Decree N ° 2013-1374 October 30, 2013

Original Language Title: Décret n°2013-1374 du 30 octobre 2013

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Ministry of infrastructure, land transport and the opening-up Decree n ° 2013-1374 of October 30, 2013 Decree n ° 2013-1374 of October 30, 2013, granting a derogation on the Interior fittings of the vehicles proposed for the renewal of taxis of suburban performing road public transport of persons.

PRESENTATION report the State of Senegal has made the improvement of urban mobility a major axis of its policy of urban development in the agglomeration of Dakar. Indeed, Dakar has become a real metropolis, and knows very urbanised characterized by the emergence of spontaneous habitat, outside any form of urban planning. Of real cities and towns dormitories are born, more and more remote areas of jobs and needs to travel more and longer and more massive.
The implementation of the reform of urban public transport in Dakar, as defined in the letter of September 1996 sub-sector policy, shown as well the willingness of public authorities to provide a comprehensive, consistent and lasting response to transport difficulties experienced by populations of Dakar. With the support of the development partners, important programs of investment has been made.
The program of development of urban mobility (SSHPS) in its leasing component focused mainly on the promotion of public transport and with as flagship action renewal of urban buses (Ndiaga Ndiaye and fast cars) by minibuses operated by the policies of the funding Association of transportation professionals Urbain (AFTU) as well as the professionalism of the actors. This operation was very significant success and continues as normal.
It is this same logic that the State of Senegal intends to extend the renewal in the field of collective transport of suburb provided so far by taxi "clandos" characterized by a very pronounced State of dilapidation.

For this purpose, the UNITECH TATA MOTORS dealership, referred to as technical partner in the program for the renewal of commuter taxis, suggested a TATA MAIGIC vehicle of which the Interior fittings (passenger seats facing) does not meet the current provisions of the Code of the road to Senegal, but meets the standards of security and comfort for the user.

Indeed, each passenger of this vehicle type, whose commercial speed is limited to 60 km/h, has a safety belt.
In light of all the foregoing, the derogation granted by the Highway Code to a category of vehicles of transit of persons (fast cars) which was intended for the carriage of goods and whose renewal is underway, could be given to this new type of vehicle.
The vehicle, proposed by the technical partner, is part of the program of modernization of the transport system and offers people during their travels in the suburbs security and required comfort.
That is, the President of the Republic, the economy of this Decree.

The President of the Republic saw the Constitution including in articles 43 and 76;
Pursuant to law n ° 2002-30 of December 24, 2002, the Highway Code (Legislative part);
Pursuant to law n ° 2003-4 of 27 May 2003, on guidance and organization of land transport;
Having regard to Decree n ° 2001-557 of July 19, 2001, relative to allocations, the Organization and the functioning of the Executive Council of Urban Transport Dakar;
Having regard to Decree n ° 2004-13 January 19, 2004, laying down rules for the application of the law n ° 2002-30 of December 24, 2002, establishing the Code of the road party (regulatory);
Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-1218 September 1, 2013, appointing the Prime Minister;
Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-1223 September 2, 2013, composition of the Government.
Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-1225, September 4, 2013, on the distribution of the services of the State and public institutions of national societies and corporations control with public participation between the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister's Office and ministries;
Report of the Minister of infrastructure, land transport and the opening-up.

Decrees: Article 1. -Pursuant to article 24, it is granted a derogation from the provisions of articles 10 and 11 of the Code of road to the registration of the brand name TATA, and kind van Type 445115 minibus.

S. 2 - the vehicle described in the above article is intended exclusively for the transport service suburban and employed at the public transport of persons.

S. 3 - the Minister of the Armed Forces, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of infrastructure, land transport and the opening-up are responsible, each in relation to the application of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.
Made in Dakar, October 30, 2013, by the President of the Republic: Macky SALL.
The Prime Minister, Aminata TOURÉ