Order Of 31 October 2000 To Approve The Regulatory Bases Of The Granting By The General Direction Of The Official State Bulletin Of Fellowship Training Of Post-Graduates In Various Activities Of The Agency.

Original Language Title: ORDEN de 31 de octubre de 2000 por la que se aprueban las bases reguladoras de la concesión por la Dirección General del Boletín Oficial del Estado de becas de formación de postgraduados en distintas actividades del organismo.

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The official bulletin of the State is developing a policy for the promotion of training in materials and techniques of different activities in accordance with its structure and powers, through the granting of State aid in the form of grants for the achievement of the exposed formation.

For this reason, this Ministry has considered convenient to prepare an order which set the General bases regulating for the granting of scholarships for specialization in activities and matters of the competence of the General direction of the Bulletin official of the State, in accordance with the regime established in articles 81 and 82 of the consolidated text of the General Budget Bill and the regulation of the procedure for the award of grants and public subsidies approved by Royal Decree 2225 / 1993 of December 17.

By virtue, report of the legal service of the Department, I have: article 1. Object.

Scholarships whose concession is regulated in the present order aims to promote the training of professionals in the different activities of the official bulletin of the State autonomous body.

For this purpose are considered to be activities the following: introduction to the techniques of legal documentation and production of legislative basis.

Introduction to advertising and Marketing techniques.

Introduction to the drafting of legal texts.

General introduction to the graphic arts.

General introduction to the techniques of science and information technology.

General introduction to the techniques of the public management in administration.

Article 2. Applicant requirements.

They may be beneficiaries of scholarships provided for in the present order those individuals who meet the following conditions: to) have Spanish nationality or be a national of a member country of the European Union, resident in Spain at the time of joining the scholarship, possessing full capacity to act.

(b) have approved all the subjects required to obtain the degree of Licenciado, engineer or architect for college or technical school, in accordance with studies that are established for each scholarship. The date of completion of these studies will be set in each call.

(c) the titles achieved abroad or in Spanish non-State centres shall be confirmed or recognized or it must justify documentary which is pending such recognition or recognition at the time of applying for the scholarship.

(d) having knowledge of English or French at the choice of the applicant, provided that it is accredited by the appropriate certificate.

(e) a day in all their tax obligations and found against Social Security.

Article 3. Calls.

In accordance with the provisions of article 4.3 of the Royal Decree 2225 / 1993, of 17 December, which approves the regulation of the procedure for the award of grants and public subsidies, the procedure referred to in this order will start nursing through required by resolution of the Director of the Official Gazette (, that it be published in the "official bulletin of the State" and shall conform to the provisions of this order, completing it in the following ends: to) body to which applications should be addressed.

(b) determination that the concession is carried out in a competitive concurrency, by using the appropriate competition regime.

(c) deadline for submission of applications, which shall not be less than fifteen days from the date of publication of the organizing resolution.

d) requirements and documentation.

(e) the budgetary credit to which shall be charged to scholarships will be chapter 4 of the budget of the Agency.

(f) applications and documentation presented will be informed by a Commission of studies and evaluation whose composition will be integrated by the following members: Chairman: Secretary general.

Vice President: The national printing press Manager.

Members: Director of the Department of programming publishing, documentation and information; Director of the Department of information technology; Director of the economic and financial Department and head of the Area of documentation and information.

Secretary: Chief of the staff Area.

The functioning of the Commission is set to the regime of colleges established in the law of legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure.

In addition this Commission will act as Manager of all many acts arising from the call, its development and resolution of incidents that may arise, including resolution of the scholarship grant.

(g) requests will be taking into account, in addition to the administrative requirements, academic qualifications and the curriculum vitae of the candidate. If overcome this first selection phase the number of candidates was superior to the convened scholarship, the Commission may agree the realization of a written test which will establish the Commission. If overcome the two earlier phases of selection the number of candidates is still superior to the convened scholarship a personal interview may be made.

(h) the resolution of the General direction of the official bulletin of the State which scholarships are granted will be published in the "official bulletin of the State" and should be exposed on the message boards of the Agency.

(i) the resolution that you remember or denied scholarships award puts an end to the administrative procedure and the corresponding administrative resource, prior appeal in his case, pursuant to article 116 of the law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure may be brought against it.

Article 4. Obligations of the beneficiaries and conditions of award.

1. the enjoyment of the scholarships referred to in this order shall be inconsistent with any other scholarship or aid granted by agencies, public or private, Spanish or foreign, in temporary coincidence with the granted.

2. from the forced use of the grant for the realization of the activity for which it has been granted is derived for the beneficiary the assumption of the obligation to carry out the activity that are basic to the grant of the subsidy.

3. the beneficiary must submit before the end of the period of the Fellowship report about the work done and results achieved, including conformity or approval of the corresponding tutor.

4. the beneficiary will be obliged to provide much information about the enjoyment of the scholarship is requested it by the Court of Auditors.

Article 5. Form of payment.

The payment will be made in twelve monthly installments-natural by an amount equal to the dozava part of the grant total each monthly payment, amount which apply discounts and deductions which may be applicable in accordance with the tax regulations.

Article 6. Measures to ensure the fruition of the scholarships.

1st Amendment to the resolution of the grant-any alteration of the conditions taken into account for the granting of the subsidy and, in any case, concurrent obtaining subsidies or AIDS granted by other administrations or agencies, public or private, national or international, will result in the modification of resolution of concession, must the beneficiary proceed , where appropriate, to the reinstatement of perceived quantities.

2D reimbursement of the amount of the scholarship-the reinstatement of perceived quantities will be carried out by means of the procedure laid down in article 8 of the regulation of the procedure for the award of grants and public subsidies, approved by Royal Decree 2225 / 1993 of December 17.

Shall be the reimbursement of the sums received in concept of subsidies or State aid and, consequently, the resolution of the concession, as well as the demand for the interest of delay from the moment of the payment of the scholarship, in the amount set in article 36 of the consolidated text of the General Law on budgetary, when any of the circumstances set out in point 9 of article 81 of the revised text of the General Law on budget.

Article 7. Liability and penalties.

The beneficiaries of subsidies and State aid arranged in this order are subject to the administrative offences and sanctions regime provided in article 82 of the consolidated text of the General Law on budget.

Sole additional provision.

For all those ends not provided for in this order applies, on a suppletive basis, as provided in articles 81 and 82 of the General Budget Bill and the Royal Decree 2225 / 1993 of December 17.

First final provision.

It empowers the Director general of the official bulletin of the State so that it dictate how many resolutions it deems necessary in development and application of the provisions of this order.

Second final provision.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "official bulletin of the State".

Madrid, October 31, 2000.

RAJOY BREY Hon. Mr. Director general of the official bulletin of the State.