get, in consideration, discounts of until the 30 by one hundred on them referred prices, prior agreement with the Office Spanish of patents and brands. In what is refers to them publications of the Office Spanish of patents and marks, when these are sold through distributors, may offer is to them same them discounts usual in the market.

Third party. Prices resulting from collaboration agreements and other agreements.

In the event that the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office hold conventions or agreements with other public or private organizations, under which established mechanisms for cooperation or Exchange relating to products and services of the Spanish Office of patents and trademarks, the prices resulting from the agreement will apply in such conventions or agreements , provided that is duly motivated the reduction of such prices.

Provision additional first. Dissemination and promotion actions.

In the event that the Office Spanish of patents and brands have stored remnants of editions backward of products subject to the regime of prices public, is may distribute of form free to perform actions of broadcasting and promotion of such products.

Of the same mode, the OEPM may offer, in concept of delivery institutional or with character promotional, them products that contained in the heading 5 of the annex to the present order to promote the image of the Office within the field national e international.

Provision additional second. Publications on Industrial property.

On industrial property publications published prior to the entry into force of this order, will keep the selling price to the public they had when they were published.

Sole repeal provision. Repeal legislation.

The order ITC/742/2009, of 20 March, which establishes the public price of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office shall be repealed.

First final provision. Authorization for the establishment and the modification of the amount of the prices public.

Authorizes the holder of the General direction of the Spanish Office of patents and trademarks to establish and modify, by resolution, the amounts of public prices established in the annex to this order, in accordance with article 26.1. b) of law 8/1989 of 13 April, rates and prices public.

Second final provision. Entry in force.

This order shall enter into force within the period of one month after its publication in the «Official Gazette».

Madrid, June 16, 2015.-the Minister of industry, energy and tourism, Jose Manuel Soria Lopez.

ANNEX i. public prices OEPM Euros 1. 1.01 publications new publications on Industrial property (*) 2. Documental A) reproduction of national documentation: 2.01 patents (memory full) 4.69 2.02 2.03 1.43 (memory full) utility models summaries and other documents / per page 0.23 B) reproduction of foreign documentation: 2.04 2.05 4.69 full memory summaries and other documentation / per page 0.23 C) reproduction of the historical background of the archive documents: 2.06 reproduction on paper / by Blade 2.00 2.07 digital reproduction A4 format / image scanned 0.6 2.08 reproduction 2.00 graphic documentation

2.09 recording on CD or DVD / for each CD or 2.10 3.00 DVD reproduction on paper A4 format from digital media / Imaging 0.23 3. Bases_de_datos of the OEPM A) legal status of records: by file number: 3.01 information printed by record 1.18 retrospective searches: 3.02 by holder 18,66 extra: status / by recovered record 1.18 3.03 by other identifying data 166,11 additional: status / by record recovered 1.18 B) reports record registration of trademarks and trade names: 3.04 online information / consultation up to 3 17.18 per additional minute 1.18 3.05 search for identities

17.18 3.06 search for similar 17.18 4. 4.01 technological information services report technological 4.02 440,00 patent search patents and Spanish utility models, up to 100 references 18.66 by 0.19 additional reference 4.03 patent search in external databases to the OEPM, up to 20 references 85,86 by additional reference 0.85 4.04 establishment of surveillance technology to measure time / technician 38.9 4.05 other services according to 38.9 technical/hour 5. Articles for the dissemination of the value of historical background of the file of the OEPM and promotion of the institutional image of the OEPM (*) 5.01 ties + 5.02 35 case scarves + 5.03 50 case fans + box 5.04 13 Carton 5.05 20 umbrella external batteries (Power Bank) 16 5.06 5.07 10 T-shirts 5.08 6.50 magnets 5.09 2 coasters 5.10 8 cups 5.11 10 Tazas-termo covers 20 Tablet 5.12 Agenda/Notepad notes 9 5.13 cosmetic bags (pencil case) 8 5.14 piggy banks 10

5.15 5.16 4 puzzles 5 6 Bolsa-Mochila. Shipping 6.01 6.03 2.30 Spain international 18,60 ───────

(*) He price will be the result of divide them costs external by the pulled and multiply by a coefficient that is will establish in accordance with them criteria of political technology and of broadcasting of the property industrial of the Office Spanish of patents and brands.

(**) The articles will be screen-printed with images of the historical background of archive documents.

II. relationship of prices public suppressed Euros 1. 1.01 publications annual index of 25 inventions 1.02 annual index of trademarks and industrial designs 25 1.03 international classifications / by tomo 62,88 1.05 publication statistics industrial property 25 b) shipping: 1.06 Spain (by copy) 3 overseas (by copy) 15 2. Documentary resources reproduction of national documentation in electronic form: full annual subscription: 2.04 2.05 137,13 patent models utility 22.96 selective annual subscription: 2.06 22.96 document individual annual subscription: 2.07 per document 4.69 3. Bases of data databases of OEPM: to) SITADEX.


(Search retrospective: by number of record: 3.01 information on line by min 1.18 1.18 to) INTERPAT.


Search retrospective: 3.05 information printed/up to 100 references 18.66 by additional reference 0.19 C) INPAMAR.


Surveillance of brands (subscription annual-until 31 of December- and shipping daily by mail electronic of information on possible identities and similar between a denomination proposed and new requests published) 3.08 by denomination 95 expenses of shipment: 3.11 Spain / by report 3 foreign / by report 15 5. Others Services 5.01 inclusion of edicts in the BOPI 150