Resolution Of 5 October 2015, Of The Directorate General Of Industry And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, That Publishes The Relationship Of European Standards Which Have Been Ratified During The Month Of September 2015 As Spanish Standards.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 5 de octubre de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas europeas que han sido ratificadas durante el mes de septiembre de 2015 como normas españolas.

Read the untranslated law here:

In compliance with article 11.f), the regulation of infrastructure for quality and Industrial Security, approved by Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December ("Official Gazette", no. 32, on February 6, 1996), and views of the standards developed by the European organizations for Standardization, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI and whose national transposition corresponds to the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of 26 of February of 1986, in accordance with the Real Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 of August, and recognized to these effects by the available additional first of the quoted Real Decree 2200 / 1995, of 28 of December, this address General has determined publish in the «Bulletin official of the State» the relationship of standards European that have been ratified as standards Spanish during the month of September 2015 identified by his title and code number, with an indication of the date of availability, appearing as an annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, 5 October 2015.-the Director General industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, Víctor Audera López.

ANNEX ratification of European standards. September 2015 code title F. Disponib.

Overrides to CEN/TR 15071:2015 toy safety. National translations of warnings and instructions for use of the series of standards EN 71.

2015-08-12 AT 2235:2015 Material aerospace. Wires electrical, mono and multicore, armoured and sheathed. Specification technical.

2235:2266-008:2015 aerospace Material 2006 2015-08-12. Wire Electric, to use general. Temperatures between - 55 ° C to 200 ° C. Part 008: family DRP (pair) DRT (3 cores) DRQ (4 cores), cables multi-conductor sheathed printable with laser UV standard of product.

2015-07-22 BY 2267-002:2015 aerospace Material. Electric cables, for general use. Temperatures between - 55 ° C and 260 ° C. Part 002: generalities.

2015-07-22 IN 2267-002:2012, 2267-011:2015 aerospace Material. Wire Electric, to use general. Temperature of operation between-55 ° C and 260 ° C. Part 011: Family DZA, mounts a single conductor and multicore for use in low pressure atmosphere. Product standard.

2015-07-22 IN 2267-012:2015 Material aerospace. Electric cables, for general use. Temperatures between - 55 ° C and 260 ° C. Part 012: DZ family, a single printable conductor with UV laser for use in low pressure atmosphere. Product standard.

2015-07-22 BY 2591-227:2015 aerospace Material. Elements of electrical and optical connection. Methods of test. Part 227: Partial discharge test.

2015-08-05 3375-011:2015 aerospace Material. Power cable for transmission of digital data. Part 011: Single core. Box Star 100 ohms. Light weight. Type KL. Standard of product.

2015-08-12 AT 3745-410:2015 Material aerospace. Fibers and optical cables for use in aircraft. Methods of test. Part 410: life thermal.

2015-07-22 EN 3745-410:2007 IN 4121:2015 aerospace Material. Nuts for crimping, toothed, self-locking, steel heat FE-PA2601 (A286), silver in the thread. Classification: 1 100 MPa (at room temperature) / 650 ° C.

2015-07-22 IN 4121:2004 AT 4165-002:2015 aerospace Material. Connectors, electrical, rectangular, modular. Temperature of 175 ° C continuous use. Part 002: Specification of performance and disposition of contacts.

2015-07-22 AT 4165-002:2007 4165-018:2015 aerospace Material. Connectors, electrical, rectangular, modular. Temperature of 175 ° C continuous use. Part 018: Cover for all receptacles of the 2 series. Standard of product.

2015-07-22 AT 4165-018:2007 IN 4234:2015 Material aerospace. Fixing with screw without-end. Dimensions, masses.

2015-07-22 AT 4234:2009 IN 4552:2015 Material aerospace. Pipes of connection spherical to 37 °, in steel resistant to the heat. Sleeves straight of ends soldiers. Series in inches.

2015-07-22 IN 4552:2003 IN 4560:2015 Material aerospace. Tubes 37° spherical connection, up to 21 000 kPa. Series in inches. Specification technical.

2015-07-22 AT 4560:2003 AT 4604-005:2015 Material aerospace. Wiring electrical for transmission of signals. Part 005: Cable, coaxial 75 Ohm, 200 ° C, type WL. Standard of product.

2015-07-29 AT 4681-005:2015 Material aerospace. Cables electrical for late General, with conductors of aluminium or of aluminium coated of copper. Part 005: family AZ, simple, for use in atmosphere of low pressure. Product standard.

2015-07-29 4681-006:2015 aerospace Material. Electric cables for general purpose, with conductors of aluminium or copper clad aluminum. Part 006: AZA family, a single conductor mounts and multicore, for use in low pressure atmosphere. Product standard.

2015-07-29 BY 4727:2015 aerospace Material. Standardized information on the weight of a passenger seat.

2015-07-22 AT 4728:2015 aerospace Material. Fictitious monopolar and three pole breakers. Product standard.

2015-07-22 BY 6113:2015 aerospace Material. Switches, connectors and mounting accessories.

2015-07-29 AT 15430-1:2015 winter road and equipment maintenance of roadside service areas. Acquisition and transmission of data. Part 1: Vehicle data acquisition.

2015-08-05 AT 15430-1:2007 + A1: 2011 15969-1:2015 tanks for the transport of dangerous goods. Digital interface for the transfer of data between the tank vehicle and fixed installations. Part 1: Protocol specification. Control, measurement and event data.

2015-07-29 ON 15969-1:2011 IN 16602-60:2015 space product assurance. Components of electrical, electronic and electromechanical (EEE).

2015-08-12 IN 16602-60-13:2015 assurance of the product space. Requirements for the use of components commercial taken off the shelf (COTS).

2015-08-12 IN 16602-60-15:2014 assurance of the product space. Assurance of the resistance to the radiation. Components EEE.

2014-09-24 IN 50156-1:2015 equipment electrical for furnaces and equipment auxiliary. Part 1: requirements for the design of the application and installation.

2015-07-17 AT 50156-2:2015 equipment electrical for furnaces and equipment auxiliary. Part 2: requirements for the design, development and approval of type of those devices and subsystems of security.

2015-07-17 EN 60601-2-37:2008 / A1:2015 equipment electromedical. Part 2-37: Particular requirements for the basic safety of medical equipment for diagnosis and monitoring by ultrasound.

2015-08-07 60958-3:2006 / A2:2015 digital audio interface. Part 3: applications for consumers.

2015-08-07 IN 60974-10:2014 / A1: by 2015 teams of welding electric by Arch. Part 10: requirements of compatibility electromagnetic (EMF).

2015-08-07 IN 61207-7:2013 / AC: 2015 expression of the characteristics of operation of the analyzers of gas. Part 7: analyzers of gas of laser semiconductor tunable.

2015-06-17 IN 62150-3:2015

Components and devices active of fiber optic. Test and measuring procedures. Part 3: variation of the power optical induced by disturbance mechanical in receptacles optical and interfaces of transceivers.

2015-08-07 IN 62379-7:2015 interface of control joint for the connection to networks digital's products of audio and video. Part 7: Measures.

2015-08-07 BY 2015:62386-201 digital addressable lighting interface. Part 201: Particular requirements for control devices. Lamps fluorescent (device type 0).

2015-07-24 BY 62756-1:2015 light Control by digital transmission on the load side. Part 1: Basic requirements.

2015-07-24 AT 300422-2 V1.4.1 issues of compatibility electromagnetic and spectrum of RF (ERM). Wireless microphones in the 25 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range; Part 2: Harmonized, European (EN) standard covering essential requirements according to article 3.2 of the R & TTE directive.

2015-06-02 AT 301489-4 V2.2.1 issues of compatibility electromagnetic and spectrum of RF (ERM); Standard of compatibility electromagnetic (EMC) for equipment and services radio; Part 4: conditions specific to radio link fixed and equipment auxiliary.

2015-02-22 AT 301489-6 V1.4.1 issues (ERM) radiofrequency spectrum and electromagnetic compatibility; Standard of compatibility electromagnetic (EMF) for equipment and services radio; Part 6: Specific conditions for the equipment of telecommunications wireless digital enhanced (DECT).

2015-05-22 IN 301502 V12.1.1 system world for communications mobile (GSM); Norma European (EN) harmonized for Base Station equipment, covering the essential requirements under article 3, paragraph 2 of the R & TTE directive.

2015-03-17 AT 301841-3 V1.2.1 Radiolinks digital VHF (VDL) air-to-surface mode 2; Technical characteristics and methods of measurement for equipment with land-based; Part 3: standard European (IN) harmonised, that covers the requirements essential according to the article 3, paragraph 2 of the directive R & TTE.

2015-04-22 AT 301893 V1.8.1 (BRAN) Radio access broadband networks. 5 high-performance RLAN GHz. Norma European (EN) harmonised covering the essential requirements under article 3, paragraph 2 of the R & TTE directive.

2015-03-25 AT 301908-1 V7.1.1 networks cellular IMT; Norma European (EN) harmonised covering the essential requirements under article 3, paragraph 2 of the R & TTE directive.

2015-03-17 IN ISO 11268-1:2015 soil quality. Effects of the pollutants on the worms of Earth. Part 1: Determination of the acute toxicity of Eisenia fetida/Eisenia andrei (ISO 11268-1:2012).

2015-08-12 UNITES 77304-1:1999 EN ISO 11268-2:2015 soil quality. Effects of contaminants in worms. Part 2: Determination of the effects on reproduction of Eisenia fetida/Eisenia andrei (ISO 11268-2:2012).

2015-08-12 UNE-ISO 11268-2:2007 EN ISO 11268-3:2015 soil quality. Effects of contaminants on earthworms. Part 3: Guidelines for the determination of the effects on field (ISO 11268-3:2014) conditions.

2015-08-12 UNE-ISO 11268-3:2004 EN ISO 12312-2:2015 protection of the eyes and face. Sunglasses and associated equipment. Part 2: Filters for direct observation of the Sun (ISO 12312-2:2015).

2015-06-17 IN ISO 12404:2015 soil quality. Guide for selection and application of methods for rapid analysis (ISO 12404:2011).

2015-07-22 IN ISO 13196:2015 soil quality. Methods of analysis fast of a selection of elements using mass spectrometry of fluorescence by rays X of dispersion of energy through a team notebook (ISO 13196:2013).

2015-07-22 IN ISO 13702:2015 industries of the oil and of the gas natural. Control and mitigation of fires and explosions in facilities sea of production. Guidelines and requirements (ISO 13702:2015).

2015-08-05 IN ISO 13702:1999 IN ISO 14906:2011 / A1: 2015 toll electronic. Definition of the interface of the layer of application for communications dedicated of short range. Amendment 1 (ISO 14906:2011 / Amd 1:2015).

2015-07-29 IN ISO 16610-22:2015 specification geometric shapes of products (GPS). Filtration. (Part 22: filters for profile linear: filters of slot ISO 16610-22:2015).

2015-07-08 IN ISO 16610-41:2015 specification geometric of product (GPS). Filtration. Part 41: filters of profile morphology: filters of disk and filters of segment horizontal (ISO 16610-41:2015).

2015-06-17 IN ISO 16610-61:2015 specification geometric shapes of products (GPS). Filtration. Part 61: filters surface-linear. (ISO 16610-61:2015) Gaussian filters.

2015-07-08 ISO 16961:2015 petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. Lining of internal protection and wrapping of steel (ISO 16961:2015) storage tanks.

2015-08-05 IN ISO 24817:2015 industries for the oil, petrochemical and of the gas natural. Repairs in material composed for pipes. Qualification and design, installation, testing and inspection (ISO 24817:2015).

2015-08-05 EN ISO 25178-606:2015 geometrical products specification (GPS). Surface quality: Areas. Part 606: Nominal characteristics of instruments without contact (with focal variation) (ISO 25178-606:2015).