Royal Decree 1558 / 1977 Of 4 July, By Which Certain Organs Of The Central Administration Of The State Is Restructured.

Original Language Title: Real Decreto 1558/1977, de 4 de julio, por el que se reestructuran determinados Organos de la Administración Central del Estado.

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Fundamental principle of the Management Sciences is the need to adapt organizational structures to the changing demands of society to which they serve. The magnitude and intensity of the political changes that have lived in the Spanish society, the deeply felt need to achieve greater efficiency in the management of administrative tasks, the convenience of coordinating scattered bodies that match on his performance on a same social sectors, the demand for a more intense public action in some fields that require you to give them a greater relief and a more specific treatment made it imperative to corresponding changes in the structure of the administration of the State. To carry out these changes means to carry out a reform of the Administration in all its length and depth, i.e. to reform not only the Organization of the Central Administration, but also the peripheral and the institutional and reform procedures and agents of the public service.

However, this Royal Decree limits their scope to a first phase of the administrative restructuring consisting of the essential touches to the global competences of the various ministerial departments, providing a second phase in which the ministries thus constituted shall propose its internal arrangement and the definitive services unit, whose effects are created in some cases , as in matters of Social Security, joint interdepartmental committees that will propose as appropriate. All this will only enable which in its day pose to the representative bodies of the nation the lines of a real administrative reform, which does not apply to the present Royal Decree.

The restructuring is made operating on large administrative blocks that in cases in which should change from a Department to another, make it entirely, in order to avoid the risk of confusion and possible suspension of the administrative activity. This procedure is the most appropriate for this restructuring does not affect rights or subjective situations of officials, which will only be altered its position, in some cases, by reason of the name and ownership of the Department to which they are attached.

The new organisation which this Royal Decree establishes has especially taken into account the impact on public spending, so in any case this is increased, but, before, reduced to the extent possible and in accordance with legislative decree 18/thousand nine hundred seventy-six, on 8 October, which serves as a basis. Example of this is the reduction in the number of Ministers. The figure of the Secretary of State, intermediate between the Minister and the Under-Secretary, who already has credited its efficiency in administrative organizations is created more advanced to intensify administrative actions in certain areas. The creation of five Secretaries of State is compensated with the disappearance of ten existing secretariats.

In the practical application of the principles underlying the present Royal Decree, is the creation of the Ministry of defence, which is required by the need for modernization of the armed forces and national defence policy unification. The intensification of the administrative activity on social sectors that demand increasing attention justifies creation, universally felt, of the Ministry of health and Social Security. The appearance of a Ministry of economy is the result, on the one hand, the need for grouping a series of competences currently dispersed in terms of economic planning; on the other hand, the convenience of single out economic policy decisions, extracting them part of the Ministry of finance, and attributing them as competition of the new Department created. It has special relief the new name of the Ministry of industry and energy as a reflection of the importance that you want to grant to the energetic, vital sector for the economic development of our country. The creation of the Ministry of culture and well-being comes to fill a gap in the administrative action, giving cultural and social policy the appropriate instrument for its future expansion. And, finally, the emergence of a Ministry of transport and communications, responds to a need to coordinate rationality with action on sectors before scattered. The same must be said of other changes that they operate, such as the unification of the departments of public works and housing and the new organization of the Ministry of the Presidency.

By virtue and in use of the authorisation granted by the article twenty-six of the Royal Decree-Law 18/thousand nine hundred seventy-six, of 8 October, on the proposal of the Prime Minister and after deliberation by the Council of Ministers at its meeting of the four day of July, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven, I have: article one.

The Central Administration of the State is organized into the following ministries:-Foreign Affairs.





-Public works and urbanism.

-Education and science.


-Industry and energy.


-Trade and tourism.



-Transport and communications.

-Health and Social Security.

-Culture and well-being.

Article two.

One. Creating the Ministry of defence, as the Central Administration of the State body in charge of the management and coordination of the general policy of the Government insofar as it concerns national defense as well as of the implementation of the military policy relevant, being integrated in the same all agencies and units of the ministries of the army, Navy and air , except for the Secretariat of Civil Aviation, and suppressed those departments.

Two. The owner of the Ministry of defence, responsible for training the armies of land, sea and air so that they can comply with their respective missions, shall exercise all functions of the Directorate of defence policy which is not reserved or exercise directly the President of the Government, and those related to the Board of Heads of major state this expressly delegated.

3. The Ministry of defence will have a Secretary, whose owner will assume, among others, the functions, powers and responsibilities which correspond, according to current legislation, the current Secretaries of the army and air, as well as which, still characteristic of the figure of Undersecretary, are referred in paragraph 8 of the preamble of the Act nine/thousand nine hundred seventy, of fourth of July organic Navy, any that are higher authorities of the Naval Administration today playing them. Being suppressed, by the present Royal Decree, Undersecretary of the army and air positions, as well as of Admiral General Secretary referred to in article 20 of the above-mentioned organic law of the Navy.

The position of Undersecretary will be exercised by a General officer or Admiral in situation of activity.

Four. The positions of Secretary general of the army, the Navy and the air, exercised by officers generals or admirals in situation of activity are created and that bass direct dependence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of defence will play missions and responsibilities to be determined.

5. Under the direct authority of the head of the Department creates the center top of information defense, which functions and management agencies to be determined will be incorporated.

Article three.

He is created in the Ministry of finance Undersecretary of budget and public spending, which will assume the competences related to the General directions of the Treasury, budget, State and insurance. Suppresses the Undersecretariat of financial economics.

Article four.

The Ministry of the Interior will be renamed Ministry of the Interior.

Article five.

You create the Ministry of public works and urbanism, which is made up of the following bodies: to) all the organs and entities of the Ministry of public works, not transferred to the Ministry of transport and communications in the present Royal Decree.

(b) all the organs and entities dependent on the Ministry of housing.

(c) the General Directorate of Territorial action and environment of the Ministry of the Presidency.

Article six.

The Ministry of education and Science creates the Secretary of State for universities and research.

Article seven.

The Ministry of industry will be renamed Ministry of industry and energy, depending on the functions relating to the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Article eight.

One. The Ministry of Commerce will be renamed Ministry of trade and tourism.

Two. Created a Ministry of tourism, which assumes all the powers and units integrated or dependent of the Undersecretary of tourism, extinguishing the position of Undersecretary of tourism in the Ministry of trade and tourism.

3. Also the upper price Board is integrated into the Ministry of Commerce and tourism.

Article nine.

One. (At the Ministry of the Presidency will be incorporated the following units and services: to) currently subsidiaries of the Minister Secretary of the Government.

b) the integrated in the Undersecretary's Office and the Undersecretary technique of the President of the Government, becoming extinct both secretariats.

Two. A Secretary of State for public administration whose scope of functions will be determined by Decree was created within the Ministry of the Presidency. The position of Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Presidency shall be deleted.

Article ten.

One. Creating the Ministry of economy, which will have as its fundamental mission establish guidelines of general economic policy, programming in the short and medium term and study and proposal of measures making it advisable to the smooth running of the national economy.

The Ministry of economy will assume the current competences of the Ministry of Finance on financial policy. Bank of Spain and Instituto de crédito Oficial. Also integrated into the Ministry of economy the current Undersecretary of planning with all their organs and units - except for the General Directorate of Territorial action and environment - and the National Institute of statistics.

Two. The Minister of the economy will depend on a Secretary of State for coordination and economic programming, to attend meetings of the Executive Committee of Economic Affairs and shall exercise the functions of Secretary of the same. The position of Undersecretary of planning shall be deleted.

3. Organic effects it is attached to the Ministry of economy, the National Economic Council.

Article eleven.

One. Creating the Ministry of transport and communications, which is made up of the following bodies: to) the General direction of post and telecommunications of the Ministry of the Interior.

(b) the delegation of the Government in the national telephone company in Spain).

(c) the General Directorate of land transport of the Ministry of public works.

d) the Undersecretary of the Navy merchant of the Ministry of Commerce and all dependent on the same management centres. The Government in the period of four months will determine the final unit of the Directorate-General for fisheries.

(e) the Secretariat for Civil Aviation of the Ministry of the air and all the management centres dependent on the same without prejudice to what the Government determines pursuant to final disposition second.

(f) all agencies and entities affiliated and linked to the bodies to which refer to the previous sections, including the national network of Spanish railways. Spanish Via narrow and their corresponding delegations of the Government railways.

Article twelve.

One. Creating the Ministry of health and Social Security, which will be integrated by the Undersecretary and Secretary-General Technical Department and organs: to) the direction General of health of the Ministry of the Interior.

b) the Undersecretary of Social Security, the Directorates-General of planning and health of the Security Social assistance, Grestion and financing of the Social Security and assistance, and social services, the Ministry of labour.

(c) autonomous State entities. Services, institutions and agencies and commissions and colleges. Professional corporations and other entities affiliated to the ministries of the Interior and labour centres managers they are transferred or linked to them by reason of direction, supervision, guardianship or protectorate.

Two. Creates a Mixed Commission of the ministries of labour and health and Social security that will propose to the Government the final distribution of powers and competences in the field of Social Security between the two departments.

Article thirteen.

One. The Ministry of culture and well-being, composed of the following organs and entities is created.

(a) all units of the Ministry of information and tourism, except those that are attributed in this Royal Decree the Ministry of trade and tourism.

b) Assistant Secretary of family, youth and sport with its Directorates-General, dependent on the Ministry of the Presidency.

(c) the Directorate of artistic and Cultural of the Ministry of education and science.

d) bodies and entities affiliated or linked to senior centers and organisms that are transferred.

Two. He is created in the Ministry of culture and well-being a Secretary of State for culture, abolishing the post of Undersecretary of information.

First final provision.

One. The Secretaries of State will exert on the units that are assigned powers foreseen in numbers one, four, five, six, seven, ten and eleven of the fourteenth article of the legal regime of the State administration law, without prejudice to the higher direction of the respective Minister.

Two. Also, the Secretaries of State may play many functions the Chief Minister's Department delegate them expressly.

3. The Secretaries of State may attend to inform the Council of Ministers and the delegated committees of the Government when they are convened.

Four. In those ministries where does not exist under Secretary, the Secretary of State shall assume the functions recognized him in the article 15 of the law of regime Juridico of the administration of the State.

5. The Secretaries of State shall be appointed by Decree agreed on the proposal of the respective Minister and Council of Ministers.

Second final provision.

One. Within four months of the Government, by Decree agreed in Council, approve the regulatory provisions in the organizational structures of each Department, according the creation, modification, merger and deletion of many units, departments and agencies are considered to be suitable, as well as their ultimate allegiance to the ministerial departments concerned.

Two. By the ministries of economy and finance is will dictate the appropriate measures for the coordination of public spending, creating a Committee on budget and expenditure of both ministries, responsible for the definition and proposal of modification of the budgetary policy to that effect.

Third final provision.

Dependents of the ministries of economy and finance is created a Committee on policy finance, which shall be responsible for the definition of the rules governing financial institutions and the proposals that are considered appropriate in this field.

Fourth final provision.

Integrations of administrative units in the various departments which are verified by this Royal Decree are also those of competencies that are coming through these units.

Fifth final provision.

It authorizes the Ministry of finance to carry out precise transfers of credits and, where appropriate, enabling credits necessary to give effect to the provisions of this Royal Decree.

Sixth final provision.

The Minister of labour will assume the functions and competencies that correspond today to the Minister for Trade Union Affairs.

Available seventh flnal.

This Royal Decree shall enter force the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Additional provision.

The Undersecretary of the Department was created in the Ministry of economy.

Given in Madrid to four of July one thousand nine hundred seventy and seven.


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