Resolution Of September 22, 2015, Of The Rey Juan Carlos University, Which Publishes Graduate Curriculum In Gender Equality.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 22 de septiembre de 2015, de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Igualdad de Género.

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Read the untranslated law here:

In accordance with what feature article 35.4 of the organic law 6/2001, of 21 December, on universities, the sixth additional provision of Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of 30 October, which establishes the planning of official university education and the agreement of the Council of Ministers of October 1, 2010 by which establishes the official nature of certain degrees of the University Rey Juan Carlos , and once approved the positive verification of the proposal's degree in gender equality by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, this Chancellor has resolved to order the publication of the curriculum (5.1 structure of the teachings) of the degree in gender equality as an annex to the present resolution.

Móstoles, 22 of September of 2015.-the Rector, Fernando Suarez Bilbao.

ANNEX 5.1 structure the teachings table 1.1 Summary of materials and distribution credits ECTS basic commodity credits training type 60 mandatory 126 optional 18 practices external 24 recognition of credits 6 work end of grade 6 240 total credits learning path of education.

Course 1 subject matter unavailable credit history.

History of the political and economic ideas from the perspective of gender (social and political movements in the democracies from a gender perspective).

FBR 6 history.

History and foundations of feminism (it was the woman in the story).

FBC 6 sociology.

Sociology of gender.

FBR 6 science policy.

Analysis of public policy of equality.

OB 6 law constitutional / principles legal basic: Ethics professional and equality.

Right constitutional (was the deontology).

OB 6 constitutional law.

Equality and citizenship.




Equality mainstreaming.

FBR 6 science policy.

Gender-based violence.

OB 6 principles legal basic: Ethics professional and equality / history.

Basic legal principles: professional ethics and equality [history of feminist theory (ethics)].

6 BCF business.

Introduction to the company.

FBR 6 Total credits to study: 60.

2nd subject matter course credits character communication.

Gender and media.

FBR 6 right.

Civil law.

OB 6 financial and tax law.

The principle of equality and tax policies.

OB 6 constitutional law.

The treatment of dependence.

OB 6 constitutional law.

Equality in the European Union and comparative law. Equality in regional and local.

OB 6 right international public.

Development cooperation.

6 OB economy.

Economic inequality and feminization of poverty.

Computer 6 FBR.

Basic computing: techniques of applied social research.

FBC 6 modern language.

Modern language.

FBC 6 Health Sciences.

Gender and health.

OB 6 Total credits to study: 60.

3rd matter subject character credits moral philosophy course.

New social movements.

OB 6 communication sciences.

Public opinion and communication.

OB 6 right of the work.

Right of the work and of the safety social.

OB 6 right of the work.

Negotiating collective in equality.

OB 6 right international private.

Immigration and equality.

OB 6 science policy.

Analysis of political public from the perspective of gender (optional I).

OP 6 law constitutional.

Rights human.

OB 6 philosophy moral.

History and theories about sexuality.

OP 6 economics of the company.

Design and evaluation of plans of equality in the business field.

OB 6 foundations of economic analysis.

Economic analysis of inequality.

OB 6 Total credits to study: 60 course 4th external matter subject character credit practices.

Practice outside.

OB 24 academic recognition of credits.

Academic recognition of credits.

OB 6 end of degree work.

Work end of grade.

OB 6 science social.

Distance of gender and techniques of measurement of the equality.

OB 6 right of the work.

Reconciliation of the living family, personal and work.

OB 6 philosophy moral.

Theory feminist contemporary.

OB 6 economics of the company.

Marketing social.

OP 6 Total of credits to pursue: 60.