Decree No. 2015-373 Of March 19, 2015

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2015-373 du 19 mars 2015

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Presidency of the Republic Decree No. 2015-373 of March 19, 2015 Decree No. 2015-373 of March 19, 2015, for promotion and appointment of the national order of the Lion in the year 2015. the President of the Republic, pursuant to the constitution, including in articles 43 and 76;

Mindful of Decree No. 72-24 of January 11, 1972, establishing the Code of the national order of the Lion, as amended;
Having regard to Decree No. 2012 - October 31, 2012 1169 appointing Grand Chancellor of the national order of the Lion;
Pursuant to Decree No. 2013 - 329 March 03, 2013 on reappointment and appointment of the members of the Council of the order;
Having regard to Decree No. 2014 - 845 06 July 2014 appointing the Prime Minister;
Having regard to Decree No. 2014 - 849 06 July 2014 on the composition of the Government.
Pursuant to Decree No. 2014 - 1023 September 1, 2014 on quota allocation of honours in the national orders in respect of the year 2015;
Having regard to the statement by the Council of the order in its meetings on 25 and 26 February 2015, which it follows that promotions and appointments are made in accordance with the laws, decrees and regulations;

On presentation of the Grand Chancellor of the national order of the Lion.

Decrees: Article 1. -Are promoted to the rank of Commander Presidency of the Republic 1 Mrs Ganga Dhar Goodwill Ambassador born 03.12.1947 in Rufisque;
2 Mr. Modou DIOP Inspector General of State born 05.09.1951 to Baridiame;
3 Mr Alassane Aly ANNE captain, Inspector Technique sea/IGFA born 19.03.1956 at Patricia.
4 Mr Assane DIOP Colonel, Inspector technical engineering/IGFA born in Podor 11.04.1959;
5 Madame Roshini MARIANO Secretary born in 1953 at Kaolack.

Council economic SOCIAL and environmental 6 Mr Nivedita DIOUF President born in 1953 in Gapakh rural development Committee;

7 Mr. Guirane NDIAYE Colonel COMZONE 4 armed FORCES Ministry born 08.08.1961 to Logdir;
8 Mr Abdou FALL Colonel, NAMA from Senegal to Mali born in 1956 in Kaolack.
9 Mr Mariga Colonel, head forward studies unit of the military born 12.07.1957 in Kolda.
10 Mr Tabasky DIOUF Gendarmerie Colonel born 09.07.1957 to Bhai;
11 Mr Antoine WARDINI Colonel, NAMA of Senegal at the Brazil born 21.09.1958 in Kaolack.
12 Mr Ibrahima BHADANE warrant officer, head of operation GCAO/BATINT born 31.01.1965 in Dakar;

Ministry of the Interior and the shipping public 13 Mr Papa Samba KAMARA Brigadier General, Commander BNSP born 28.11.1957 in Dakar;

Ministry of economy, finance and the PLAN 14 Mr Mahamadou CAMARA Inspector ppal taxes and fields of this, Director control Fiscal and intelligence born 18.08.1955 to Fodecounda;
15 Ms. Fatou DIAGNE administrator Civil ppal of this retirement, former Secretary General of the Government born 22.05.1951 in Dakar;

Ministry of the environment and sustainable development 16 Mr Abbas RIHAN engineer of waters and forests at superannuation born 14.02.1948 in Thiès.

Ministry of EDUCATION national 17 Mr Bakary Babu President of the Federation of Parents of students born in 1930 in Tendieme;
18 Mr Javier WARORE Inspector retired born 03.11.1950 at Maka Kahone.

Ministry of fisheries ET DE L'ECONOMIE MARITIME 19 Mr Mamadou Lamine KANE responsible for mission and the Protocol of the Autonomous Port of Dakar born 26.06.1960 in Dakar;

Ministry of public service, rationalization of staff and the renewal of the PUBLIC SERVICE 20 Mr Alassane TOUNKARA labour and Social Security Inspector born in Kolda 21.11.1954;

Grand CHANCELLERY of the NATIONAL order of the LION 21 Mr Seyni NDIAYE Anc. national Director of the BCEAO for Senegal born in 1949 to Keur Sandoval;
22 Mr ElHadji Amadou Dia BA du Centre Regional Development Director - Dakar/IAAF born 22.09.1958 in Dakar;
23 Mr Talla DIXIT retired teacher born 27.08.1937 in St. Louis;
24 Mr Mamadou DIEME Adjutant Major born in 1947 in Baila superannuation;
25 Mr Ndiaye Moussa LY born religious leader the 01.01.1939 case case;

S. 2. - are promoted to the rank of officer Presidency of the Republic 1 Mr Nalbant General of Division, CEMPART born 08.05.1955 in St. Louis;
2 Mr Moussa KA Inspector General of State born 26.09.1955 in Dakar;
3 Mr Babacar SECK Colonel Matthew, Chief Division Operations/NONSENSUALITY born 27.11.1956 in Thiès.
4 Mr Amar FAYE Colonel, Chief of Cabinet/DGRN born 01.06.1960 in Tivaouane.
5 Mr. Ahmadou TALL former Police Commissioner, Advisor Technique/PR born 11.07.1948 in Dakar;
6 Mr Mamadou Cissé Chief Warrant Officer, accountant/DMG born 05.09.1965 in Dakar;
7 Mr. Abdou Aziz NDIAYE warrant officer, operator radio operator born 01.07.1961 to Ndocka;

ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE 8 Mrs. Carlos Garcia head Division of transfers born 25.01.1956 in Dakar;

Council economic SOCIAL and environmental 9 Mr Khalil Ibrahima FALL Economic Social and environmental (EESC) Board member born 03.01.1962 to Keur Samba Kane;

Ministry of the health and of the ACTION social 10 Mr Serigne Abdou BA Professor this born 20.12.1953 at worst;
11 Mr Aladji COLY Advisor Technique born le11.10.1954 to Katinon;
12 Mr born Nikki Garcia retired hospital administrator Daddy 17.10.1946 in St. Louis;

13 Mr Henry DIOUF Colonel COMZONE 2 armed FORCES Ministry born 05.01.1962 in Dakar;
14 Mr Christian Nana Colonel, NAMA of Senegal in South Africa born 18.06.1956 in Kaolack.
15 Mr Karimi Mamadou SOW Colonel, head of Division LOG/EMMAIR born 25.08.1959 in Thiès.
16 Mr Saïdou BA Colonel, NAMA of Senegal in China born to Thille Boubacar 01.11.1957;
17 Mr Jean Paul C NTAP Colonel, head RTC/EMGA born 26.01.1960 in Dakar;
18 Mr Jean Luc DIENE Colonel, Deputy Chief intelligence/EMGA born 30.01.1964 in Thiès.
19 Mr Ibrahima NDIAYE Intendant-Colonel, head of the IRCG born 18.08.1964 in Dahra;
20 Mr Kirk M.L.B. CAMARA Colonel, officer OPS/COMZONE 5 born 05.05.1966 in Bakel.
21 Mr Matar SAHOO Captain(n), PCA hosts born in 1957 in Mlomp mutual;
22 Mr El Hadji FAYE Captain(n) Abbasi, DGA OLUDAISI born 03.09.1956 in Dakar;
23 Mr Diodj SENE captain, Chef de Division LOG/EMMARINE born 04.03.1958 to Ndiarao;
24 Mr Yang Abdoul SOW help-nurse/HPD born in 1956 in mother;
25 Mr Assogne DIATTA Chief warrant officer retired born in 1944 in Oussouye;

Ministry of the Interior and public security 26 Mr Amadou SY civil administrator, Governor of Thies born in 1961 in Diatar (Podor);
27 Mr Mamadou MBAYE civil administrator ppal, prefect of Matam born 18.11.1960 in Dakar;
28 Mr Abdoulaye NDIAYE Colonel, Chief of chain RH/BNSP born 27.10.1960 to Tambancounda;
29 Mr Mensah Dickson Commander, Cdt du GIS n ° 3 ne. the 09.02.1958 in Thiès.
30 Mr Issa NDIAYE Police Captain born in Koumpentoum 06.07.1958;
31 Mr Abdoulaye DIOP Police Commissioner Div, head of the Regional public safety born in 1959 in Keur Matar;
32 Mr Mamadou Bocar NASRULLAH Chief Division training/DGE born 26.07.1955 in Dahra;
33 Mr Kiran k. teacher ppal, sub-prefect of Sare Choate room born 07.02.1955 at Marsassoum;
34 Mr Joseph CAMARA Sergeant/BNSP born 25.05.1966 to Nguindir;

Ministry of economy, finance and the PLAN 35 Mr Abdoulaye DIENG Inspector ppal of the treasure of the EC, DG public accounting and Treasury born 17.12.1961 to pop;
36 Mr Amadou Samba KANE director-general of the LONASE born in 1953 in Hamady Ounare;
37 Mr. Mamoudou NIANG administrator Civil ppal, DAGE born 21.05.1964 in Dakar;
38 Madam Gnagna DIOP engineer ppal, CT born 12.11.1961 in St. Louis;
39 Mr Santos SISSOKO tax inspector and fields born 26.10.1954 in Thiès.
40 Mr. Ababacar DIOP Inspector ppal of the customs of this retired born 04.11.1953 in Abidjan;

Ministry of AGRICULTURE and equipment RURAL 41 Mr Lamine LO Inspector of the main treasure of this, DIRCAB born 26.10.1955 in Dakar;
42 Mr. Abdourahmane KANE veterinary doctor retired born in 1954 in Ganguel Soule;

Ministry of urban renewal, the HABITAT and the living environment 43 Mr Kadiliou TOURE Planner - Economist born in 1957 in Kelela;
44 Mr Falle Narvaez head office studies and markets born 27.07.1955 in Dakar;
45 Madam Fary Laye Samson born Secretary 03.12.1957 in Dakar;

Department of hydraulics and sanitation 46 Mr Doug SANE rural engineer, technical advisor born 18.03.1956 in Ziguinchor.

Ministry of the environment and sustainable development 47 Madam Codeye SYLLA Colonel, engineer of the waters and forests born 01.05.1955 in Louga.

Ministry of higher education and research 48 Mr Papa GUEYE Executive Secretary of the National Insurance Authority quality of higher education (ANAKITES-SUP), born in 1957 in Keur Samba Kane;
49 Mr Pierre Clavers Paul former Director of INSTRAW Senegalo - teaching English (I.S.B.E.A) British born 25.04.1952 in Thiès nuns;
50 Ms. Fatou SARR Director lab gender and research scientist/IFAN born 11.06.1953 in St. Louis;
51 Mr Abdoul Almamy HANE doctor, Professor of CE retired born 17.11.1946 to Balakonko;
52 Mr Oumar SANKHARÉ Professor of CE/UCAD born 16.09.1950 in Thiès.

Ministry of national EDUCATION 53 Mr Alastair Saleh SG/IDEN Bambey born in 1947 in Baba Garage.
54 Mr Adama DIOUF Inspector born in 1954 in Boulel;
55 Mr Marcel NIANG Inspector of Education born 11.06.1953 in Rufisque.

56 Mr Sheikh Pate GUEYE born Education Inspector 24.02.1947 in Kaolack.
57 Mr blunt Narou'i MBENGUE Inspector of education elementary retired born on 03-01 - 1949 in Dakar;
58 Mr Tagar Dino Intendant of high school retired born in 1944 in Mpal.
59 Mr Amadou AW intendant of high school retired born 04.05.1953 in Kaolack.
60 Ms. Faye FAYE letters, anc, headmaster of the JFK School Professor born 18.01.1949 in Dakar;
Mr Neil Cheney Professor of secondary education 61 retired born in Kolda in 1949;

Ministry of posts of TELECOMMUNICATIONS 62 Mrs Rao SYLLA administrative officer, HR Assistant born 25.11.1957 in Dakar;

Department of animal HUSBANDRY and livestock 63 Mr Cheikh Tidiane DIOP administrator Civil, DIRCAB born 25.11.1949 in Joal.

Ministry of tourism and transport AÉRIENS 64 Madam grace Dhar Secretary typists born does the 23.09.1954 in St. Louis Department of CULTURE and COMMUNICATION 65 Mr Viyé DIBA artistic Education Teacher born in 1954 in Karantaba.

Ministry of youth, employment and building citizen 66 Ms. Safiétou DIOP Inspector EPJS born 02.09.1964 at Meckhe;

Ministry of sport 67 Mr Doudou SENE Inspector of EPJS to retire was born in 1945 in Kaolack;
68 Mr Salif DIALLO EPJS retired Inspector born 09.10.1947 in Dakar;

GREAT CHANCELLERY of the NATIONAL order of the 69 Mr Falilou DIALLO former Minister Counsellor/PR LION born 16.06.1955 in Dakar;
70 Mr. Mamadou Hady 1 Saleh President of the Court of Auditors, born in 1949 in Missirah;
71 born mens KAWAR company director Mr 20.08.1950 in Dakar;
72 Mr Issa KANDJI company director born in 1938 in Kaolack.
73 Mr Gora Samson Chargé de Mission to the Office of the Ombudsman born 02.03.1949 in Dakar;
74 Mr Papa Massar said Ali NDOYE former head tourist activities and Charters to Air Afrique born 04.02.1946 in Louga.
75 Mr Makhtar DIOP former headmaster of high school born 28.02.1934 in St. Louis;
76 Mr Birahim FALL Standariste to the CENA born in 1946 in Linguere.
77 Mr Javier Isabella retired civil servant born in Kaolack 02.01.1940;
78 Mr Mbaye DIEYE retired civil servant born in Babagarage 04.02.1952;

S. 3 - are appointed to the rank of Knight Presidency of the Republic 1 Mr Sheikh Amadou Paula SAL Ambassador, Deputy Chief of Protocol/PR Service born 23.09.1955 in St. Louis;
2 Mr Lanz Police Commissioner, head of Division/DGRN born in 1956 at Sassar;
3 Mr Dominique SAMY Adjt-Chief, Manager/stewardship of national palaces born 23.06.1964 in Ziguinchor.
4 Mr Bali DIOP warrant officer, Secretary/NONSENSUALITY born 18.03.1965 in Ziguinchor.
5 Mr Imran Saha head of Cabinet of Ministers born 25.07.1952 in St. Louis;
6 Mr Seni FATY encryptor born in 1952 Tendieme;
7 Mr Saliou SALL Wizard born in 1950 in Kayar;
8 Mrs. Victorine L. Parfaite DE SOUZA Assistant born 23.03.1963 in Ziguinchor.
9 Mr Ibrahima Babacar DIENG Secretary/IGE born 06.09.1954 in Thiès.
10 Mr Thierno Birahim Gonzalez Sergeant, Technicien en Bâtiment born 30.03.1966 in Dakar;
11 Mr Dinatale Sergeant, Secretary/IGFA born 06.01.1968 to Baranlir;

National 12 Madam Sira KONATE Chief of Division of Electronics Assembly born in Malicounda 16.06.1956;
13 Madam Assa Dhar born hardware Division Chief 21.06.1969 in Tivaouane.
14 Mr Ahmadou Ousmane CAMARA head of the Section of the born Protocol the 13.01.1955 in St. Louis;

Prime 15 Mr Mbaye DIOP administrator Civil, Director training initial/ENA born 17.08.1962 in Diourbel.
16 Mr Jimmy Dixon Comptroller of customs, head Section Operations/HASSMAR born 10.03.1963 in Dakar;
17 Mr Ababacar Taylor second lieutenant/HASSMAR born 26.04.1964 in Thiès.
18 Madame Fatou Bintou SANGARE born Secretary 31.08.1961 in Ziguinchor.
19 Mrs Anna GUEYE born Secretary 25.09.1957 in Rufisque.

Council economic SOCIAL and environmental 20 Mr Léopold FAYE special advisor to the President of the EESC born 18.02.1935 to Foundiougne.
21 Mr Abdou FAYE Constable, born EESC President SP K.Dieylani the 11.01.1971 to Dakar Department of the health and ACTION of social 22 Mr Mamadou GAYE medical technician born 09.11.1955 in Kaffrine;
23 Mr Barind DIACK doctor, DG of health born 25.03.1959 in Dakar;
24 Ms. Doyneck DIOP doctor ORL/CHU Fann born 04.09.1960 in Dakar;
25 Mr Fadhel NDIAYE born doctor 15.02.1962 to Ndomboss;
26 Mr Adrien L.Boucar SONKO born doctor 05.01.1968 in Dakar;
27 Mr Mame Abdoulaye GUEYE Health Service Administrator born 12.10.1955 in Dakar;
28 Mr Ousmane GUEYE adjutant of Hygiene born to Maral 14.05.1961.
29 Mr Colins Hann Nasser State born nurse 04.12.1968 in Diourbel.
30 Mr Tamsir DIAGNE help social/Manzano born in 1954 in Thiadiaye District;
31 Mr Ale Nair this born Hygiene Officer 06.01.1955 to Khataly;

Department of military 32 Mr Emile NTAB Colonel, adjt RH/Hautcomgend born 22.03.1959 in Dakar;
33 Mr mange Dino Colonel, Chief DIV LOG/EMAT born 22.11.1960 in Dakar;
34 Mr Serigne Mamadou Saar doctor-colonel, DIRSANTE born 25.05.1963 in Thiès.
35 Mr Eric Armando Serge colonel doctor WILSON, physician-in-Chief HMO born 05.05.1966 in Dakar;
36 Mr Gana Narvaez Colonel, OA/DIRPA born 07.04.1960 to Thiandène;
37 Mr Abdoul NDIAYE Colonel, Chief WD/EMGA born 20.12.1962 in St. Louis;
38 Mr Mohamed Najeeb Colonel, Chief Div.REC.MOB/DPMM born 02.12.1962 in Rufisque.
39 Mr. Koly FAYE Colonel, Chief Division RH/DIRTRANS born 12.09.1965 in Dakar;
40 Mr Stephen Dodd Lt-colonel, head of body/BATUN born 29.11.1965 in Dakar;
41 Mr Badara NDIAYE Lt-colonel, head of body/BATQUATRE born 27.01.1968 in Kaolack.
42 Mr Abdou SENE Commander, head of Division RH/EMMARINE born 03.03.1966 in Louga.
43 Mr Moussa FALL Commander, Cdt GSM born 29.09.1968 at St. Louis 44 Mr Babacar DIA doctor-Lt-colonel, Cdt health military school born 02.07.1971 in St. Louis;
45 Mr. Thierno NDOUR Lt-colonel, head of body/BATROIS born 26.02.1967 at Thiès 46 Mr Souleymane KANDE Lt-colonel, head of body/BATPARAS born in Sare Yaba 17.03.1971;
47 Mr Ibrahima SARR Lt-colonel, head of Division at the DGRE born 27.06.1962 in Kaolack.
48 Mr Janneh Saleh Commander, head of Division Budget Finance/DIRINT born 20.04.1960 at Fayil;
49 Mr Jean Paul Prince NDIAYE Commander, Chief ECASM/BATMAT born 22.06.1966 in Kaolack.
50 Mr Apofacea KEITA Commander, OA/BATCINQ born 04.09.1966 in Dakar;
51 Mr Thierno Oumar SOKO doctor-Cdt, specialist in the military hospitals born 12.03.1971 in Kaolack.
52 Mr. Ibrahima DIALLO doctor-Cne, Assistant to the armed forces hospitals born 04.09.1978 at Makhana.
53 Mr Massène SÈNE Captain/GSAA born 25.02.1956 in Fatick;
54 Mr Insa Cissé captain, officer Manoeuvre/COMZONE 7 born 14.10.1958 in Dakar;
55 Mr Abdoulaye DIENG Captain/BATMAT born in 1957 in Meckhe;
56 Mr Mamadou Bali KONE Captain/7th GOAA born to Sakal 31.12.1961;
57 Mr Kaipaye captain, Head Office finance/CAGN born 13.12.1972 to Tambacounda.
58 Mr Badara FALL Lieutenant, Cdt Compagend born Tamba 11.11.1969 in Dakar;
59 Mr Ousmane NGUER Lieutenant, OA Compagend born Dakar 31.05.1969 Dakar;
60 Mr Landing bird Adjutant, Manager Jeremy born in 1960 in Caparan;
61 Mr Samba TOURÉ Chief Warrant Officer/National Gendarmerie born 07.05.1966 to Thiobon;
62 Mr Pierre Olivier FAYE Chief Warrant Officer/National Gendarmerie born 16.01.1968 at Thiès 63 Mr Souleymane MBAYE Chief Warrant Officer, Secretary DAAEB-MFA born 13.11.1959 at Dakar 64 Mr Abdoul Khadre NIANG Chief Warrant Officer, Chief Security courthouse born to Bargny 30.11.1969;
65 Mr Salif CISSE warrant officer/BATRANS born 13.09.1959 in Dakar;
66 Mr Boubacar TOURÉ warrant officer/BTG born 04.05.1960 to Balogun;
67 Mr Jean Paul Mahajan FAYE Wo, Head Office Sports/ESOG born 09.10.1961 in Thiès.
68 Mr Mor MBAYE warrant officer, Secretary NAMA/China born 21.02.1964 in Thiès.
69 Mr Lady Bird first master/GNO born in Bignona 24.09.1965;
70 Monseur Bakhaw NIANG staff sergeant/DIRINT born 31.01.1974 in Dakar;
71 Mr Melton Bachir Dickens MDL-head/ESOG born 11.09.1968 in Dakar;
72 Mr Doudou Dhar MDL-Chief, Chief secretariat och born 08.01.1969 in Thiès.
73 Mr Papa Aladji TOURE MDL-head/GIGN born 08.03.1967 in St. Louis;
74 Mr. Valère Richard DABHOLKAR Sergeant, Secretary/BHR born 29.06.1969 in Thiès.
75 Mr Boubacar FALL staff sergeant/DAAEB-MFA born 24.03.1972 in Pikine.
76 Mr Ousmane MBAYE Sergeant, Secretary DIRCAB/MFA born 03.06.1971 in Thiès.
77 Mr Pierre Michel BADIANE born Constable to Ziguinchor 78 Mr Mamadou SY Chief Warrant Officer 28.03.1969 retired born 12.05.1946 in Mbour.
79 Mr Lady DIOP warrant officer retired born 01.02.1953 to Dakar 80 Mr Samba DIOP civilian employee of the Armed Forces born 09.03.1956 in Dakar;

Ministry of the Interior and public security 81 Mr Sreekumar Narvaez Comandante born police the 22.06.1961 in Dakar;
82 Mr. El Hadji Malick MBENGUE Divisional Police Commissioner, Director of electoral Operations born 11.10.1958 in Dakar;
83 Mr. Bernard Samson DIXIT, Divisional Police Commissioner Director born in 1957 in Ndiaganiao Police personnel;

84 Mr Matar DIOP, Divisional Police Commissioner Director of Surveillance of the territory born 12.09.1963 in Dakar;
85 Mr Abdoul Mazhar Saeed Divisional Police Commissioner, Director Police Air and borders born 28.03.1967 Ndouloumadji Krishna 86 Mr Diène Narvaez Lieutenant/BNSP born to Vincent 16.04.1966;
87 Mr Samba Hamid engineer of the work of the land-use planning, sub-prefect of Koumbal born 20.10.1954 to Ross Béthio.
88 Mr Ousmane Sy teacher, sub-prefect of Ndiedieng born in Podor 16.07.1958;
89 Mr Bathie DIOUF Secretary of administration ppal, sub-prefect of Bambilor born in 1956 in Mékhé.
90 Mr Soman DEME Secretary of administration ppal, sub-prefect of Barton born 26.07.1955 in Dakar;
91 Mr. Mamadou NDIAYE Adjutant-major/BNSP born 03.03.1960 in Dakar;
92 Mr Dieudonné L.M.E. Dickinson Chief Warrant Officer of Police born 04.08.1957 in Dakar;
93 Mr Jean Pierre Borges PEREIRA Police Chief warrant officer born 29.08.1957 in Dakar;
94 Mr Ndiaye Waly NANAVATI Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born 20.05.1961 in Dakar;
95 Mr Ibra Bocar Wagner Police Chief warrant officer born 28.08.1957 at richard-Toll.
96 Mr Famara DIEDHIOU Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born 03.02.1964 to Vimalnair;
97 Mr Moussa DIOP Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born 23.12.1965 in Dakar;
98 Mr Sheikh NDOUR warrant officer/BNSP born 17.04.1960 to Ngolothie;
99 Mr Babacar GUEYE Sergeant/BNSP born 19.07.1964 in Rufisque.
100 Mr Ibrahima FALL corporal of Police officers born in Ngueme 08.05.1960;
101 Mr Robert Nam Brigadier of Police officers born in Marsassoum 20.10.19661;
102 Mr Rasool Teodor SAHOO Brigadier of Police officers born in Kolda 22.04.1964;
103 Madam Boury NDIAYE Secretary born typist 15.03.1956 to Kassas;
104 Mr Youssoupha drama Secretary born typist 22.05.1959 in Joal.

Ministry of JUSTICE 105 Madam Brenda BABOU magistrate, Director of Civil Affairs and the seal born 06.11.1964 in Dakar;
106 Mr Adama DIALLO controller of the Penitentiary Administration born 15.11.1956 in Nioro du Rip;
107 Mr Baba Lissa NASRULLAH controller of the Penitentiary Administration born to Maral 02.01.1960.
108 Mr Bali Taylor controller of the Prison Administration, born in 1955 in Manzano;
109 Mr Babacar DIOUF controller of the Penitentiary Administration born 04.03.1961 in Dakar;
110 Ms. Kelly SAMBA controller of the Penitentiary Administration born 14.03.1959 in Dakar;
111 Mr Mame Saliou FALL controller of the Penitentiary Administration born 20.02.1963 in Dakar;
112 Mr Feroz DIOUF controller of the Penitentiary Administration born 20.03.1967 in Kaolack.
113 Mr Baye Alley KAUNG controller of the Penitentiary Administration born 28.02.1970 in dakar;
114 Mr Mamadou Sahir Malick NANAVATI officer adm. Div. Of CE of the AOM. Prison born 20.03.1956 in Dakar;

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese living abroad 115 Mr Amadou KÉBÉ Anc. Ambassador, Secretary General of the Ministry born in 1947 in Pout.
116 Mr Diamé Saleh former Ambassador born 18.11.1947 in Dakar;
117 Madame Odile Narvaez Spanish teacher, translator trilingual born 20.03.1956 in Dakar;

Ministry of economy, finance and the PLAN 118 Mr Ibrahima GUEYE Inspector ppal taxes and fields, Director of Administration and Personnel born in Mbour 22.03.1966;
119 Mr Amadou Zafirah NDIAYE director general born CNAAS the 27.07.1960 in Kaolack.
120 Mr Mamadou Abdulaziz Inspector ppal Treasury born 17.03.1962 to Kaka.
121 Mr Mor DIOUF Inspector ppal Treasury born to Bargny 14.03.1965;
122 Mr Boubacar CAMARA Inspector ppal of taxes and the areas of this born 01.11.1957 in Bakel.
123 Madam Ndèye Madeleine Cissé tax inspector and areas born 22.01.1957 in St. Louis;
124 Mr Abdoulaye SAHOO Advisor Juridique/BHS born 08.09.1955 in Rufisque.
125 Mr Pope Vincent KANE Economist born in Kébémer 27.03.1954;
126 Mr Mamadou Dominguez Inspector born 02.11.1967 in Thiès.
127 Mr Aboubacar DIAGNE Inspector ppal of the customs of this retired born 20.05.1954 at Meckhe;
128 Mr Santos SOW Inspector ppal of the Treasury retired born in 1954 in Gossas;
129 Mr Nicolas SARR retired customs inspector born 15.09.1953 in Adjamé (RCI);
130 Mr Jafar Demba Taylor born land surveyor 24.02.1955 to farted;
131 Mr ban Nam head of agency born /BICIS the 26.09.1956 at Mbour 132 Madam Mame Betty DIACK framework of Bank/BICIS born 20.03.1958 in Dakar;
133 Mrs Aissatou Sylvie Maryse TALL head Pole granting Credit/BICIS born 20.05.1960 in St. Louis;
134 Mr Tufan technician KANE superior geometer born 05.02.1957 to Marfin Birane;
135 Madame Fatou Lala Taylor Assistant of Direction/BHS born in Keur Madiabel 06.05.1958;
136 Madam Rao FAYE Executive Secretary born 09.08.1963 in Dakar;
137 Mr Julius Dhar ppal this born administrative officer 10.09.1955 in St. Louis;
138 Mr Alex SAHOO Treasury retired collector born in 1954 in Mangagoulack;
139 Madam Mame David Dixon the BHS born retired officer 01.06.1954 in Dakar;
140 Mr Alioune DIOP Communal Agent born 22.12.1958 in St. Louis;
141 Madame Ndeye BOUSSO data entry operator Djimby born 01.03.1957 in Dakar;

Ministry of AGRICULTURE and equipment RURAL 142 Mr Mame Salmata DIENE agronomist, SG of the Ministry Dr. born 04.02.1956 in Dakar;
143 Mr Cheikh GUEYE born agronomist 05.10.1956 to Dagaboki;
144 Mr Satish NIANG Advisor Technique born in 1956 on Guéoul Louto;

Ministry of women, family and childhood 145 Madam ERFAN engineer, technical advisor born 19.09.1965 in Dakar;

Ministry of urban renewal, the HABITAT and the living environment 146 Mr Serigne MBAYE administrator Civil, SG of the Department born 24.03.1966 in Pikine.
147 Mr Rafael Gonzalez Inspector ppal taxes and fields, DIRCAB born 18.08.1960 in Dakar;
148 Mr Mame Isset CISSE Planner, Chief Regional Division of the planning/Thies born 15.10.1957 in Dakar;
149 Mr Mamadou DIENE born Planner 23.10.1954 in dakar;
150 Mr Ozzie born mechanic 09.03.1962 in dakar;

Ministry of local governance, development, and planning the 151 Mr Abdoulaye FAYE Director expires Civil, DIRCAB born 19.02.1967 in Fatick;
152 Madame Fatou SENE mistress of technical professional education born to Pout DFG 04.07.1957;
153 Mr Joseph Fatawu born driver to Joal 154 Mr Marcelo Dominguez driver 06.09.1955 born 25.01.1957 to Cherif LO;

Department of hydraulics and sanitation 155 Mr Amadou BOCOUM Anc. Ambassador, Director general Office of the Guiers Lake (OLAG) born 13.10.1954 to Kaka.
156 Mr. Modou MBAYE engineer, Director of water born 04.09.1968 in Dakar;

Ministry of industry and MINES 157 Mr. Modienne Guissé Director of Cabinet of the Minister born in Dahra 16.12.1952;
158 Mr Kingsley DOAN magistrate, Secretary general of the Ministry born 19.05.1964 in Thiès.
159 Mr. Malick Wallace Chief Division DOC, COM. And External Relations born to Ndioum 03.02.1960;

Ministry of infrastructure, land transport and the opening-up 160 Mr Abdoulaye SY Director of studies and the Strtegie/CETUD born 06.05.1972 in Thiès.
161 Mr Pascal SAGNA Expert environmentalist born to strand SA 06.05.1953;
162 Mr Félix DIOUF transportation engineer, Chief Regional Division of transportation road in Dakar born in Fadiouth 17.01.1959;
163 Mr Dhamdhere Chief cell systems of information/AGEROUTE born in Kébémer 24.09.1959;
164 Mr Amar Fall DIAGNE cartographer/AGEROUTE born 15.12.1957 in Dakar;
165 Mr Abdoulaye COULIBALY administrative officer born 19.06.1956 in Dakar;
166 Mr Brian CHOATE born driver to Baila 08.11.1963;

Ministry of the environment and sustainable development 167 Madam Mariline Andrée DIARA Director of the environment and the Ets Classes born 16.06.1956 in Nantes;
168 Mr Gora DIOP engineer of waters and forests, Director of the forest of Thiès Centre born in Tivaouane 10.10.1964;
169 Mr. Moises TAYABAN engineer of national parks born 28.04.1961 in Linguere.
170 Mr Ousmane KANE head of Division finance and accounting born 08.06.1963 at Dakar 171 Madame Fatou DIOP accountant born 17.04.1961 in Mbour Department of higher education and research 172 Mr Babacar GUEYE University Professor born 15.05.1954 to Roe.
173 Mrs Hanan DIAGNE Professor of philosophy born 15.04.1963 in Dakar;
174 Mrs Aissatou Sophie GLADIMA former Minister, Director General of the national agency of research applied scientific (ANRSA) born 26.09.1960 in Dakar;
175 Mr brahima THIOUB Rector Université Cheikh Anta DIOP born 18.06.1955 in Malicounda Ouolof.
176 Mr Baydalaye KANE Rector Université Gaston Berger born 23.09.1957 in Matam;
177 Mr Lamine GUEYE Rector University Alioune Diop of Bambey born in Diourbel in 1959;
178 Mr Memon Mansour FAYE Coordinator Virtual University of Senegal born 02.04.1963 in dakar;
179 Mr Courfia DIAWARA Rector University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor born Vindesh 21.12.1959 in Ziguinchor.
180 Mr Mamadou SARR titular Professor born in 1949 in Toucar;
181 Mr Faisal SAHEB Professor of CE retired born 15.09.1943 in Louga.

182 Mr Moussa DAFF Professor of CE/UCAD born in Podor in 1951;
183 Mr Charles MARCUS master of Conferences/UCAD born 03.11.1952 to Dya;
184 Mr Jean FAYE lecturer retired born in 1947 in Malicounda 185 Mr Harish Chandra Taylor teacher-researcher/INSEPS born 16.11.1951 in St. Louis;
186 Mr. Mamadou NDIAYE universities Professor born 12.03.1952 to Fafacourou;
187 Mr Cheikh Ahmadou DIENG universities Professor born in Taif 17.12.1955;
188 Mr Djibril Samuel Director of the Institut National Supérieur of popular Education and Sport (INSEPS) born 09.02.1956 to Pout.
189 Mr Alioune BA Professor/UCAD born 17.07.1950 in Louga.
190 Mr Abdoul Wahid KANE Director CRDAP/INSEPS born 07.11.1955 in Dakar;
191 Mr Samba DIENG universities Professor born in Kaolack 16.12.1951;
192 Ms. Fatimata KANE Secretary General Institute Senegalo - teaching English (I.S.B.E.A) British born 08.11.1954 at Pendão;
193 Mr Jaff KA administrator Civil, University of Thiès SG born 19.06.1962 in St. Louis;
194 Mr Chandran SYLLA Urology Professor born in Bègles 04.06.1963;
195 Mr Mayacine MAR Professor/INSEPS born 14.02.1953 in Dakar;

Ministry of national EDUCATION 196 Mr. Babacar FALL Director of Imam Abass NDIAYE ex kite school born in Keur Madiabel 18.05.1960;
197 Mr Papa Waly said Cheikh DIOUF Director of school Diamaguène TP/Kaffrine born in 1955 in Fatick;
198 Mr Khalifa said Ababacar FALL Professor of SVT born 20.08.1955 in Louga.
199 Madam Rao DIENE born teacher 13.04.1963 to Tassiniere;
200 Mr Abdoulaye NIANE Principal of EMC born in 1956 in Nioro du Rip;
201 Mr Maranzano Ding teacher, Head Office HR/IA Diourbel born 18.01.1957 in Diourbel.
202 Mr Lamine MBAYE Arabic born teacher 01.01.1955 in Kaolack.
203 Mr. Mbaye CISS born teacher 21.10.1955 in Dakar;
204 said Mr Oumar Baba DIARRA Professor of SVT retired born 09.12.1953 in Tambacounda.
205 Mr Abdoulaye CAMARA trainer in SVT born in 1956 in Dianki;
206 Madame Madeleine NALLA teacher born 08.08.1956 in Dakar;
207 Madam Ndèye Paul Diaz born teacher 23.08.1957 in Ziguinchor.


Ministry of COMMERCE, the informal sector of the consumption, the PROMOTION of local products and SMEs 208 Mr. Boubacar DIOUF Advisor to the DG of the Senegalese Agency for exports Promotion (ASEPEX) born 02.09.1958 in Dakar;
209 Mr Samba NDAO born economic control controller the 22.01.1964 to Tambacounda.
Mr Fatih NDIAYE economic control controller 210 retired born in 1954 in Keur Mbaye DIOP;
211 Mr Mamadou DJIAGANA born economic control controller 30.06.1956 in Bignona Department of fisheries ET DE L'ECONOMIE MARITIME 212 Mr Ousmane DIALLO administrator Civil, DAGE born 14.03.1972 in Rufisque.
213 Mr. Amadou Moussa BA fisheries technical officer born in Mery 16.11.1962;
214 Mr. Amadou Moustapha FAYE fisheries technical officer born 30.11.1955 in St. Louis;
215 Mr Momar FALL fisheries observer born 02.05.1955 in Dakar;

Ministry of posts and TELECOMMUNICATIONS 216 Mr Najz engineer computer scientist, DIRCAB born 05.09.1965 in Dakar;
217 Mr Sire DIA director general SN post born 28.05.1957 in Thiès.
218 Mr Mamadou DIALLO former Advisor Technique/SN born post the 02.09.1954 in Dakar;
219 Madam Maty Coumba MARCUS Executive Secretary born 14.12.1954 in Dakar;
220 Madame Fatou FALL administrative officer, head office mail born 26.12.1967 in Dakar;

Department of animal HUSBANDRY and livestock 221 Ms. Coumba KAMEL Dr. veterinarian, Chief Division veterinary public health born 23.10.1961 at Meckhe;
222 Mr Baba KADAM head Regional Service of the Kolda livestock born in 1954 in Sedo Sebe;
223 Mr Babacar Paul Professor, engineer zootechnician born 25.07.1957 to Boulel;

Ministry of the PROMOTION of investments, partnerships and the development of the e-State 224 Mr Bara DIOP civil engineer, technical advisor born 27.03.1958 in St. Louis;

Ministry of CULTURE and COMMUNICATION 225 Mr Sahite Saleem Saha CEO Daniel Sorano National Theatre born 11.02.1958 in Louga.
226 Mr Mamadou doctor Director of École Nationale des Arts born 25.01.1956 to Gadiack;
227 Madam Mariele Ly Danie Dimitrov Service Administrator "show sounds and born in Dakar 21.05.1959;"
228 Mr Omar SECK steward of the Biennale of Arts of dakar born 30.04.1967 at Kaolack 229 Mrs. Amy MBENGUE Assistant at École Nationale des Arts born 17.01.1963 in Dakar;

Ministry of labour, SOCIAL dialogue, professional organizations and RELATIONS with INSTITUTIONS 230 Ms. Seynabou MBAYE Director, Relations with the Institutions born in Kaolack 21.10.1970;
231 Mr Seydou Nourou Tall SALL controller of labour ppal this born 08.06.1955 in Thiès.
232 Mr Philippe FAYE curator of Archives, head of the Information and Documentation Centre born in 1957 in Pallo Dial 233 Madam Sanjib Louise Samson Secretary born retired the 03.09.1951 in Diourbel.

Department of the energy and of development of energy renewable 234 Mr Mamadou Ndoye DIAGNE Economist, consultant organization and born method 25.10.1955 in dakar;
235 Mr Alassane SANE retirement management controller born 31.12.1954 in Dakar;

Ministry of vocational training, learning and 236 Ms. Awa Bigué Dias mistress of technical education and professional crafts born 15.07.1965 in Linguere.
237 Mrs Aissatou DIABY mistress of technical education and professional born 10.03.1955 in Thiès.
238 Madame Marie Wonde Nam Professor of family economics and social born 21.12.1955 in Thiès.
239 Mrs. Astou Garcia Inspector of technical education born retired the 05.08.1951 in Dakar;
240 Madam Sanjib MBAYE Executive Assistant born to Maral 12.07.1956.

Ministry of youth, employment and building citizen 241 Mrs Shirin DIENG Professor means born 28.03.1963 in Dakar;
242 Mr Amadou Lamine NDIAYE born elementary education inspector 31.01.1966 in Dakar;
243 Mr Ganesh DIONE master of popular Education born in 1954 in Ndieffer;
244 Ms. Astou DIOUF mistress of popular Education born in 1954 in humble;
245 Madam Hafissatou TRAORÉ mistress of popular Education born 13.04.1955 in Thiès.
246 Madam Faty Abdoulaye SOW born teacher 25.09.1971 to Barkédji;
Ministry of sport 247 Mr Amit MBAYE EPJS Inspector retired born 20.06.1944 in dakar;
248 Mr Abdoulaye MAR Inspector of EPJS retired born in 1952 in Khataly;
249 Mr El Hadj Moctar GUEYE Inspector EPJS born 25.06.1955 in St. Louis;
250 Madam Aby NANAVATI mistress of EPS born 17.05.1955 in Dakar;
251 Mr. Aliou KANDJI born EPS instructor 15.01.1960 in Thiès.

Ministry of public service, rationalization of staff and the renewal of the PUBLIC SERVICE 252 Mr Gorgui Cissé schoolteacher, head of Division of Visas and Documentation born 10.07.1964 in Rufisque.
253 Mrs Dennis GUIRO state this born nurse 06.01.1956 to Ministry of African INTEGRATION, NEPAD and the PROMOTION of good governance 254 Madam Adisa Nair accountant materials born 15.03.1969 at Grand CHANCELLERY of the NATIONAL order of the LION 255 Ms. Aminata DIENE magistrate, chargé de Mission in the born Ombudsman 30.05.1969 to 256 Mr Aboubacar Sedikhe SY CEO of group Sup de Co Dakar born 08.03.1953 in St. Louis;
257 Madam Dicky MROUEH Chairperson of the Association AL HODA born 11.01.1944 in Dakar;
258 Mr Mohammad EL HACHIMI Director born ARIDIM the 01.01.1963 in Dakar;
259 Mr Jihad DENGLER company director born 01.05.1975 in Dakar;
260 Mr Samba Moussa LO Advisor to the President of the CENA born 14.03.1942 in Rufisque.
MonsieurAugustin Babu Brigadier des Agents de Police/Ombudsman born 261 26.02.1966 262 Mr Mamadou SARR driver to the CENA born in 1957 in Diourbel.
263 Madame Fatou SECK teacher ppal of the retired born 01.08.1947 to 264 Madam Maimouna Dickerson Treasury born retired collection Agent 14.06.1947 to 265 Mr Shah Saeed village leader of Mani born 01.01.1964 in art. 4. - the Prime Minister, Ministers and Grand Chancellor of the national order of the Lion, are responsible, each in respect of the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.

Made in Dakar, March 19, 2015, by the President of the Republic: Macky SALL.

The Prime Minister, Mahammed Boun Abdallah DIONNE