Resolution Of 2 November 2015, Of The General Direction Of The State Agency For Tax Administration, Which Modifies The One Of April 30, 2008, Which Approves The Creation Of An Automated Data...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 2 de noviembre de 2015, de la Dirección General de la Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria, por la que se modifica la de 30 de abril de 2008, por la que se aprueba la creación de un fichero automatizado de datos de carácter ...

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Resolution of April 30, 2008, of the General direction of the State tax administration agency, approved the creation of an automated file of personal data, which was published as an annex to it.

Subsequently, by direction General resolutions of the Agency State of tax administration on May 25, 2011 («BOE» No. 134, June 6, 2011); on July 20, 2012 ("BOE" No. 182, 31 July 2012); on September 30, 2013 ("BOE" No. 246, of 14 October 2013), and March 5, 2015 ("BOE" No. 119, 19 may 2015), has been modified and updated annex.

The resolution approving now updated again the relationship of the State tax administration agency buildings where there are means of surveillance with recording images.

For its part, article 20.1 of the organic law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of data of a Personal nature, and articles 52 to 54 of its regulation of development approved by Royal Decree 1720 / 2007, of 21 December, establishes that the creation, modification or deletion of files of public administrations only may be through general provision published in the Official Gazette or corresponding official journal.

Finally, the additional provision sole order HAC/2632/2002 of 16 October, by which modify the personal data files of the State tax administration agency, regulated in the order of 27 July 1994, and subsequently modified by the order of 21 December 1999, authorized its Director General to create modify or delete files owned by the same.

By virtue of this authorization, I have: first.

Modification of resolution of April 30, 2008, of the General direction of the State tax administration agency, which approves the creation of an automated file of personal character data.

Resolution of April 30, 2008, of the General direction of the State tax administration agency, is hereby amended as follows: the annex to this resolution shall be replaced by that contained as an annex to the present.


This resolution shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, November 2, 2015.-the Director General of the State tax administration, Santiago Menéndez.

Non-tax files annex annex II of the order of 21 December 1999, approved by resolution of April 30, 2008 19. Video surveillance of the State tax administration agency file.

(a) purpose and use: recording and processing of images for the internal and external security of persons who have access and pass by the building of the tax agency.

The intended use is the realization of security and surveillance work.

(b) persons and groups: natural persons who access or passing by the building of the tax agency.

(c) data collection procedure: recorded data are collected by capturing images through video surveillance cameras.

(d) basic structure of the file and the types of personal data included therein: file of images obtained through video surveillance cameras and the images obtained with the same. Information processing system: automated.

(e) transfers of data: not expected the transfer of this data to any other body, or to third countries, except in your case the State security bodies and forces.

(f) responsible for the file: regional heads of security of the State tax administration agency and Deputy to the Coordinator of the Area of security of the Agency state tax administration, in its relevant fields of competence.

(g) unit to which the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be exercised: Security Department of the State Agency of tax administration, calle Lérida, 32-34 (28020-Madrid).

(h) level of security: the security measures that apply are those defined for the basic level.

Buildings where there is video surveillance: Central Calle Infanta Mercedes, 37/San Enrique, 26 (Madrid).

Avenida de America, 117 (Madrid).

Calle General Asensio Cabanillas, 3-5 (Madrid).

Calle Huesca, 27 (Madrid).

Calle Huesca, 25 (Madrid).

Street farm, 8 (Alcobendas, Madrid).

Calle Lérida, 32-34 (Madrid).

Calle Llano Castellano, 17 (Madrid).

Calle San Enrique, 17 (Madrid).

Calle Salamanca, 4 (Madrid) Calle Santa Maria Magdalena, 16 (Madrid).

Paseo de la Castellana, 106-108 (Madrid).

Paseo de la Castellana, 147 (Madrid).

Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla special delegation Andalusia. Avenida Republic Argentina, 23 (Seville).

Delegation Seville. Plaza Minister Indalecio Prieto, 1 (Sevilla).

Delegation Almeria. Paseo Almería, 62 (Almería).

Inspection and collection. Almeria. Paseo Almería, 69 (Almería).

Administration the Ejido. The Ejido Boulevard, 168 (El Ejido/Almería).

Administration Huercal-Overa. Calle Antonio Beltrán, 6 (Huercal-Overa/Almería).

Customs office of the port of Almeria. Muelle de Poniente, 16 (Almería).

Delegation Cadiz. Plaza de la Constitución, 1 (Cadiz).

Delegation Ceuta. Calle Serrano Orive, 2 (Ceuta).

Custom Ceuta. Muelle Cañonero Dato, s/n (Ceuta) delegation Cordoba. Avenida Gran Capitan, 8 (Córdoba).

Delegation in Granada. Avenida Constitution, 1 (Granada).

Administration Almanjayar. Puerta del Sol urbanization. Plaza Park North, s/n (Granada).

Administration Guadix. Street children singers, 2 (Guadix/Granada).

Administration Loja. Calle Real, 10 (Loja/Granada).

Administration Motril. Round noon, 1 (Granada/Motril).

Custom Puerto Motril. Enclosure port s/n (Granada/Motril).

Huelva delegation. Calle Santa Fe, 22 (Huelva).

Administration Aracena. Plaza Doña Elvira (Aracena/Huelva).

Administration Ayamonte. Calle Antonio Concepcion Reboura, 1 (Ayamonte/Huelva).

Administration Palm County. Calle San Juan, 4-6 (Palm of the County/Huelva).

Custom Huelva. Plaza on October 12, 2 (Huelva).

Delegation Jaén. Plaza Constitución, 2 (Jaén).

Administration Andujar. Altozano Archbishop José Manuel Estepa (Andujar/Jaén).

Administration Linares. City Hall Plaza, 10 (Linares/Jaén).

Administration of Úbeda. Street Bishop Cobos, 6 (Ubeda/Jaen).

Administration Villacarrillo. Calle Méndez Núñez, 77 (Villacarrillo/Jaén).

File Jaén. Calle Almodóvar, 7 (Jaén).

Border Jerez delegation. Pza. Marine, 1 (Jerez de la Frontera/Cadiz).

Delegation Málaga. Avenida Andalucía, 2 (Málaga).

Administration Antequera. Street Laguna, 3 (Antequera/Málaga).

Management Marbella. Calle Jacinto Benavente, 27 (Marbella/Malaga).

Management round. Calle Granada, 62 (Ronda/Malaga).

Administration Torremolinos. Calle Cruz, 18 (Torremolinos Malaga).

Administration Vélez-Málaga. Calle Romero well, 4 (Velez-Malaga/Malaga).

Platform rental Malaga. Calle Puerto, 9 and 12 (Málaga).

Customs office of the port of Malaga. Avenida Manuel Agustín de Heredia, 1 (Malaga).

Historical archive of Malaga. Christ of the epidemic, 78 (Malaga) Street.

Special delegation Aragón Aragon. Calle Albareda, 16 (Zaragoza).

Administration Arrabal. 5, street Perdiguera (Zaragoza).

Administration Calatayud. Architect Medarde, 7 (Calatayud/Zaragoza).

Office of Zaragoza. Street Taormina, 10. Plataforma Logística de Zaragoza (Zaragoza).

Delegation Huesca. Plaza Navarra, 11 (Huesca).

Delegation Teruel. Plaza San Juan, 3 (Teruel).

Administration Alcañiz. Avenida Aragon, 93-95 (Teruel/Alcañiz).

Asturias Asturias special delegation. Calle July 19, 2 (Oviedo).

Delegation of Gijón. Calle Marqués de San Esteban, 24 (Gijón).

Administration Langreo. Calle Constitución, 59 (Langreo).

Administration Luarca. Calle Villar, s/n (Luarca).

Balearic Balearic Islands special delegation. Street Cecilio Metelo, 9 (Mallorca/Majorca Palma).

Building Palma-Levante. Queretaro city, 15 (Palma Majorca/Mallorca).

Regional inspection. Calle Joaquín Botia, 7 (Mallorca/Majorca Palma).

Inca administration. Avenida Germanías, 37 (Inca/Mallorca).

Administration Manacor. Leo XIII, s / n. (Manacor/Mallorca) custom Palma Mallorca. Muelle Viejo s/n (Palma Majorca/Mallorca).

Warehouse delegation. Font and Monteros, 16 (Palma Majorca/Mallorca).

Patrol V.A. - IV. Usual headquarters Puerto Palma Mallorca (Mallorca/Majorca).

Administration Ibiza. Calle Bartolomé Roselló, 21 (Ibiza).

Administration Menorca. Catwalk Poniente, 1 (Mahon/Menorca).

Canary Canary special delegation. The human rights Plaza, 1 (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Gran Canaria).

Administration Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Calle Luis Doreste Silva, 6 (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Gran Canaria).

Tenerife delegation. Avenida Marítima, 6 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Tenerife).

Administration Arona. Avenida Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta, 20 (Tenerife/Arona).

The lagoon management. Father Herrera Street, s / n. (La Laguna/Tenerife).

Administration Puerto de la Cruz. Ride of the jigsaws, 6 (Puerto la Cruz/Tenerife).

CRENI. Via service dyke of the East, stuffed with Cueva Bermeja, s/n, Sector 6 of the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Tenerife).

Cantabria Cantabria special delegation. Calle Calvo Sotelo, 27 (Santander).

Laredo administration. Avenue de France, 60 (Laredo).

Administration Reinosa. Avenida Puente de Carlos III, 3 (Reinosa).

Administration Torrelavega. Calle Ramón y Cajal, 4 (Torrelavega).

Custom Santander. Calle Antonio Lopez, 32 (Santander).

Castilla - La Mancha special delegation Castile Mancha. Calle Alfonso X el Sabio No. 1 (Toledo).

Delegation Albacete. Calle Francisco Fontecha, 2 (Albacete).

Administration Hellin. Calle San Juan de Dios, 3 (Hellín, Albacete).

Administration the Roda. Avenida Reina Sofia, 11 (Roda/Albacete).

Delegation Ciudad Real. Calle Ruiz Morote, 4 (Ciudad Real).

Delegation basin. Parque San Julian, 12 (Cuenca).

Delegation Guadalajara. Main Street, 17 (Guadalajara).

Castilla-León special delegation Castile-Leon. Avenida de Salamanca, s/n (Valladolid).

Delegation Ávila. Calle Madre Soledad, 1 (Ávila).

Delegation Burgos. Calle Vitoria, 39 (Burgos).

Miranda Ebro administration. Calle Concepción Arenal, 46 B (Miranda de Ebro/Burgos).

Villafría customs. Carretera Madrid-Irún, km 245 (Burgos/Villafria).

Leon delegation. Gran Via San Marcos, 18 (León).

Administration Astorga. Calle del Carmen, 3 (Leon/Astorga).

Administration of Ponferrada. Plaça de John Lennon, s/n (Leon/Ponferrada).

Delegation Palencia. Square of salt, 1 (Palencia).

Delegation Salamanca. Calle Rector Lucena, 12 (Salamanca).

Delegation Soria. Calle Caballeros, 19 (Soria).

Delegation of Zamora. Plaza de Castilla y León, 17 (Zamora).

Administration Benavente. Avenida Luis Morán, 4 (Zamora/Benavente).

Catalonia Catalonia special delegation. Plaza Doctor Letamendi, 13-23 (Barcelona).

Inspection Barcelona. Paseo Josep Carner, 33 (Barcelona).

Central delegation of large taxpayers. Calle Llançà, 15-21 (Barcelona).

Administration Cornellà. Vicenç Llivina Street, 1 (Cornella/Barcelona).

Administration Horta. Street Science, 15-17 (Barcelona).

Administration Manresa. Street Circumval·lació, 33 (Manresa/Barcelona).

Administration Mataró. Carretera Barcelona, 43 (Mataró/Barcelona).

Administration of Sabadell. Calle irrigation, 143-145 (Sabadell/Barcelona).

Administration Sant Cugat. Street Rius i Taulet, 49-51 (Sant Cugat del Vallès/Barcelona).

Administration San Feliu. Calle Ramón y Cajal, 47 San Feliu (Barcelona).

Administration Vilafranca. Calle Sant Julià, 4 (Vilafranca Barcelona).

Administration Vilanova. Street Cristòfol Raventós, 12 (Vilanova i la Geltru/Barcelona).

Custom Barcelona. Paseo Josep Carner, 27 (Barcelona).

Ship. Street and Zona Franca (Barcelona).

Delegation Girona. Street Oviedo, 30-32, (Girona).

Figueres administration. The Palmera Plaza, 4 (Figueres / Girona).

Administration La Bisbal. Street solidarity, 6 (La Bisbal / Girona).

Custom Palamós. Avenida Marina, s/n (Palamós / Girona).

Delegation Lleida. Plaza de Cervantes, 17 (Lleida).

Custom Farga de Moles. National road 145, 9 kilometer (La Farga de Moles/Lleida).

Delegation Tarragona. Rambla Nova, 93 (Tarragona).

Administration Reus. Paseo mercy, 16 (Reus/Tarragona).

Administration Tortosa. Street Ulldecona, 31 (Tortosa/Tarragona).

Special delegation Extremadura Extremadura. Paseo San Francisco, 16 (Badajoz).

Delegation Cáceres. Calle Sánchez Herrero, 4 (Cáceres).

Galicia Galicia special delegation. Calle Comandante Fontanes, 10 (A Coruña).

Administration Ferrol. Rúa Telleiras, s / n. (Ferrol/A Coruña).

Santiago de Compostela administration. Rua Manuel Maria, 5. (Santiago de Compostela/A Coruña).

Custom A Coruña. Provisional Ensign Avenue, 11 (A Coruña).

Delegation Ourense. Calle Santo Domingo, 25 (Orense).

Delegation Pontevedra. Avenida Fernández Ladreda, no. 45 (Pontevedra).

Vigo delegation. Street Lalín, 2 (Pontevedra/Vigo).

Administration Vilagarcía de Arousa. Street Elpidio Villaverde, 3 (Vilagarcía de Arousa/Pontevedra).

La Rioja La Rioja special delegation. Calle Víctor Pradera, 4 (Logroño).

Special delegation Madrid Madrid. Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 139 (Madrid).

Alcobendas administration. Calle Ruperto Chapí, 30 (Alcobendas).

Administration Alcorcon. Park Ordesa, 3. (Alcorcón).

Administration Arganda. Calle Libertad, 6 (Arganda del Rey).

Administration Carabanchel. Street avocado, 27 (Madrid).

Linear city administration. Calle Uruguay, 16 (Madrid).

Administration Colmenar Viejo. Street Padre Claret, 15 (Colmenar Viejo).

Administration the Escorial. Plaza de Segovia, 1 (El Escorial).

Administration Fuenlabrada. Calle Luis Sauquillo, 44 (Fuenlabrada).

Administration Getafe. Calle Joan Font, 4 (Getafe).

Administration the Latin. Street Maqueda, 18 (Madrid).

Administration Molina-Plataforma Maria income. Calle Castello, 115 (Madrid).

Administration Montalbán. Calle Montalbán, 6 (Madrid).

Administration Móstoles. Street gully, 3. Polígono de la Fuensanta. (Móstoles).

Administration Villaverde-Usera. Paseo de Almendrales, 33 (Madrid).

Administration Vintners. Street path of Vinateros, 51 (Madrid).

AEAT in T4 and T1 facilities. Airport Adolfo Suarez Madrid - Barajas (Madrid).

Files of Humanes de Madrid. Calle Margarita, 21, 23, 25 and 27 (Humanes de Madrid).

Reading classification Centre. Street lead, 7 (Madrid).

Special delegation Murcia Murcia. Gran Via sculptor Salzillo, 21 (Murcia).

Regional inspection unit. Calle Acisclo Díaz, 5-minute (Murcia).

Regional Unit Recaudacion-aduanas. Calle Salvador de Madariaga, 5 (Murcia).

Delegation Cartagena. Street fields, 2 (Cartagena).

Navarre Navarre special delegation. Calle Yanguas y Miranda, 31 (Pamplona).

Custom Imarcoain. Calle Río Arga, s / n. (Imárcoain).

Basque country Basque country special delegation. Plaza Federico Moyúa, 3 (Bilbao/Vizcaya).

Delegation-Guipúzcoa. Calle Okendo, 20 (San Sebastián / Guipuzcoa).

Custom Irun. Custom Street, 18 (Irun/Guipuzcoa).

Custom Zaisa. Plaza de Euskadi, 8. (Irún/Guipuzcoa).

Delegation Vitoria. Street Olaguibel, 7 (Vitoria/Alava).

Custom Jundiz. Centro de Transportes de Vitoria (CTV). Polígono Industrial de Júndiz. Calle Lermanbide, 8 (Vitoria/Alava).

Valencia Valencia special delegation. Guillén de Castro Street, 4 (Valencia).

Building Jesus. Calle Jesus, 19 (Valencia).

Building Mestalla. Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, 50 (Valencia).

Administration Alzira. Plaza of suffrage, 9. (Alzira/Valencia).

Administration Catarroja. Street Manfredo Monforte, 4. (Catarroja/Valencia).

Administration Manises. Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, 10 (Valencia/Manises).

Administration Moncada. Passeig Reial drought, 1 (Moncada/Valencia).

Swedish administration. Calle Maestro Serrano, 15. (Sueca/Valencia).

Administration Torrent. Avinguda Vedat 103 (Torrent/Valencia).

Administration Valencia-Blasco Ibáñez. Street musician Gines, 32 (Valencia).

File Valencia (Picanya). Avenida Faitanar, 2-4. Polygon Raga. (Picanya/Valencia).

Delegation Alicante. Plaza de la Montañeta, 8 (Alicante).

Building Europe Alicante. Avenida Aguilera, 20 (Alicante).

Administration Denia. Calle Germans Maristes, 10 (Denia/Alicante).

Administration Elche. Calle Mallorca, 2 (Elche/Alicante).

Elda administration. Doctor José Ferreira Quintana, s/n (Elda/Alicante).

Administration Villena. Street Ferriz, 11 (Villena/Alicante).

Custom Alicante. Puerta del Mar, s/n (Alicante).

Delegation Castellón. Paseo Ribalta, 12 (Castellón).

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