Order Ecd/2596/2002 October 16, By Which Establishes Free Testing For The Graduate Degree In Secondary Education For Over Eighteen Years In The Field Of Management Of The Ministry Of Education, Culture And Sport.

Original Language Title: ORDEN ECD/2596/2002, de 16 de octubre, por la que se establece la prueba libre para la obtención del título de graduado en Educación Secundaria para mayores de dieciocho años en el ámbito de gestión del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.

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The organic law 1/1990 of 3 October, General Organization of the educational system, provides in its article 52.3 educational administrations, in conditions which are established, organized periodically tests persons over eighteen years of age to obtain directly the title of graduate in secondary education and indicates that such evidence will appreciate the General capabilities of basic education.

Subsequently, the Royal Decree 173/1998, of 16 February, that modifies and completes the Royal Decree 986/1991 of 14 June, which approved the timetable of implementation of the new management of the education system, points out, in paragraph 5.3 of its single article, the academic year 2000 / 2001 as the beginning of the celebration of such events.

On the other hand the Royal Decree 1007 / 1991 of 14 June ("Official Gazette" of the 26), amended by the Royal Decree 894/1995, of 2 June ("Official Gazette" of the 24), established the minimum teaching corresponding to the compulsory secondary education, whose curriculum had been previously defined by the Royal Decree 1345 / 1991 of 6 September ("Official Gazette" of 13).

Secondary education for adults is based on the order of 17 November 1993 ("Official Gazette" of 25), by which defines the curriculum of the teachings to obtain the title of graduate in secondary education by adults. The order of 7 July 1994 ("Official Gazette" of the 13) regulates the early implementation of these teachings and the resolution of the Secretary of State of education of 19 July 1994 ("Official Gazette" of August 11) establishes guidelines for the distribution of objectives, content and evaluation criteria for each of the modules in which the same curriculum is structured.

Finally, the Royal Decree 135/2002 of 1 February ("Official Gazette" of the 16), in exercise of the powers that the Constitution reserves to the State, as far as regulation of the conditions of procurement, issuance and recognition of academic and professional qualifications is concerned, and that the article 52.3 of the organic law 1/1990 of 3 October General Organization of the educational system it confers educational administrations, defined the basic conditions that should govern the tests laid down for obtaining the title of graduate in secondary education by persons over the age of eighteen years.

In fulfillment of the second final disposition of the aforementioned Royal Decree 135/2002, of February 1, it is necessary to set the rules and conditions that allow the development and execution of the tests laid down therein. For all these reasons, I have: first. Object and scope-this order aims to determine the rules of organization of the free test to obtain the title of graduate in secondary education for those students and students who opt for this form of registration, in the field of territorial management of the Ministry of education, culture and sport.

Second. Participants.

1 may participate in this test residents of Ceuta and Melilla which meet or have cum plido eighteen years in the calendar year in which occurs the same.

2. also, you can access these tests Spanish nationals living abroad and persons of any nationality, resident abroad, who have completed the compulsory education stage in Spanish centres, without having obtained the title of graduate in secondary education, and meet the requirements expressed in the previous paragraph.

Third party. Call.

1. the Directorate-General of education, vocational training and educational innovation will be the announcement of the test. The same should be recorded terms and documentation at present, as well as the test calendar, public centers that will be formalized registration and place of preparation thereof.

2. annually, without prejudice of what is established in the first final provision, there will be two calls, one in June and one in September.

3. the resolution by which the call is made will be published on the Bulletin Board of the ministries of education and science dependent of the respective embassies and provincial directorates of education centres public of adult education of Ceuta and Melilla, in advance, at least thirty days with respect to the term of the registration period for the same.

4. the directors of education and science abroad or the Spanish consuls, in compliance with the foregoing, shall be the place of registration and the testing, giving maximum dissemination to the calls.

Room. Structure of the test.

1. the test will be made taking as reference framework article 3 of the Royal Decree 135/2002, on 1 February, which establishes the structure of the same.

2. the test will consist of three exercises to be carried out the same day, being the duration of each of them in two hours.

3. each exercise will focus on one of the following groups of substances: 1. linguistic group. It includes exercises for each of the areas or matters: Spanish language and literature.

Foreign language.

2. Science and technology group. You will understand exercises for each of the areas or subjects: mathematics.

Natural sciences.


3. Social Sciences Group. You will understand exercises for each of the areas or subjects: social sciences, geography and history.

Two of the electives that are given in the reference centres.

Fifth. Ratings.

1. the qualification will be global for each of the groups established in the preceding paragraph and shall be expressed in terms of poor, sufficient, well, remarkable and outstanding.

2 it will be required for the overcoming of the proof that the student approves each of the exercises that compose it.

3. students who pass the test will be proposed by the Court to the corresponding administrative authority that issued them graduating in secondary education.

4. in the case of not having passed any of the three groups, the candidates remain, for future examinations, qualifications of approved exercises, which shall be valid throughout the national territory.

5 one of the groups established will be issued to applicants who have passed a certification attesting the group or groups approved, with an indication of the qualification awarded.

Sixth. Cross credits and exemptions and exemptions-not established new basic content for the education of adults, and considering the characteristics and interests of the students, will take into account the following: 1. those who have studied and passed in the compulsory secondary education each and every one of the areas of a group, in accordance with the table contained in the annex they may ask the Court for exemption from the review to the group.

2. those who have passed some group in classroom teachings or distance from the adult education, or free trial to obtain the title of graduate in secondary education, may request their exemption to the Court. In addition, and as long as existing ministerial of November 17, 1993 order, corresponding to the Cientifico-tecnologico group exercise will be valued fields of overmatched knowledge (field of mathematics and natural sciences field) at the time of the test.

3 will take into account the existing regulations on exemptions and curricular adaptations.

Seventh. Courts.

1. the Court shall consist it a President and at least two vocal, appointed for the purpose by the Director of the Centre for adult education among teachers of secondary education of the same.

It shall act as Secretary of the Center. Among the components of the Court should be, at least, a teacher specialist from each of the three groups.

2. the courts examiners constituting abroad will be integrated by the Minister of education or, in their absence, the Spanish Consul, as President and by two vowels, Spanish officials belonging to educational bodies, the body of teachers in secondary education, and resident in the relevant country, appointed by lot.

Eighth. Evaluation.

1. the test must evaluate the achievement of capabilities and learning of each group. Each of the exercises will be corrected individually.

2. the Court held a Board of assessment and propose to those who have passed the three exercises for graduating in secondary education.

Ninth. Certification and administrative documentation.

1. proposed persons to obtain the title of graduate in secondary education, are entitled to receive it and it shall entitle them to access to baccalaureate and formative cycles of average degree of specific vocational training.

2. all persons involved in testing may apply for accreditation of the results of the same or of each of the exercises that compose it, which will be extended by the Secretary of the Center with the approval of the Director.

Abroad this accreditation will be extended by Minister of education, Spanish Consul or person delegated, to the corresponding Embassy.

3. when a person is not proposed for graduating in secondary education, but it has exceeded any of the groups, the qualification will be reflected in the Act, so that it can be taken into account in subsequent editions of this test.

4. in the resolution of the call necessary documentation models will contemplate.

First final provision. Extraordinary announcement.

An extraordinary announcement in the last quarter of the present year 2002 may be.

Second final provision. Application and development.

The Directorate-General of education, vocational training and educational innovation, is authorized to issue instructions for the implementation and development of the provisions of this order.

Third final provision. Entry into force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "official bulletin of the State".

Madrid, October 16, 2002.

Castle VERA Ilma Ms. Secretariat general for education and vocational training and Ilmos. Directors-General of education, vocational training and educational innovation, Territorial cooperation and high inspection.

Annex (see image, page 37149) table of equivalences academic Areas of secondary education compulsory (1) (Royal Decree 1345 / 1991 of 6 September, "Official bulletin of the State" of the 13) fields of knowledge of the 4th module of Educacionsecundariaparapersonas adult (order of 17 November 1993, "Official bulletin of the State" of 25) groups of free tests for obtaining the title of graduate in secondary education (Royal Decree 135/2002 (, 1 February, "Official bulletin of the State" of the 16) Spanish language and literature.

Foreign language.

(2) communication electives related. Linguistic.

Social Sciences, geography and history.


Optional related (2) society. Social Sciences.

Biology and geology.

Physics and chemistry.

Physical education.

Optional related (2) nature.

Cientificotecnologico.matematicas. technology.

Plastic and Visual education.

Optional related (2) mathematics (1) Paraelreconocimientodeestaequivalenciaserequieretenersuperadas all these areas in the second cycle of compulsory secondary education.

(2) the Secretary of the Center where they have held the evidence, will determine the inclusion of the elective subjects in the groups with which they are related.

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