Resolution Of 10 Of September Of 2015, Of The University Of Córdoba, By Which Is Published The Plan Of Studies Of Master In Engineering Of Mountains.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 10 de septiembre de 2015, de la Universidad de Córdoba, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Máster en Ingeniería de Montes.

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Obtained the verification of the plan of studies by the Council of universities, prior report favorable of the Agency Andalusian of the knowledge, and agreed the character official of the title by the Council of Ministers in its meeting of 26 of September of 2014 (published in the «BOE» of 18 of October, by resolution of the Secretariat General of universities of 2 of October of 2014).

This Rectorate, as foreseen in article 35.4 of the organic law 6/2001, of 21 December, on universities, in the wording given by the organic law 4/2007, of 12 April, has decided to order the publication of the curriculum leading to the degree of Master's degree in engineering from the University of Cordoba mountains.

The plan of studies referred to in the present resolution is structured as shown in the annex to the same.

Cordoba, 10 of September of 2015.-the Rector, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos.

ANNEX PLAN OF STUDIES OF MASTER DEGREE IN ENGINEERING OF MONTES BY LA UNIVERSITY OF CÓRDOBA branch of knowledge: engineering and architecture teaching centre: higher technical school of agricultural engineering and Montes distribution of the curriculum in ECTS credits by type of matter subject credits mandatory (OB) 60 electives (OP) 16 practices external (PE) 4 work end of Master (TFM) 12 total credits 92 structure of the teachings by distribution of modules modules , materials and subjects modules subject ECTS industries and energy forestry.

Technologies and the timber industry.

4. technology and non-timber forest products industry.

4. facilities in forest industry engineering.

4 energy renewable in the Middle forest and Natural.

4. Design and calculation of structures.

4 planning and forest improvement at territorial level.

Planning and management of protected areas and sustainable forestry regions.

5 management sustainable of water and soil in the environment forest.

5. assessment of impacts and environmental auditing in forestry activities.

5 biotechnology and forestry genetic improvement.

5. Organization of companies and forestry policy and the natural environment.

Management and management of forestry companies.

5 economy of the resources natural.

5 Marketing forest.

5 strategies forest and of developing Rural in an environment globalized.

5. optional.

Advanced forest management.

16. Integral restoration of forest ecosystems.

16 facilities industrial and forest energy.

16 optional 1 *.

4 2 optional *.

4 optional 3 *.

4 4 optional *.

4. business practices.

Business practices.

4. end of master work.

Work end of master.

12 * generic electives to facilitate the mobility of students, allowing to complete their training in other titles or centers.

Distribution temporary subjects course 1st 1st semester ECTS character 2nd semester ECTS character technology and wood industry.

4 OB renewable energy in the forestry and Natural environment.

4 OB technology and non-timber forest products industry.

4 OB evaluation of impacts and environmental auditing in forestry activities.

5. OB facilities in forest industry engineering.

4 OB forest genetic improvement and biotechnology.

5. OB sustainable management of water and soil in the forest environment.

5 OB forestry Marketing.

5 OB Management and forest management.

5 OB design and calculation of structures.

4 OB economy of the resources natural.

5 OB planning and management of areas protected and of regions forest sustainable.

5 OB forestry strategies and Rural development in a globalized environment.












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