Decree No. 2013-595 Of May 3, 2013

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2013-595 du 3 mai 2013

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Ministry of the environment and of development sustainable order No. 2013-595 of May 3, 2013 Decree No. 2013-595 of May 3, 2013 bearing decommissioning of thirteen acres 50 acres (13.5 ha) of the classified forest of Sébikhotane, Department of Rufisque, Dakar Region.

REPORT of PRESENTATION the fact toll motorway part of the program of development of the infrastructure of Senegal, which includes the extension of the autonomous port of Dakar, the new international airport of Dakar and a number of transport projects.

These new facilities have been designed to stimulate economic activity, in general, improving the mobility of people and goods and reducing the costs of the activities.

The main beneficiaries of this project are the highway users, which will make savings on travel time and expenditures for the operation of their vehicles.
The project will also help the emergence of new towns and the strengthening of intra trade and interregional.

For the implementation of this project, it will be necessary to downgrade a part of the forest of Sébikhotane corresponding to the right-of-way of the toll on the section Diamniadio Highway - Intl. Blaise Diagne (AIBD), is 13.5 hectares in the region of Dakar.
Having regard to the relevance of the project and its highly positive impacts on the development of the country, the National Commission of Conservation of soil, after the Regional Commission of Conservation of soils in Dakar, gave a more favourable at the request of decommissioning of the forests of Sébikhotane, introduced on May 4, 2011 by Minister of State, Minister of International Cooperation air transportation, infrastructure and energy.

Having regard to the impossibility of proceeding in a compensatory reclassification, due to strong land deficit in the Dakar Department, the national soil Conservation Commission recommended the application of compensation measures, which will accompany the decommissioning of the forest of Sébikhotane. These compensation measures will be in the form of shares of reforestation, fight against Bush fires, protection of areas of slope against erosion, restoration of the habitats of fauna and promotion of ecotourism.
That is, the President of the Republic, the economy of the present draft decree that I submit to your signature.

The President of the Republic, pursuant to the Constitution, particularly articles 43, 53-76;

Having regard to Act No. 64-46 June 17, 1964 the national domain, as amended;
Pursuant to law No. 96 - 06 of 22 March 1996 establishing the Code of local authorities;

Pursuant to law No. 96 - 07 of 22 March 1996 on transfer of powers to Regions, municipalities and rural communities;

Pursuant to law No. 98-03 of 8 January 1998 on the forest Code, part legislative;

Mindful of Decree No. 64 - 473 of 30 July 1964 laying down the conditions for the application of the law on the national field.

Mindful of Decree No. 72-1288 of October 27, 1972, relating to the conditions of assignment and decommissioning of the national lands included in rural communities as amended;

Mindful of Decree No. 96 - 1134 27 December 1996 concerning the application of the law on the transfer of powers to the Regions, to the municipalities and rural communities, environmental and natural resources management

Having regard to Decree No. 98-164 of 20 February 1998 on the application of the forest Code, part regulatory.

Having regard to Decree No. 2012 - 427 of April 3, 2012 concerning the appointment of the Prime Minister;

Considering Decree No. 2012 - 1163 of 29 October 2012, establishing the composition of the Government.

Having regard to Decree No. 2012 - 1223 of 5 November 2012 on the organisation of the Ministry of the environment and sustainable development;

Having regard to the minutes of the proceedings of the Regional Commission of Conservation of soils in the Dakar region dated November 3, 2011;
Having regard to the minutes of the deliberations of the national soil Conservation Commission dated January 26, 2012;
The report of the Minister of the environment and sustainable development, enacts as follows: Article 1. -The part of the forest classified of Sébikhotane, located in the Dakar region, an area of thirteen (13) fifty (50) ares hectares, is downgraded to the benefit of the AGEROUTE for the purposes of the extension of the Turnpike.

S. 2. - the Minister of economy and finance, the Minister of the environment and sustainable development, the Minister of infrastructure and transportation, the Minister of town planning and housing and Minister of hydraulics and sanitation are responsible for the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.
Made in Dakar, may 3, 2013, by the President of the Republic: Macky SALL Prime Minister Abdoul MBAYE.