Decree N ° 2013-1382 October 30, 2013

Original Language Title: Décret n°2013-1382 du 30 octobre 2013

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Decree n ° 2013-1382 October 30, 2013 Decree n ° 2013-1382 October 30, 2013 repealing and replacing Decree No. 75-1035 10 October 1975 establishing the rates of the administrative Transit service.

REPORT of PRESENTATION the service of Transit administrative of the material and administrative Transit (DMTA) branch is responsible: customs, transport, and shopping of the apartment equipment operations in the State.
  assistance in customs clearance for agents of the State at the end of their stay abroad.
These benefits are pricing under Decree No. 75-1035 10 October 1975 establishing the rates of administrative Transit.
However, the examination of this text reveals that it doesn't take into account that the tariffs for operations of handling, transport equipment and guarding of packages, rates that the rest, are determined, that lump sum manner without taking into account the volume or weight of the package. It includes no provision itself transit while this function is the principal component of the mission of the Transit administrative service.
The purpose of this draft decree is a part, to update the fees for services carried out in handling and transport by the service of Transit administrative, rates which are currently at a low level compared to those charged by private structures specializing in the field (see comparative table in annex) and on the other hand, to address the lack of pricing of transit benefits.
The new proposed transit rate is fixed at 17,500 CFA francs per folder. It is half less than those in the private sector.
A new provision is intended to invite the State services likely to carry out transit operations, to address, pure reasons of economies, the administrative Transit service.
Such is the economy of this Decree.

The President of the Republic, pursuant to the Constitution;
Having regard to the organic law n ° 2001-09 of October 15, 2001, relative to the laws of finance; amended having regard to Decree n ° 2011-1880 24 November 2011, general public accounting regulations;
Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-736 June 7, 2013, on the organisation of the Ministry of economy and finance;
Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-1218 September 1, 2013, appointing the Prime Minister;
Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-1223 September 2, 2013, composition of the Government.
Having regard to Decree n ° 2013-1225, 4 September 2013, with allocation of services of the State and control of public institutions, societies and corporations with public participation between the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister's Office and ministries;
The report of the Minister of economy and finance;

Decrees: Article 1. (-Operations of handling luggage, guarding of parcels and customs formalities, are carried out by the administrative Transit according to the following flat rates service: 1) baggage handling: 1 package of 50kg to 150kg 1500 1 package of 150kh to 500kg 5000 1 package from 500kg to 850kg 7500 1 package of 850kg to 1 tonne 10 000 to the - beyond ((, a package of 20 000 2) guarding of packages: ordinary parcels per month 5000 package bulky per month 10 000 3) customs formalities: costs of transit through folder 17 500 s. 2 - the stay of the luggage in the store may not exceed one year. Beyond this period, the Office of Transit administrative cannot be held responsible for. A register numbered and initialled by the equipment and the Transit Administrative Director is required for this purpose.
The alienation of the luggage in the store more than a year will be decided by the latter or by gift, sale by public auction or by destruction in the presence of a Public Officer in respect of legislative or regulatory provisions in force.

S. 3. - in application of the circular primatoriale number 295 of March 15, 2012, all transit operations involving goods belonging to the State, shall be submitted to the transit service administrative of the material and administrative Transit (DMTA) branch.

S. 4 - are repealed all provisions contrary to this Decree including Decree n ° 75-1035 October 10, 1975.

S. 5. - the Minister of economy and finance is responsible for the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.
Made in Dakar, October 30, 2013, by the President of the Republic: Macky SALL Prime Minister, Aminata TOURE annex table comparison of rates applied by the private in TRANSIT and those proposed by the SERVICE of TRANSIT administrative (BTA) case of clearance of an vehicle Intervention not taxable private fees fees offered by BTA or 50 per cent of the private declaring 1 invoice n ° AO 1471/12 2.636.520 35,000 17,500 notifier 2 invoices No. 076/12 2.105.529 37,000
18,500 declarant 3 invoice n ° 57/12 2.853.400 35.400 17.200