Decree N ° 2013-358 Of March 25, 2013

Original Language Title: Décret n°2013-358 du 25 mars 2013

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Decree n ° 2013-358 of March 25, 2013 Decree n ° 2013-358 of March 25, 2013, on promotion and appointment in the national order of the Lion of the year 2013.

The President of the Republic, pursuant to the constitution, particularly articles 43 and 76;

Having regard to Decree n ° 72-24 January 11, 1972, establishing the code of the national order of the Lion, amended by Decree No. 72-942, 26 July 1972;

Having regard to Decree n ° 2004-1385 November 4, 2004, reappointment and appointment of the members of the Council of the order;

Having regard to Decree n ° 2012-427 of April 3, 2012, appointing the Prime Minister;

Having regard to Decree n ° 2012-836 of August 7, 2012, on the allocation of quotas of decorations in the year 2013, amended by Decree n ° 2013-317 of March 7, 2013;

Having regard to Decree n ° 2012-1169 October 31, 2012, appointing the Grand Chancellor of the national order of the Lion.

Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-277 of February 14, 2013, concerning the composition of the Government;

Having regard to the declaration of the Council of the order in its meetings on 29, 30 January and 28 February 2013, which it follows that promotions and appointments are made in accordance with the laws, decrees and regulations;
On Presentation of the Grand Chancellor of the national order of the Lion.

Decrees: Article 1. -Are promoted to the rank of Commander: Presidency of the Republic 1. Mr. Papa Abdou Ly inspector general of State born June 20, 1952 in Dakar;
2. Mr. Malick Gonzalez Colonel, Inspector Sce and logistics/IGFA born August 27, 1956 in Gae;
3. Mr. Huseyin Gonzalez trader born May 1, 1935 in Dakar;
Prime Minister's Office 4. Mr. Adama Tayar Advisor 1 born June 10, 1951 in Dakar;
Department of 5 Armed Forces. Mr. Alain J.C. Pereira General of brigade air/GSAA born May 3, 1955 in Ziguinchor;
6. Mr. Boubacar Wade surgeon general of Brigade, eds. HPD born September 5, 1955 in Dakar;
7. Mr. Jean B. T. Tine Brigadier General, Cdt. schools of CST. Born September 4, 1961 in Thiès;
8. Mr. El Hadji Daouda Niang Colonel, Chief of staff of the CEMGA born on 20 November 1963 in Dakar;

9. Mr. Mame Birame Faye Colonel/GSAA born May 21, 1954 in Thiès;
10. Mr. Sheikh Birahim Taylor Colonel/BATRANS born January 1, 1961, K. Momar Sarr;
11. Mr. Diégane Narvaez Lt - Col, Chief Central tech. CST. National born in 1954 in Poupouye;
12. Mr. Ousmane Diagne staff sergeant/BATRANS born July 21, 1960 in Dakar;
Department of the Interior 13. Mr. Memon Mr. Diawara General of air Brigade, Cdt BNSP born July 4, 1953 in St. Louis;
14. Mr. Sean Chen Adm. Civil Ppl of this, SG/MINT born in 1956 in Ouaounde;
15. Mr. Melton Hady Nanavati Colonel, head Div. Prevention /BNSP born October 16, 1953, Gossas;
Ministry of economy and finance 16. Mr. Abdou Bame Gonzalez judge at the Court of Auditors born in 1947 in Sagatta Ministry of Infrastructures and transport 17. Mr. Alassane Diop mechanic, retired railroader born November 6, 1931 in Dakar;

Ministry of Culture 18. Mr Papa Ibnou Saleh Counsellor cultural born December 13, 1947 in St. Louis;
Ministry of Agriculture and equipment rural 19. Mamadou L. Sakho Secretary of WMD. A financial born in 1956 in Kaymor;

Ministry of youth, employment and the Promotion of civic values 20. Mr. Amadou Ba Agent Administration born 26 October 1958 in Kaolack;
Department of Sports 21. Mr. Ian Kheury Nanavati Professor of EPS retired born June 12, 1950 in Ziguinchor;
Department of town planning and Habitat 22. Mr. Alireza Ndiaye engineer Planner born January 20, 1953 in worse Goureye;
Ministry of higher education and research 23. Mr. Aboubacry M. Lam Professeur holder/UCAD born 1953 in MAZ;
Ministry of the environment 24. Mr. Leon Dickson Director of downtown forest of Thies born 4 February 1953 in Dakar;

Grand Chancellery of the national order of the Lion 25. Ms. Marie Louise Correa Dr. in medicine, former Minister born November 26, 1943 in Dakar;
26. Mr. Babacar Ngom CEO of SEDIMA born November 25, 1953 in Dakar;
27. Mr. Romeo Gonzalez captain of ship retired born October 26, 1941, Bargny;
28. Mr. Mansour Seck former Consul general born in 1933 in Tivaouane;
29. Mr. Ramalingam Issa Ndiaye administrator Civil superannuation born February 6, 1946 in Dakar;

S. 2. - are promoted to the rank of officer: Presidency of the Republic 1. Mr. Ousmane pay former Minister, Cons. Special SG/OIF born March 14, 1948 in Dakar;
2. Mr. François R. Lat Collin inspector general of State born September 5, 1957 in Dakar;
3. Mr. Adyatou Dhar Colonel, responsible for mission/COS born August 16, 1958 in Joal.
4. Mr. Malang Marena Intendant-Col, intendant National Palace born May 6, 1959 in Medina A.S;
5. Mr. Samba Berry Lt-Colonel retired born February 2, 1953 in Dakar;
6 Madam Rao Awa Sahoo accountant/DAGE born August 2, 1953 in Dakar;
Prime Minister's Office 7. Mr. Moussa Badu Adviser of the Prime Minister, born in 1949 in Johnson;
8. Mr. Ibra Ndoye doctor of medicine born November 25, 1947 in Dakar;
9. Mr. Cheikh A. Balla Fall Technical Advisor born September 24, 1958 in Dakar;
10. Mr. Balla Gueye Chargé de mission born February 24, 1944 in Thiès;
Department of 11 Armed Forces. Mr. Alioune Ndoye Colonel, NAMA Ivory Coast born November 10, 1955 in Rufisque;
12. Mr. Amadou Sidy Ka doctor-Col, Chief TPD Pediatrics/HPD born November 6, 1960 in Dakar;
13. Mr. El Hadji Malick Mbengue Colonel, born in 1954 in Medinah sabah technique/EMGA Inspector;
14. Mr. Mbacké Sady Niang Colonel, Secretary general FIMM born in 1955 in Manzano;
15. Mr. Lamine Seck Colonel, head Div. ECR
Mobilization/DPMM born in 1955 in Thiombolodji;

16. Mr. Borislav Dimitrov Colonel, adjt. RH /Gend. National born April 26, 1960 in Kagnobor;
17. Mr. Thiaca Taylor Colonel, Cdt southern Legion, born October 20, 1964 in Dakar;
18. Mr. Amadou Lamine Diene Lt-Colonel, Dir. Studies of the ENOA born March 20, 1961 in Dakar;
19. Mr. Adama Diop Lt-Colonel, head of Division DIRPA born in 1954 in Thiès;
20. Mr. Abdoulaye Diallo Lt-Colonel, head of Division/DASA born December 31, 1956 in Bargny;
21. Mr. Salif Dimitrov Lt-Colonel, Cdt the legion of CST. Was born March 8, 1965, Diattang;
22. Mr. Gora Diouf Lt-Colonel, Chief DDSE/CST. National born on 17 June 1953 in Dakar;
23. Mr. Amadou Moussa Ndir Commander, head of body/BATBLINDES born May 13, 1966 in Mbour;
24. Mr. Mamadou M. Dia squadron leader, Cdt Cie Trports air born July 27, 1956 in Gossas;
25. Mr. Babacar Diagne Commander, head of Div. RH/BATRANS born April 17, 1971 in Dakar;
26. Mr. Alioune Sène captain, Cdt of unit/BATROIS born in 1956 in Pout Ndiadji;
27. Mr. El Hadji Matar Gueye Captain/BHR born March 6, 1957 at Sandiara;
28. Mr. Ibrahima Seck captain, Cdt of fighter squadron / 1 ° GOAA born October 9, 1960 in Ziguinchor.
29. Mr. Aliou Badara Dimri Lt, head of the BATCODOS-Ngor-CET1 centre born in 1965 in Eguilaye;
30 M.Oumar Cheng Wo de Gendarmerie born December 8, 1957, in Kaolack;
31. Mr. Mohamad Diouf Adjutant, adjt. CDT Brigade of Sédhiou born June 19, 1964 in Fatick;
32. Mr. Abdou Sahoo staff sergeant/BATCINQ born in 1960 in Bignona;
33. Mr. Mansour Sahoo Constable/Nle Security Agency born November 26, 1958 in Dakar;
34. Mr. Cherif Ndiaye Sergeant/BATMAT born December 31, 1963 in Dakar;
35. Mr. Bouya Diop Sergeant/BATARTI born September 23, 1966 in Pikine;
36. Mr. Mamadou N. Sonko Maréchal-des-Logis/BATARTI born February 20, 1972 in Diouloulou;
Department of Justice, Garde des Sceaux 37. Mr. Ravi Diop controller of prisons born March 28, 1952 in Rufisque;
38. Mr. Paul Sane officer adm. of CE of the AOM. prison born March 28, 1953 in Niaguis.

Department of health and social welfare 39. Mr. Mame Demba Sy doctor Lt - Col, Med. head region of Fatick born January 6, 1963 in Dakar;

40. Mr. Yaya Barry technician orthopaedist, born in 1954 in Tilene (Ziguinchor) 41. Ms. Astou Bâ wise woman of State born November 12, 1956 in St. Louis;

42. Mr. Aïb Gaye help Social Ppl of this born April 22, 1949 in Rufisque;

Department of the Interior 43. Mr. Amadou Deme Adm. civil, Director of General Affairs born July 8, 1957 in Dakar;

44. Mr. Alioune Ndiaye Police Commissioner Chief Bur. Rel. Pub. born June 16, 1953 in Dakar;

45. Mr. Madaro Fall Cdt, head Div. management staff/BNSP born January 18, 1954 in Dakar;

46. Ms. Coumba Vincent Taylor steward ENPFP born July 28, 1958 in Dakar;

47. Mr. Mamadou Nair Chief Warrant Officer of Police, Chief SCR. part born April 16, 1961, Gollere;

48. Mr. Moustapha Ndir Adjt, Chief Grpt Rech. Expl. dive/BNSP born October 19, 1959, in Yen Goh;

Department of Foreign Affairs and the 49 outside Senegalese. Ms. Jeanne M.F. Patil Secr. Part. Consulate GI. Sen. Milan born April 21, 1957 in St. Louis;

Ministry of economy and finance 50. Mr. Scott Boubacar Daffe director general of the CNCAS born November 20, 1953 in Dakar;

51. Mr. Elimane Saliou Ghani Inspector HIPC, Coord. Dir. General Customs born December 11, 1956 in Dakar;

Department of infrastructure and transportation 52. Mr. Papa Diop Ingénieur, Director of the roads born 1953 in Missirah;

53. Mr. El Hadji Malick Niang engineer Polytechnician, Cons. Technique born April 24, 1953 in Dakar;

54. Mr. Samy Mbengue engineer, head Div. / Direction des routes born in 1955 in Khaye Mbayartel;

55 M Ousseynou Ba curator Documentation born in 1956 in Yafera (Bakel);

Ministry of culture 56. Mr Papa Massène Senna Secretary general of Ministry born December 20, 1952, in Niakhar;
57. Mr. Abdoulaye Maria head Div. Commerciale/Ms. A.D. born in 1953 in Nguer;
58. Mrs. Hanan Nasser cultural facilitator born September 3, 1954 in Dakar;
Ministry of Education National 59. Mr. Moustapha Ndiaye Inspector retired born in 1947 in Louga;
60. Mr. Aboubackry S. B. Inspector of schools; born November 1, 1952, Boki;
61. Ms. Yacine Sow teacher born November 1, 1950 in Dakar;
Ministry of Agriculture and rural equipment

62. Mr. Abdourahmane Traoré dir. Adm. and Financier of the SODAGRI born January 31, 1953 in Dakar;
63. Mr. Djibril Mbaye engineer agronomist, technical advisor born December 31, 1952, Mbodjilene Ministry of planning of the territory and local communities 64. Mr. Baba Julina Agent Technique of Agriculture born in 1956 in Mbiteyenne;
Ministry of trade, industry and the informal sector 65. Mr. Adama Saïdou Diallo Director of internal trade born in 1956 in Gollere;
66. Mr. Ibrahima Ba Director Assistant of internal trade born May 9, 1953 in Dakar;
67. Mr. Alioune Ndiaye controller/control economic born in 1952 in Gagnick;
Department of livestock 68. Mr. Rajesh Yadde doctor veterinarian born June 4, 1958, Nguelou;
69. Mr. Cheikh Gulzhanat Sani engineer Zootechnician born July 17, 1953 in Dakar;
Ministry of youth, employment and the Promotion of civic values 70. Mr. Cheikh Alddin Ndiaye Inspector J.S. born October 8, 1955 in Rufisque popular Education;
71. Ms. Harry Ka Inspector popular Education J.S. born May 13, 1956 in Dakar;
72. Mr. Gabriel Luciano Pavlovic Inspector Education popular J.S. born December 5, 1960 in Ziguinchor.
73. Mr. Ousmane Seck Inspector popular Education J.S. born February 10, 1964, K.A. basin;

Ministry of Sports 74. Mr. Babili Kagni Inspector Ppl. Educ. Pop (J). S this retired born March 20, 1946 in Coumbacara;

75. Mr. Javier Maria Inspector of E.P.S. retired born in 1947 in Diakhao;

Department of town planning and Habitat 76. Mr. Diégane Ndéné Adviser born in 1952 in Diouroup;

Ministry of higher education and research 77. Mr. Abbas Saheb Professor E.C. born in 1947 in Richard Toll;

78. Mr. Ahmadou Wague Professor C.E. born July 8, 1949 in Treichville;

79. Mr. Margarita Diagne lecturer associate born April 28, 1947 in St. Louis;

Department of the environment and sustainable development 80. Mr. Adama Ly Coordinator Massif Fouta Djallon born November 6, 1953 in Thicatt Diery;

81. Mr. Neil Sane technical officer of national parks born April 12, 1954, in Badiouré;

Ministry of public service, labour and Relations with Institutions 82. M. Mary Diouf Diouf the Bur head. human resources born July 27, 1959 in Gandiaye;

Department of hydraulics and sanitation 83. Mr. Diene Faye engineer civil engineering, dir. hydraulics born 1952 in K. Mbaye Diop;

84. Mr. Djibril Garcia engineer du Génie rural born in 1956 in Sivré Thiambe;

Grand Chancellery of the national order of the Lion 85. Mr. Souleymane Ka civil administrator of this retired born July 22, 1951 in Dakar;

86. Mr. Moctar Pierre Diouf administrator of companies born October 5, 1961 in Dakar;

87. Mr. Sheikh H.B.M. Ndiaye trader born 14 August 1947 in Kaolack;

88. Mr. Benoît Saleh Chief of Protocol in the Dakar City Hall born May 2, 1949 in Mbodiène;

89. Mr. Mamadou Seck Chief Clerk to retired born May 12, 1947 in Rufisque;

90. Mr. Djibril Garcia Adjt-C of mounted police superannuation born October 18, 1942, 1942 in St. Louis;

91. Mr. Roxanne Diop warrant officer of mounted police superannuation born March 28, 1954, in Thiès;

92. Mr. Lansana Dickinson warrant officer, computer scientist in the GCONL born March 25, 1958 in Thionck-Essyl;
93. Mr. Abdou Gonzaga senior master retired born 1952 in Thiadiaye;
94. Mr. Abdou Rahman Mbaye delegate of district Santhiaba Thiarene born July 17, 1932 in Meckhe;
95. Mr. Assane Mbengue teacher Ppl retired April 26, 1940, at worst.
96. Mr. Malang Camara worker of Tp retired born 1937 in Ziguinchor;

S. 3 - are appointed to the rank of Knight Presidency of the Republic 1. Mr. Abou Mr. Lo Dircab adjt of the President of the Republic born November 27, 1963 in Louga.
2. Mr. Abdou Diouf inspector general of State born January 10, 1960 in Lambayene;
3. Mr. Ahmadou Fadel Kane Dr. in geography, responsible for study. retired born January 15, 1945 in Thiès;
4. Mr. Albert Waoulo engineer works of revenues in the STCC born March 26, 1960 in Sédhiou.
5. Mr. Mohamadou S. Dhillon engineer of figure to the STCC born March 25, 1958 in Dakar;
6. Mr. Jean C Munir Coly conservative Documentation to IGE born January 18, 1957 in Dakar;
7. Mr. Ababacar Taylor Sergeant, computer scientist in the NONSENSUALITY born April 6, 1965 in Dakar;
8. Mr. Jean Marie Faye Sergeant, maître d ' Hôtel to the NONSENSUALITY born July 20, 1962, Doudame;
9. Mr. Ibrahima Ndiaye Sergeant, maître d ' Hôtel to the IGFA born November 28, 1965 in Kaolack;
10. Mr. Sheikh Sidate Ndiaye Sergeant, Manager cash in advance IGFA born January 11, 1971 in Dakar;
11. Mr. Souleymane Sahoo Sergeant, operator of seizure to the born July 5, 1972 in Thionck-Essyl COS;
12. Mrs. Mary Christmas Senna Secretary typists in the DAGE born January 1, 1959, at Diouroup;
13. Ms. Yolande A. Dickenson Secretary typists in the DAGE born December 24, 1961 in Dakar;
Prime Minister's Office 14. Mr. Oumar Gaye magistrate, technical advisor born November 1, 1961 in Dagana;
15. Mr. Ibrahim Niang CEO MPRA born December 19, 1958 in Louga;
16. Mr. Moustapha Lo Commander, CDA of Prime Minister born September 11, 1963 in Pikine;
17. Mr. Omar Cata Cheney Chief of Prime Ministers born in 1950 in Kaffrine;

Ministry of 18 Armed Forces. Mr. Demba Diouf Director of Cabinet of the Minister born February 18, 1965 in Thiès;

19. Mr. Hamady Nina Daff Colonel, Inspector technique/MFA born 5 March 1958 in Kanel;

20. Mr. Martial Gomis Colonel/BATCINQ born October 29, 1960, in Mbour;

21. Mr. Falilou Mbacke Karan Lt - Col, logistic Assistant to the COMZONE born in 1956 in Louga.

22. Mr. Ousmane Aly Kane Lt - Col, head of body BATPARAS born August 3, 1966, Woudourou;

23. Mr. Amadou Makhtar Ndiaye, Lt - Col, head of body 25 ° BRA born July 19, 1973 in Dakar;

24. Mr. Pape Diouf Lt - Col, Commander EOGN born March 23, 1969 in Dakar;

25. Mr. Bacary Sambou Commander, Chief Division/BATMAT born in 1963 in Thionck-Essyl;

26. Mr. Emile Manga Chief of Squadron, Cdt CIGA born November 10, 1968 in Badiate G;

27. Mr. Ramalingam Djibril Mbengue Cne of Corvette, Cdt of unit GNO born April 23, 1974 in Dakar;

28. Mr. Ibrahima Ndiaye Captain/GSAA born January 8, 1956 in Dakar;

29. Mr. Bali Mbaye Captain/BHR born July 10, 1956 in Manzano;

30. Mr. Daniel Bagley Captain Cdt Cie Support ENOA born November 4, 1963 in Dakar;

31. Mr. Simon Saleh Captain / 25 ° BRA born April 3, 1978, Nianiane;

32. Mr. Amadou Yero Diop captain, head office infrastructure EMAIR born in 1955 in Bode (Podor);

33. Mr. Omar Dixon captain, Cdt of unit CPH BATCINQ born June 19, 1973 in Guikyr serer;

34. Mr. Daniel Nair Lieutenant, Cdt Cie de Mbour born June 12, 1963, Makacolibantang;

35. Mr. Jean Claude Sahoo acting sub-lieutenant 2nd class, GNO born December 6, 1962 in St. Louis;

36. Mr. Mamadou Yella Diarra Adjutant, Chief Section BATRAVGEN born December 14, 1957 in St. Louis;

37. Mr. Abdou Cissé Adjutant, DPMM born November 22, 1957 in Dakar;

38. Mr. Demba Senna Adjutant, Chief C.O. CST. National born September 20, 1958 in Dakar;

39. Mr. Ibou Babu Chief Warrant Officer, officer details 25th BRA born in 1957 in Diégoune;

40. Mr. Alireza Ba Chief Warrant Officer Sect. Budget C.A./Gend. NLE born December 6, 1957 in Ngoudiane;

41. Mr. Aliou Sow senior master, GNO born March 14, 1958 in Meckhe;
42. Mr. Melton B. Dino Chief Warrant Officer, Chief of section 22nd BRA born on 4 March 1958 in Thiès;
43. Mr. Modou Diouf Chief Warrant Officer, Secretary NAMA in Berlin born December 16, 1957 in Thougouthie II;
44. Mr. Mamadou Bop Chief Warrant Officer, Chief central BATRANS born July 15, 1958 in Dioffior;
45. Mr. Doudou Baloch Chief Warrant Officer, Chief section balance CST. NLE born March 17, 1959, Zigunichor;
46. Mr. Assane Gonzales Chief Warrant Officer, Cdt Brig. Research Dakar born August 6, 1959 in Dakar;
47. Mr. Pierre Nambiar Chief Warrant Officer, Cdt B.T. of Louga born January 6, 1961 in Diouroup;
48. Mr. Moussa Gueye Chief Warrant Officer, accountant materials MFA born July 10, 1963 in Meckhe;
49. Mr. Gore Mack Diop Chief Warrant Officer, Cdt B.T. de Velingara born July 8, 1965 in Tivaouane;
50. Mr. Papa Yaly Diagne Chief Warrant Officer PRM/BATRANS born January 3, 1959, Gossas;
51. Mr. Bakary Dhar Chief Warrant Officer, BATDOUZE born August 9, 1958 in Thiès;
52. Mr. Cherif Boubacar Guèye Chief Warrant Officer section BATCINQ born June 6, 1961 in Ziguinchor;
53. Mr. Djibril Nair Chief Warrant Officer, GOAA born July 19, 1961 in Dakar;
54. Mr. Musa Dieng Chief Warrant Officer, mechanic Navigant GOAA born May 25, 1963 in Ziguinchor;
55. Mr. Momar Ndiaye Chief Warrant Officer, Chief track Transport GOAA born March 8, 1966, Scott;
56. Mr. El Hadji foam N. Gonzalez Adjutant, Chief Secretary LSP born 9 November 1958 in Dakar;
57. Mr. Abdourahmane Ndiaye Adjutant, Treasurer BHR born December 19, 1959, in Mbour;
58. Mr. Ansounding Dil Chief post Prev warrant officer. and Sec. BHR born in 1963 in monthly;
59. Mr. Marfal Gonzalez warrant officer, Cdt mixed Brigade of Zchor born March 17, 1965 in Dakar;
60. Mr. Amadou Mario Adjutant, countable Secretary born February 7, 1966 in Mauritania;
61. Mr. Mamadou Sane MDL-Chief, Chief Security Office born in 1957 in Mangoule;
62. Mr. Sheikh Diack Ndong MDL-Chief workshop carpentry born January 2, 1960 in Manzano;
63. Mr. Abdourahmane I Sall MDL-Chief, BATARTI born June 2, 1966 in Linguère Cirrus;
64. Mr. Mamadou Ndiaye 25th Sergeant BRA born January 1, 1969, Nioro du Rip;

65. Mr. Serigne Abdou Dickerson staff sergeant BATCINQ born February 4, 1971 in Dakar;

66. Mr. Alioune Badara Coly Constable, staff nurse born in 1960 in Bignona;

67. Mr. Thierno B. A. S. Nair Constable born October 6, 1961 in Thiès;

68. Mr. Papa Meissa Diouf Sergeant, BATMAT born January 30, 1966 in Rufisque;

69. Mr. Oumar Guèye Gendarme, countable Secretary born October 15, 1965 in Dakar;

70. Mr. Oumar Diallo Sergeant, BATQUATRE born February 15, 1971 in St. Louis;

71. Mr. Moustapha Sarr private 1st class, GSAA born November 24, 1970 in Dakar;

72. Mr. Ibrahim Fall head workshop wood BATINT born June 12, 1955 in Rosso;

Department of Justice, Garde des sceaux 73. Mr. Amadou ball magistrate, DIRCAB of the Minister born January 20, 1959, in Kabakoto;

74. Mr. Saliou Taylor Inspector of prisons born December 31, 1959 in Bambey;

75. Mr. Moussa Dimitrov Inspector of prisons born in 1955 in Dickerson;

76. Mr. Abdourahmane Kane Inspector of prisons born in 1956 in Maka Chinchu203;

77. Mr. Papa Demba Diop supervisor Ppl. Of this born August 21, 1958, in St. Louis.

78. Ms. Doppa Gonzalez supervisor HIPC of Prison born April 6, 1965 in Dakar;

79. Ms. Namgyal Yama Wade supervisor head of Prison born June 28, 1967;

80. Ms. Thérèse Cecile Cissé supervisor head of Prison born March 15, 1969 in Tivigne Tanghor;

81. Ms. Sokhna Fatou Mbaye administrative officer born on November 12, 1963 in Rufisque;

82. Mr. Saliou Ndiaye administrative officer born on July 5, 1958 in Medina Mbour;

Department of health and Social Action 83. M. Boubacar Sarr doctor ophthalmologist born August 24, 1957 in St. Louis;

84. Mr. El Hadji Diagne Economist Planner born July 12, 1964, Simal;

85. Mr. Thierno Seydou Ndiaye Director of health born August 12, 1962 in Dakar;

86. Ms. Sophie Diouf Tech. SUP in anaesthesia and resuscitation born in 1952 to Boyar;

87. Mr. Bakary Karia Tech. Overtime work in medical radiology born in 1953 in Marasassoum;
88. Ms. Seynabou Ndiaye infirmary of State HIPC of this born October 16, 1953 in Dakar;
89. Mr. Amadou Diallo social worker retired born June 13, 1949 in St. Louis;
90. Ms. Mame Faty Fall Social Assistance born August 30, 1952, louga;
91 amadame Eveline Dimitrov Secr. Stenodactylo. PRIM. retired born in 1952 in Adeane (Ziguinchor);
92. Ms. Khady Nanavati help social HIPC born May 30, 1951 in Dakar;
Department of the Interior 93. Mr. Oumar Top Adm. Ppl C.E., DG of the elections civil born August 18, 1954 in Dakar;
94. Mr. Tanor Thor. S. Fall Commissioner of Police divisional born April 7, 1967 in Kaolack;
95. Mr. Falilou Tall Commissioner Ppl. Cdt C.I/GMI born June 20, 1957 in Dakar;
96. Mr. Ibrahima Diouf doctor-colonel, BNSP born December 14, 1972 in Dougar;
97. Mr. Mamadou Cissé Colonel, BNSP born February 25, 1958 in Rufisque;
98. Mr. Moustapha Dieng administrator Civil, prefect of Rufisque was born in 1955 in Touba;
99. Mr. Cheikh Sadibou Diop administrator Civil, sub-prefect Velingara born August 18, 1973 in Thiès;
100. Mr. Idriss Moulaye Coulibaly Cdt, head of body of GIS No. 1 born January 1, 1973 in St. Louis;
101. Mr. Mamadou Tall Adjutant-major/BNSP born December 8, 1956 in Thiès;
102. Mr. Badara Ndiaye Adjutant-major/BNSP born August 7, 1959 in Meckhe;
103. Mr. Jean Sadio Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born April 5, 1957 in Simbandi Balante;
104. Mr. Aliou Diop Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born June 15, 1958, Ndoffane;
105. Mr. Santos Refugio Diallo Chief Warrant Officer of Police, Chief bur. ERP - CPD born August 2, 1963 in Thiès;
106. Mr. wax Pauls Chief Warrant Officer, BNSP born September 4, 1958 in Thiès;
107. Mr. Abdou grace Fall Adjutant, BNSP born March 2, 1958 in Matam;
108. Mr. Ibrahima Diop warrant officer of Police may 20, 1966 in Thiès;

109. Mr. Matar drama Secretary of administration born July 24, 1952 in K. A. basin;

110. Mr. Boubacar Dimitrov officer of Police main of this born in 1956 in Djilacoune;

111. Mr. Birame Barou Faye non-commissioned officer of Police Ppl. born April 18, 1956 in Tivaouane;

112. Mr. Namdev Saha corporal, born June 10, 1958 in Arup; police officers

113. Mr. Evan Gillam corporal of the guardians of the peace born March 13, 1959, Baila;

114. Mr. Mamadou Camara corporal of police born September 17, 1958 in Thiès;

115. Mr. Abdoulaye Gaye Brigadier, Chief of barracks born May 15, 1958 in Dakar;

116. Mr. Amadou Diallo Constable born January 16, 1965 in Thiès;

Ministry of economy and the finance 117. Mr. Memon M. Cisse inspector general of State, born December 25, 1967 in Dagana customs DG;

118. Mr. Amadou Samba Tall, Director of the Cadastre born 1953 in D. Rindiaw;

119. Mr. Gina Seay dir. regulatory and Coop. International born 25 August 1955 in Diourbel;

120. Mr. Mamadou Diagne regional director West born May 14, 1961 in Thiès.

121. Mr. Amadou Mbodj dir. technical/management internal control born January 3, 1955 in St. Louis;

122. Mr. Boubacar Eslam engineer of public works born in 1955 in Roshan;

123. Mr. Saloly Saha Inspector of Treasury born 1953 in Mabo;

124. Mr. Amadou Mb. Mb. Gonzalez Inspector of finance born January 18, 1956 in Thiès;

125. Mr. Khalifa Ababacar Sahoo framework of Bank, head of agency CBAO born November 8, 1952 in Rufisque;

126. Ms. Binta Sow framework of Bank, head of agency CBAO born January 25, 1953 in St. Louis;

127. Ms. Hanan Diouf sociologist born June 13, 1960 in Thiès;

Ministry of infrastructure and transport 128. Mr. Aubin J.M. Sagna Director of Cabinet of the Minister born 16 September 1969 in Dakar;

129. Mr. Alioune Thiam acting Director general of the CETUD born May 28, 1963 in Dakar;

130. Mr. Papa V.s. Fall director general ANACIM born November 4, 1967 in Dakar;
131. Mr. Ndéné Ndiaye administrative and financial director ANACIM born May 31, 1955 in Dakar;
132. Ms. Yang Khady Diouf administrative and financial director AIBD born July 18, 1969 in Dakar;
133. Mr. René Travarez Director of control of security born October 19, 1965 in Dakar;
134. Mr. Lamine Ndiaye Secretary general AGEROUTE born June 24, 1957 in Dakar;
135. Mr. Mariane Diop Chief Dept. prediction and operation ANACIM born December 25, 1967 in Dakar;
136. Mr. Sory Diallo Counsellor Technique DG ANACIM born in 1954 in Manar Peulh;
137. Mr. Toni Diagne Adviser born in 1956 in Diohine;
138. Ms. Nafissatou Fall senior civil aviation born 20 December 1961 in Dakar;
Ministry of women, children and entrepreneurship female 139. Mr. root Mbaye Chief CES Dptal of Dvpt. Community Mbour born February 10, 1953 in denial M. Gonzalez;
140 Ms Shirin Cissé teacher, researcher born July 9, 1955 in Dakar;
141. Mr. Ibrahima Dieng Manager born December 16, 1954 in Dakar;
142. Ms. Odile Nagpal Social Assistance born December 13, 1953 in Ziguinchor;
143. Mr. Mamadou Diouf teacher born in 1952 in Diouroup;
144 Mrs. Aissatou Ndour teacher born March 26, 1954 in Thiès;
145 Mrs. Aissatou Cisse monitor economy family born May 29, 1954 in Dakar;
Ministry of Culture 146. Mr. Sidy Seck DG Manufactures Sen. Decorative Arts, born 29 March 1960 in Diourbel;
147. Mr. Souleymane Narvaez Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, born April 23, 1957 in Fatick;
148 Ms. Fatou Marie Mane Professor of secondary born September 18, 1953 in Paris;
149. Mr. Serigne Tako Dixit Professor of arts education born December 4, 1952 in Fatick;
150 Mr. Abdoulaye Koundoul Professor of arts education born 9 February 1962 in Dakar;

151. Mr. Manohar Mahajan facilitator cultural born August 6, 1953 in Kartiack;

152. Mr. Théophile Manga cultural animator born in 1958 in Calobone;

153 M. Babacar Diaw cultural animator born on September 30, 1958, in Podor;

154. Ms. Awa Cheikh Diouf host cultural born March 7, 1958, in Dioral;

155. Mr. Babou Konaté cultural animator born February 17, 1963 in Goudomp;

Ministry of communications, Telecommunications and the economy digital 156 M. Oumar Amdy FALL head TPD studies and Dvt born May 7, 1952 in Gossas;

157 Ms Marie Rosalie Babu Chief Technical APS born May 21, 1963 Kaolack Services;

158 Mrs. Oumou DIAGNE head units of recreational activities born February 19, 1952 in St - Louis;

159 Ms Emma Farrow Samson head unit governance Radio born December 14, 1952 in Rufisque.

160 Mr. Amadou M. THIAM archivists, head unit Archives info TV born April 21, 1953 in Dakar;

161 Ms. Aminata TALL Secretary typist born May 13, 1954 in Dakar;

Ministry of National Education 162 M. Bali Mbengue Chief Div. studies, analysis and Prog. CPG born in 1954 in Nguelou;

163 Mr. Serigne Mbaye DIALLO Intendant of the Lycée of Sokone born January 3, 1955 in Fatick;

164 M. Philippe MBENGUE Professor history-geography born February 23, 1952 in Fouloume;

165 Mrs Aissatou SOKHNA french Professor born January 20, 1958 in Thiès.

166 Mr. 7amoo7a FALL math teacher born in 1959 in Mbassis;

167 Mr. Mory Moussa danfakha Assistant teacher born in 1952 in Diounkore;

168 Ms Aminata NDIANOR teacher born in 1952 in Bokidiawe;

169 Ms. Aïssitou Niang Gonzalez Inspector of National Education born September 30, 1954 at Rufisque 170 Ms Yacine DOLMA accountant materials in the Lycée Ouakam born October 18, 1952 in Dakar;

Ministry of Agriculture and rural equipment 171 M. Boubacar SY Director General of the SODAGRI born 1 October 1952 in Diourbel.
172 Mr. Sunil Nagaraj SY agronomist, Advisor Tech. born January 07, 1955, Ouroussogui;
173 Mr. Assane Narvaez chief accountant born in 1952 in Chinchu203 (Bambey) 174 Mr. Ousmane BA Coordinator cell procurement markets born December 7, 1952 in Matam;
175 M. Fatma Dhar born 1953 in Uzbekistan Administrative Assistant;
Ministry of planning of the territory and local 176 M. Vijay Nair Chief regional CES to support the local dvpt born September 23, 1954, at Foundiougne 177 Mr. Memon L. MARASIGAN Manager born April 13, 1970, in St. Louis.
178 Mr. Abou FALL head of Centre for support to local Dvt born June 5, 1951 in St. Louis;
179 Mr. Douglas MANE Anc. head CES dptal of support for the local dvpt not in 1951 to Teresa Balante.
180 Ms Véronique SANE mistress study. Tech. Prof. Social born August 8, 1951 in Bignona;
181. Mr. Lamine Cissé Agent Technique of Agriculture born in 1951 in Kolda.
182 M Aladji MBAYE Agent Technical Cooperation born in 1951 in Diourbel 183 Ms Allymatou DIENG Secretary Accountant born December 26, 1957 in Dakar Ministry of trade, industry and the informal sector

184 Mr. Ousmane DIALLO deptal Chief of Rufisue born in 1952 in Kolda.
185. Mr. Mbaye WADE controller/control economic born July 11, 1956 in Dakar;
186 M. Maboury NIANG controller/control economic born May 24, 1960 in Dakar;
Regional livestock 187 Mr. Birame NDONG Chief Sc Department of Matam breeding born in 1953 Taiba Moutoupha;
188 M. Baba Safari veterinary surgeon this born December 02, 1959 in Sanar;
189 Mr. Mostafa LO veterinary doctor born on March 15, 1963 in Dahra;
190 Mr. Ibrahima Thiam engineer zootechnician born September 12, 1968, Neetakankane;
191 Mr. Ndiawar Dino livestock born in 1950 in Mboro nurse;

Ministry of fisheries and Maritime Affairs 192 M. Abdou Fouta DHARAN Director of Cabinet of the Minister born July 9, 1958 in Bambey;

193 Mr. Mamadou M. WADE Head Office of staff born 11 April 1954 in Dakar;

194 Mr Salif ESLAM born March 15, 1957 in Brassou marine fisheries observer.

195 M. Joseph Garcia born in 1957 in Christos Edy fisheries technician;

196 Mrs. Mame Dior Saleh head of the Secr. Particular and mail born April 11, 1958 in Dakar;

Ministry of youth, employment and the promotion of civic values 197 Me Daniel SACKEY Economist/CEDEPS of Guédiawaye born in 1952 to Thieppe;

198. Mr. Ousmane NDIME Inspector Education popular J.S. born in 1957 in Meckhe;

199 Mr Djibril Garcia Inspector Education popular J.S. born 13 October 1959 in Thiès 200 Ms. Fatou NDIAYE Inspector Education popular J.S. born September 5, 1960 in St - Louis 201 Ms. Ong DIOUF teacher born April 30, 1958 in St. Louis;

202 Mr. Mor SANNI master of popular education born May 2, 1956 in Ngadialam;

203 Mr. Gagnon YADE master of popular education born in 1956 in Diakhao;

204 Mr. Matar MBAYE master of popular education born December 20, 1954 in Mbour.

205 Mr. Babacar FAYE master of popular education born in 1956 in humble;

206 Ms. Wenson COULIBALY mistress of popular education born May 2, 1958 in Tambacounda.

207 Ms Fatou DIONE mistress of popular education born February 10, 1961 in humble;

208 Ms. Nicole KAMAT mistress of educational tech. Prof. born April 15, 1959 in Tivaouane 209 M. Sylvestre Gabriel JACKY Sergeant, accountant materials/ECS civic national born on December 31, 1968 in Ziguinchor.

210 Ms Shirin FALL Secretary born January 12, 1956 in Thiès 211 Ms. Nalwaya Agent service born November 20, 1955 in Dakar;

Department of Sports 212 M. Al Assane BA Inspector Educ. Popular J.S. retired born February 18, 1948, at Foundiougne 213 M. Victor Seh Cissé Inspector of popular education J.S. born 1 September 1954 to Fouloune 214 Mr Sandeep DHAKAL Inspector of EPS retired born January 5, 1950 in Thiès.
215 Ms. Aby Gandhi mistress of educ. Popular and sporty born June 13, 1954 in Diourbel.
216 Ms. Julienne DIAGNE Secr.stenodactylo Coresp. retired born in 1948 in Edioungou;
Department of town planning and Habitat 217 M. Oumar SECK civil engineer, Cons. Tech. born in 1953 in Patricia;
218 M. Akbar DIENG Chief of staff born in 1955 in Ndioko Tivaouane.
219 Mr. Alain Edouard GILLAM senior technician in Architecture born May 1, 1960 in Bignona Department of higher education and the research 220 M. Moctar Mour Ndiaye Samuel Rector University Alioune DIOP Bambey born November 27, 1952 in Kaolack.
221 Mr. Ibrahima NDIAYE Vice Rector of the University of Thiès, born July 7, 1948 in Fatick;
222 Mr. Serigne Amadou NDIAYE Professor E.C. born in Mboss in 1953;
223 Mr. Raphaël Salem Professor born in 1952 to Boyar;
224 M. Kyle Omar Taylor Professor born in 1954 in Patar.
225 M. Logasundaram NOBA Professor born October 6, 1959 in Tambacounda.
226 M. Grégoire SATO Professor born May 06, 1956 in B. Dioulasso;
227 Mr. Adams TIDJANI born September 18, 1957 in Dakar University Professor;
228 M. Demba SY lecturer associate UCAD born February 23, 1954 in St. Louis;
229 Mrs. Ndèye Anna Garcia lecturer UCAD born May 21, 1952 in Montpellier;
230 Mr. Mamadou Salah dir. school Doct. Math and computer science UCAD born in 1951 in T. Mbambara;
231 Mr. Moustapha J. M. BANGOURA teacher/UCAD born December 12, 1946 in Dakar;
232 Ms. Marie Thérèse ROLLAND curator of libraries born April 22, 1959 in Dakar;

Department of the environment for sustainable development 233 Mr. Ismaila DIOP Director of Cabinet of the Minister born January 6, 1957 in Dakar;

234 M. Afzal Gnagna Cissé Economist Planner born August 19, 1960 in Rufisque.

235 Mr. Ibrahima M. KANE born in 1955 in Thiangaye technical adviser;

236 M. Ousmane SECK accounting materials, ed. parks born May 19, 1958 in Dakar;

237 M. Bali Samson Agent tech. waters, forest and hunts born July 31, 1954, Gossas;

Ministry of public service, labour and Relations with Institutions 238 M. Samba SY Director Centre nl training and Action on January 25, 1959 in Richard Toll born;

239 Mr. Moustapha CAMARA controller of labour and safety sle born March 2, 1971 in Dianki;

240 Mrs. mame Khar DIALLO Inspector of labour and safety sle born July 24, 1968 in Dakar;

241 Ms. Seynabou Garcia teacher born March 3, 1967 in Diokoul Mb.;

Department of hydraulics and sanitation 242 M. Wad Narvaez born in 1956 in Malicounda Regional Director;

243 Mr. Babou Saleem Dir. Operation and the Maintenace born July 2, 1956 in Thiofior 244 Ms Claudine R. M. GOMIS Dir. The Budget and the management controller born July 29, 1964 in St - Louis 245 Mr. Mariga ingénieur du Génie Rural born December 9, 1957 in Patar.

246 Mr. Amadou FALL Secretary Administration C.E. born October 6, 1954 in Tambacounda Ppl;

Grand Chancellery of the national order of the lion 247 Ms. Fatimatou Zahra DIOP Sg of the BCEAO headquarters born September 20, 1957 in Dakar;

248 M. Alpha S. S. DIENG administrator Civil superannuation born September 1, 1947 in Yacoub Rharous;

249 Mr. Emmanuel René Moses administrator Civil born December 10, 1963 in Ziguinchor.

250 Ms. Danielle A. A. BRUNET dir. kindergarten Mamadou and Bineta born July 8, 1943 in Chalons sur Mame;

251 M. Meissa Narvaez company director born August 20, 1961 in Dakar;
252 M. Dhamdhere framework Commercial retired born May 3, 1957 in Dakar;
253 Mr. Magatte told Pope KAMARA doctor, former MP born January 2, 1937 in Tivaouane;
254 M. Boubou SALL doctor Colonel retired born March 5, 1947 in Podor;
255 M. Cheikh Tidiane DIOP Intendant-Col retired born April 15, 1947, in Podor;
256 M. Cherif KOTE officer reserve (CTA) born July 24, 1953 in Ziguinchor;
257 M. Massamba DEME warrant officer Gendarmerie retired born November 20, 1951 in Ndoffane;
258 M. Momar DIENG Adj at the head of D.C.M. Amb/France to the Shl does on 3 December 1956 in Fatick;
259 M. Mohammad Nasser area hotel/PR born in 1943 in Sébikotane master;
260 M. Charles Salla DIENG Sergeant head, GCONL born October 5, 1967 in Rufisque.
261 M. Babacar GAYE Sergeant head, GCONL born December 9, 1970 in Dagana.
262 Mr. Narayan Gonzalez auctioneer born June 8, 1956, Bokhol;
263 Mr. V.s. Nd. DOUMBIA Archivist conservative retired born September 6, 1952 in Tivaouane 264 Mr. Cheikh NDIAYE insurer born November 13, 1951 in Dakar;
265 Mrs. Awa NDIAYE State nurse retired born March 7, 1939 in St. Louis;

Article 4. -The Prime Minister, Ministers and the Chancellor of the national order su Lion are responsible, each in relation to the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.
Made in Dakar, March 25, 2013, by the President of the Republic: Macky SALL.

The Prime Minister, Umrans.