Resolution Of 5 Of October Of 2015, Of The Address General Of Industry And Of The Small And Medium Company, By Which Is Publishes The Relationship Of Standards Approved By The Association Spanish Of Normalization And Certification During The Month Of S...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 5 de octubre de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas aprobadas por la Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación durante el mes de sep...

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(In compliance of it willing in the article 11.f), of the regulation of the infrastructure for the quality and security Industrial, approved by Real Decree 2200 / 1995, of 28 of December («Bulletin official of the State» number 32, of 6 of February of 1996), and seen the record of them standards approved by the Association Spanish of standardization and certification, entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of 26 of February of 1986 , in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 August, and recognized by the first additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December, this General direction has resolved to publish in the «Official Gazette», the relationship of Spanish standards UNE approved by the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification, for the month of September 2015 identified by his title and numeric code, which appears as annex to the present resolution.

This resolution will cause effect from the day following to the of your publication in the «Bulletin official of the State».

Madrid, 5 of October of 2015.-the Director General of industry and of the small and medium enterprise, Victor Audera Lopez.

ANNEX rules published in the month of September of 2015 code title replaces to UNE 15896:2015 management of purchases of value added.

UNE-CWA 15896-1: 2010 FORMER UNE 19101:2015 tubes, fittings and accessories of ductile cast iron and their joints for use in secondary and local networks. Requirements and methods of test.


UNE 19703:2015 sanitary fittings. Specifications techniques.

UNE 19703:2003 UNE 48316:2014 / 1 m:2015 paints and varnishes. Anticorrosive decorative high performance solvent-based glazes.


UNE 60302:2015 pipes for gaseous fuels. Location.

UNE 60302:1974 UNE 60305:2015 pipes of steel for gaseous fuels. Areas of security and coefficients of calculation according to the location.

UNE 60305:1983 UNE 60309:2015 pipes for fuel gas. Thickness minimum for pipes of steel.

UNE 60309:1983 UNE 60404-1:2015 fuels gaseous. Sets of regulation of pressure and/or measurement, with pressure maximum of operation (MOP) less or equal to 5 bar. Part 1: joint for recessed, attach or placed in enclosures with caudal nominal equivalent lower or equal to 100 m³ (n) / h of gas natural.

UNE 60404-1:2012 UNE 60714:2015 nozzles turned for the connection of tubes flexible destined to lead fuels gaseous to low pressure of the second and third families.

UNE 60714:1992 UNE 60714 / 1 M: 2003 UNE 77030:2015 quality of the water. Determination of the residual total.

UNE 77030:2002 UNE 77032:2015 quality of the water. Determination of the solid settleable.

UNE 77032:2002 UNE 77042:2015 quality of the water. Determination of chlorides. Method potentiometric.

UNE 77042:2002 UNE 135340:2010 / 2 M: 2015 signaling vertical: blades retroreflective microprismaticas polymer. Characteristics and methods of test.


UNE 197010:2015 criteria General for the preparation of reports and opinions expert on technologies of the information and the communications (ICT).


UNE-CEN / TR 16470: 2015 IN aspects environmental of the systems of piping of casting ductile for applications of supply of water and sanitation.


UNE-AT 71-1:2015 safety of the toys. Part 1: properties mechanical and physical.

UNE-IN 71-1: 2012 + A3: 2014 UNE-IN 480-13:2015 additives for concrete, mortar and pasta. Test methods. Part 13: Reference mortar for masonry mortars additives-testing.

UNE-EN 480-13: 2010 + A1:2011 UNE-EN 853:2015-based elastomers-hoses and their sets with union fittings. Hydraulic type, reinforced with twisted wire. Specifications.

UNE-EN 853:1997 UNE-EN 853:1997 / AC: 2007 UNE-EN 854:2015 hoses-based elastomers and their sets with union fittings. Textile-reinforced hydraulic type. Specifications.

UNE-EN 854:1996 EN 854: 1997 ERRATUM UNE-EN 856:2015 hoses-based elastomers and their sets with union fittings. Hydraulic type, reinforced with coated coil wire. Specifications.

UNE-EN 856:1997 UNE-EN 857:2015 hoses-based elastomers and their sets with union fittings. Hydraulic type, reinforced with compact stranded wire. Specifications.

UNE-EN 857:1997 UNE-EN 1013: 2013 + A1:2015 plastic plates shaped translucent single layer roofing, Interior and exterior, walls and ceilings. Requirements and test methods.


UNE-EN 1396:2015 aluminum and aluminum alloys. Veneer and band covered in continuous for general applications. Specifications.

UNE-EN 1396:2008 UNE-EN 1865-1: 2011 + A1:2015 equipment for the transport of patients used in road ambulances. Part 1: Specifications for systems of stretchers in general and equipment for the transport of patients.

UNE-EN 1865-1:2011 UNE-EN 1866-2:2015 mobile fire extinguishers-part 2: requirements for the construction, resistance to pressure and mechanical tests of extinguishers that meet the requirements of the European standard EN 1866-1 and with a maximum allowable pressure equal to or lower than 30 bar.

UNE-EN 1866:2007 UNE-EN 1992-1-1: 2013/A1:2015 EUROCODE 2: project of concrete structures. Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings.


UNE-EN 12007-3:2015 gas supply systems. Pipes with maximum not exceeding 16 bar operating pressure. Part 3: Specific functional requirements for steel.

UNE-EN 12007-3:2001 UNE-EN 12050-1:2015 lifts for buildings and facilities sewage plants. Part 1: Lifting plants for wastewater containing faecal matter.


UNE-EN 12050-3:2015 lifts for buildings and facilities sewage plants. Part 3: Lifting plants of sewage for limited applications.


UNE-EN 12050-4:2015 lifts for buildings and facilities sewage plants. Part 4: Check valve water not containing faecal matter and for wastewater containing faecal matter.


UNE-EN 12309-4:2015 apparatus of sorption for heating and/or cooling using gaseous fuels of calorific consumption based on the PCI exceeding 70 kW. Part 4: Methods of test.

UNE-EN 12309-2:2000 UNE-EN 12493: 2014 + A1:2014/Ac:2015 equipment and accessories for LPG. Containers to pressure in steel soldiers of the truck tank for LPG. Design and manufacture.


UNE-IN 13094:2015 tanks for the transport of goods dangerous. Tanks metal with a pressure of service of up to 0.5 bar. Design and construction.

UNE-IN 13094:2009 UNE-IN 13094: 2009 ERRATUM: 2011 UNE-IN 13445-3:2015 containers to pressure not subject to calls. Part 3: design.

UNE-IN 13445-3:2010 UNITES-IN 13445-3: 2010 / A1: 2013 UNE-IN 13445-3: 2010 / A2: 2014 UNE-IN 13445-3: 2015 / A1: 2015 containers to pressure not subject to calls. Part 3: design.


UNE-IN 13697:2015 antiseptic and disinfectant chemicals. Quantitative assay of non-porous surface for the evaluation of bactericidal activity and/or fungicide disinfectant chemicals used in food products, in industry, in the home and community. No mechanical action and requirements (phase, stage 2) test method.

UNE-EN 13697:2002 UNE-EN 13697: 2002 ERRATUM:2007. UNE-EN 13986: 2006 + A1:2015 boards derived from wood for use in construction. Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking.


UNE-IN 14675:2015 antiseptic and disinfectant chemicals. Quantitative assay of suspension for the evaluation of the activity virucide of antiseptics and Chemical disinfectants used in the veterinary area. Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 1).

UNE-EN 14675:2007 UNE-EN 15079:2015 copper and copper alloys. Analysis by mass spectrometry of emission optical by spark (S-OES).

UNE-EN 15079:2008 UNE-EN 15254-6:2015 Extension of the scope of the results obtained in the tests of fire resistance. Walls not supporting. Part 6: facades light.


UNE-EN 15429-3:2015 sweepers. Part 3: Efficiency of particle capture. Testing and evaluation.


UNE-IN 15429-4:2015 sweepers. Part 4: Symbols for operator controls and other indicators.


UNE-EN 16440-1:2015 testing methodologies for transport refrigeration devices isothermal. Part 1: device of refrigeration mechanical with evaporator with circulation forced of air with or without devices of heating.


UNE-EN 16442:2015 environmental storage controlled processed thermolabile endoscopes.


UNE-EN 16494:2015 railway applications. Requirements for the plates ERTMS along the via.


UNE-IN 16615:2015 antiseptic and disinfectant chemicals. Method of essay quantitative for the evaluation of the activity bactericide and levuricida in surfaces not porous using action mechanical with wipes in the area medical (4-trial field). Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 2).


UNE-IN 16653:2015 woven coated in plastic or rubber. Determination of the resistance to tearing of the stitch (with needle). Test method.


UNE-EN 50121-2:2015 railway applications. Compatibility electromagnetic. Part 2: Emission of the whole railway system to the outside world.


UNE-IN 50121-3-1:2015 applications railway. Electromagnetic compatibility. Part 3-1: Rolling stock. Train and complete vehicle.


UNE-EN 50121-4:2015 railway applications. Electromagnetic compatibility. Part 4: emission and immunity of the devices of signage and of telecommunication.


UNE-EN 50134-3: 2012/Ac:2015 alarm systems. Social alarm systems. Part 3: Local drive and controller.


UNE - EN 50598-3:2015 ecodesign for electric drives of power, engine starters, electronic of power and its applications. Part 3: Quantitative approach to eco-design through the analysis of the lifecycle including rules of product category and content of environmental statements.


UNE-EN 60061-1: 1996/A51:2015 caps and lampholders, together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety. Part 1: Caps.


UNE-EN 60061-2: 1996/A48:2015 caps and lampholders, together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety. Part 2: lampholders.


UNE-IN 60061-3: 1997 / A49: 2015 caps and fixture along with them gauges for the control of the interchangeability and of it security. Part 3: gauges.


UNE-IN 60079-2:2015 atmospheres explosive. Part 2: equipment of protection by enclosures pressurized «p».


UNE-IN 60079-26:2015 atmospheres explosive. Part 26: Material with level of protection of material (EPL) Ga.


UNE-IN 60335-2-5:2015 appliances appliances and similar. Security. Part 2-5: requirements particular to dishwasher.


UNE-EN 60335-2-95: 2015/A1:2015 appliances and similar appliances. Security. Part 2-95: Particular requirements for engines for vertical opening for residential garage doors.


UNE-IN 60601-2-41: 2010 / A1: 2015 equipment electromedical. Part 2-41: requirements particular to it security basic and performance essential of them luminaries surgical and them luminaires for diagnosis.


UNE-IN 60601-2-54: 2010 / A1: 2015 equipment electromedical. Part 2-54: requirements particular to it security basic and features of performance essential of them teams of rays X for radiography and Radioscopy.


UNE-IN 60793-1-43:2015 fiber optic. Part 1-43: methods of measurement and procedures of trial. Measurement of the opening number.


UNE-IN 60885-3:2015 methods of trial electric for the cables electrical. Part 3: Test methods for measurements of partial discharge on power cables lengths extruded.


UNE-EN 62366: 2009/A1:2015 medical devices. Application of fitness of use engineering to medical devices.


UNE-EN 62776:2015 designed double Cap LED lamps for replacement of linear fluorescent lamps. Safety specifications.


UNE-EN 62841-2-9:2015, shifting tools and gardening and lawn mowers, electric motor-driven machinery. Security. Part 2-9: Particular requirements for terrajadoras and portable threaders.


UNE - EN ISO 7494-2:2015 dentistry. Dental units. Part 2: Supply of air, water, vacuum and for the disposal of waste (ISO 7494-2:2015) water systems.

UNE - EN ISO 11144: 1997 UNE-EN ISO 7494-2: 2003 UNE-EN ISO 7539-10:2015 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Trials of corrosion under tension. Part 10: method of folded in or reverse (ISO 7539-10:2013).


UNE-IN ISO 7539-11:2015 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Trials of corrosion under tension. Part 11: Guide to the test of resistance of metals and alloys to the embrittlement by hydrogen and to the cracking assisted by hydrogen (ISO 7539-11:2013).


UNE-IN ISO 9000:2015 systems of management of the quality. Fundamentals and vocabulary (ISO 9000:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 9000:2005 UNE-IN ISO 9001:2015 systems of management of the quality. Requirements (ISO 9001:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 UNE - EN ISO 9001: 2008/Ac:2009 UNE-EN ISO 11137-1:2015 sterilization of health care products. Radiation. Part 1: Requirements for development, validation and control of routine of a sterilization process for medical devices (ISO 11137-1:2006, including Amd 1:2013).

UNE-EN ISO 11137-1: 2007 UNE-EN ISO 11137-1: 2007/A1:2014 UNE-EN ISO 11137-2:2015 sterilization of health care products. Radiation. Part 2: Establishment of dose (ISO 11137-2:2013) sterilization.

UNE-EN ISO 11137-2: 2013 UNE-EN ISO 11151-1:2015 lasers and equipment associated with lasers. Standard optical components. Part 1: Components for spectral intervals UV, visible and near-infrared (ISO 11151-1:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 11151-1: 2001 UNE-EN ISO 11151-2:2015 lasers and equipment associated with lasers. Standard optical components. Part 2: Components for the infrared spectral range (ISO 11151-2:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 11151-2: 2001 UNE-IN ISO 12625-9:2015 paper tissue and products of tissue. Part 9: determination of the resistance to the outbreak by ball (ISO 12625-9:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 12625-9: 2005 UNE-IN ISO 12625-15: 2015 paper tissue and products of tissue. Part 15: determination of the properties optical. Measurement of the whiteness and the color with illuminant c/2 ° (light daytime indoor) (ISO 12625-15:2015).


UNE-IN ISO 12625-16: 2015 paper tissue and products of tissue. Part 16: determination of the properties optical. Opacity (bottom of paper). Method of diffuse reflectance (ISO 12625-16:2015).


UNE-IN ISO 13341: 2011 / A1: 2015 bottles for the transport of gas. Coupling of valves to gas cylinders. Amendment 1 (ISO 13341:2010 / Amd 1:2015).


UNE-IN ISO 13408-1:2015 processed aseptic of products for the health. Part 1: General requirements (ISO 13408-1:2008, including Amd 1:2013).

UNE-EN ISO 13408-1: 2011 UNE-EN ISO 13408-1: 2011/A1: 2013 UNE - EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 14001:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 14001:2004 UNE-IN ISO 14001: 2004 / AC: 2009 UNE-IN ISO 15197:2015 systems of trial for diagnosis in vitro. Requirements for systems of monitoring of blood glucose for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus (ISO 15197:2013).


UNE-IN ISO 16061:2015 instrumentation to use in association with implant surgical not active. General requirements (ISO 16061:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 16061:2010 UNE - EN ISO 16967:2015 solid biofuels. Determination of major elements. To the, Ca, Fe, Mg, P, K, if, Na and Ti (ISO 16967:2015).

UNE-EN 15290:2011 UNE-EN ISO 17892-1:2015 research and geotechnical tests. Trials of laboratory of soils. Part 1: determination of the moisture (ISO 17892-1:2014).

UNE 103300:1993 UNE - EN ISO 18103:2015 labelling of Superfine wool fiber. Requirements for the definition of the Super S (ISO 18103:2015) code.

UNE-CWA 16336:2012 IN UNE - EN ISO 20361:2015 pumps and motor pumps for liquids groups. Code of essay acoustic. Accuracy 2 and 3 classes (ISO 20361:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 20361:2009 UNE - EN ISO 23640:2015 for in vitro diagnostic medical devices. Evaluation of the stability of reagents for in vitro diagnostic use (ISO 23640:2011).


UNE - EN ISO 24234:2015 dentistry. Dental amalgam (ISO 24234:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 24234:2005 UNE - EN ISO 24234: 2005/A1:2012 UNE-EN ISO 24801-1:2015 services of recreational diving. Requirements for the training of divers recreational with equipment autonomous. Part 1: Level 1. Diver supervised (ISO 24801-1:2014).

UNE-EN 14153-1:2004 UNE-EN ISO 24801-2:2015 services recreational diving. Requirements for the formation of recreational divers with self-contained. Part 2: Level 2. Diver autonomous (ISO 24801-2:2014).

UNE-IN 14153-2:2004 UNE-IN ISO 24801-3:2015 services of diving recreational. Requirements for the formation of recreational divers with self-contained. Part 3: level 3. Leading Diver (ISO 24801-3:2014).

UNE-EN 14153-3:2004 UNE - EN ISO 27971:2015 cereals and cereal products. Wheat common (Triticum aestivum L.). Determination of the properties alveographic of the mass to hydration constant prepared starting from flour commercial or flours for essay and the methodology of the essay of grinding (ISO 27971:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 27971:2008 UNE-IN ISO 80369-20: 2015 connectors of diameter small for liquids and gases for applications health. Part 20: methods of test common (ISO 80369-20:2015).


UNE-IN ISO / IEC 17021-1: 2015 evaluation of the conformity. Requirements for those agencies that performed the audit and the certification of systems of management. Part 1: requirements (ISO / IEC 17021-1:2015).

UNE-IN ISO / IEC 17021: 2011 UNE-HD 60364-8-1:2015 facilities power of low voltage. Part 8-1: efficiency energy.


UNE-IEC 60092-360:2015 electrical installations in ships. Part 360: materials of insulation and covers for cables of power, control, instrumentation and telecommunications installed in ships and units in high sea.


UNE-ISO 6183: by 2015 teams of protection against fire. Systems of extinction with dioxide of carbon for use in buildings. Design and installation.


UNE-ISO 12647-3:2015 technology graphics. Control of the process for the elaboration of separations of color, test e printed dither. Part 3: lithograph offset and typography on role of newspaper.

UNE 54102-3:2000 UNE-ISO 14641-1:2015 file e. Part 1: specifications for the design and operation of a system of information for the preservation of information digital.


UNE-ISO 14721:2015 space data and information transfer systems. Open system information file (OAIS). Reference model.


UNE-ISO 16750-3:2015 road vehicles. Environmental and test conditions for electrical and electronic equipment. Part 3: Mechanical loads.