Decree No. 2015-374 Of March 19, 2015

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2015-374 du 19 mars 2015

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Presidency of the Republic Decree No. 2015-374 of March 19, 2015 Decree No. 2015-374, 19 March 2015 on the promotion and appointment in the order of merit for the year 2015.

The President of the Republic, pursuant to the constitution in its articles 43 and 76;

Mindful of Decree No. 71-652 09 June 1971 regulating the order of merit as amended;
Having regard to Decree No. 212 - 1169 October 31, 2012 concerning the appointment of the Grand Chancellor;
Pursuant to Decree No. 2013 - 329 March 03, 2013 on reappointment and appointment of the members of the Council of the order;
Considering Decree No. 2014-845 06 July 2014portant the first appointment, Minister;
Having regard to Decree n ° 2014-849 06 July 2014 on the composition of the Government.
Pursuant to Decree No. 2014 - 1023 September 1, 2014 on repair of the quotas of honours in the national orders in respect of the year 2015;
Having regard to the declaration of the Council of the order in its meetings of 25 and 26 February 2015, which it follows that proposals and appointments are made in accordance with the laws, decrees and regulations;

On presentation of the Chancellor of the order of merit, enacts as follows: Article 1. -are promoted to the rank of Commander: Presidency of the Republic 1 Mr Kadric captain, Advisor DG/DRN born 10/15/1959 to Palmarine;
2 Mr Cheikh Sidy Kash encryptor born 10/18/1953 in Dakar;
3 Mr Mouhamadou Lamine NDIAYE official at the national security agency born 26/05/1960 in Saint-Louis;
4 Mr Babacar FAYE accountant born 1954-10-10 Thies;
5 Mr. Aliou DIOP driver at the Service of the Protocol born 1961-08-12 Kolda;
6 Mrs. Awa SOW housekeeper born 15/11/1960 in Dakar;

Ministry of the health and the ACTION SOCIALE 7 Mrs Aissatou DIAGNE Executive born 05 13, 1954 in Dakar;

Ministry of armed FORCES 8 Mr Bartholomew DIOUF Colonel, Deputy Chief Logistics/EMGA born 1958-11-26 Joal Fadiouth.
9 Mr François NDIAYE Colonel, BHR born 28/04, 1960 in Fadiouth;
10 Mr Abdoul Aziz NIANG Colonel, DPMM born 09 15, 1955 in Dakar;
11 Mr Alexis NIANGA Colonel retired born in 1955 in Affignam;
12 Mr Khalifa Babu Colonel BATMAT born in 1955 in Kagnobon;
13 Mr Mamadou DIOUF Colonel, Deputy employment Operations/HT-COMGEND born 1961-03-01 Fatick;
14 Mr Paul NDIAYE Colonel, Deputy Chief Operations/EMGA born 1959-08-05 Fadjouth;
15 Mr Stanislas NDOUR Colonel, PCA/CO.MI.CO born 05 22, 1959 in Dakar;
16 Mr Victor TINE Colonel, NAMA Addis Ababa born 1959-01-01 Ndiobene;
17 Mr Zachari COLY-Colonel, Director financial/OLUDAISI born in 1958 in Soutou;
18 Mr Omar DIOUF Colonel, Chief CIGA born 22/08/1961 in Dakar;
19 Mr Coumba DIOUF former fighter born in 1939 in Ndiagane;
20 Madam Nwankwo Secretary typists retired born 1954-11-11 Fatick;

Ministry of the Interior and public security 21 Mr Albert NDIONE Lieutenant-Colonel, Chief DGP/BNSP born 14/09/1958 in Thiès;
22 Mr Boubacar TRAORÉ S.G. Agency Assistance to the safety of nearby born 1952-12-23 Fatick;
23 Mr Lamine bird Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born in 1962 in Kagnobon;
24 Mr Daouda SY born 03 04, 1955 in Dakar administrative officer;
Department of Justice 25 Mr Emmanuel NARTEY Inspector of the Penitentiary Administration, born 1957-08-15 Gague Bocar;
26 Mr Ousmane NDONG Secretary of Administration born 1961-06-19 Kaolack;

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese living abroad 27 Mr Elimane 1 NDIAYE advise the consultant General of Senegal born Marseille 14/08/1955 in Diourbel;
28 Mr Babacar SEBOR driver retired born 1951-09-07 Kaolack;
Ministry of economy, finance and Plan 29 Mr Amadou DIALLO magistrate Director of Legal Affairs born on 12/09, 1950 in Dakar;
30 Mr Imran NDIR Technicien of the transport retired born 10/07/1953 in Dakar;
31 Madam Mame Shirin DIOUF Secretary born 1954-09-27 St. Louis;
Ministry of urban renewal, the HABITAT and the living environment 32 Madam Yang Dior NDIAYE SOW Secretary typists does born on 28/11/1956 in Thiès.

Ministry of local governance, development, and planning the 33 Ms. Aminata DEME Secretary born typists 1955-01-27 gold Village;
Ministry of industry and Mines 34 Mr Derek BARO Adviser in planning born 1957-10-07 Thies;

Ministry of infrastructure, land transport and the opening-up 35 Mr Santos Biram Nair Chief Division human resources born 1955-07-26 Thies;

Ministry of the environment and sustainable development 36 Mr Mamadou AW Agent Technique of national parks born 04 14, 1954 in Dakar;

Ministry of higher education and research 37 Madam Jesse Gonzales Secretary born 04/08/1957 in Dakar;

Ministry of national EDUCATION 38 Mr Boucar DIOUF Academy retired Inspector born in 1945 at Senghor;
39 Mrs Christiana LOPES Professor of the high school education of C.E. retired born 08/06/1950 in Dakar;
40 Madam Ndèye Philomène SARR teacher born retired on 29/12/1952) Mbour.


41 Mr Baila TALL born 1959-07-19 St. Louis technical adviser;
Ministry of labour, Social Dialogue, the professional organizations and RelationS with Institutions 42 Mr Saliou Rama KA administrator Civil, Inspector Technique born in 1955 in Tassinere;

Grand Chancellor of the National order of the Lion 43 Mr Alioune Aby Taleb NGUER born Professor 1951-03-24 St. Louis;
44 Ms. Seynabou Keita Secretary Administration main of this born retired 041/10/1950 in Dakar;

S. 2 - are promoted to officer: President of the Republic Mr Bocar DIENG Colonel, Chief Division logistics/NONSENSUALITY 1 born 1958-06-12 Dakar 2 Mr Salla Faye DIENG Colonel, head of Division/DGRN born 1956-11-25 Tivaouane 3 Mr El Hadji DIOUF Thresa lieutenant colonel, head of Division/DGRN born 24 / 02 / 1960 in Thiès.
4 Djibril KONE Advisor born organization 05/28/1954 to St. Louis 5 Madam Marie Claire J. c. DINSDALE Chargé de mission, steward of the Palace of the Republic born 1952-02-02 St. Louis;
6 Mr Mame Falla pay calculator born 25/08/1948 in Dakar;
7 Mr Youssou Taylor official at the national security agency born 1964-12-22 Simal;
8 Mr Mamadou BHADANE Chief Warrant Officer, accountant materials born 1967-04-07 Ziguinchor;

Prime 9 Mr Ibrahim KONATE Chief Warrant Officer Gendarmerie, head office mail born 1963-07-19 Bakel 10 Mr Benedict SAGNA Gendarme, Secretary born 22 / 06 / 1962 in Bignona.

Council economic SOCIAL and environmental 11 Mr Ababacar DIOP Secretary General Assistant of the EESC born 04/06/1975 in Kaolack;

Ministry of the health and the ACTION social 12 Madam Gnagna Diop DIALLO midwife of State retired born 1951-08-30 Sédhiou.
13 Mr Abbas Moussa BA adjutant of Hygiene born 23/06/1957 in Matam;
14 Ms. Amy Gonzalez State nurse retired born in Kaolack in 1952;
15 Mr Suman Babu State born in 1959 in Adeane nurse;
16 Mr Lamine Dimitrov State born in 1957 in Kagnobon nurse;
17 Mr Djibril DIOUF mechanic retired born 01 03, 1953 in Dakar;

Ministry of armed FORCES 18 Mr Babacar THIAM Colonel, Chief Division ESCOM/DIRTRANS born 1957-09-14 Rufisque.
19 Mr Bean KEITA Colonel, Inspector Technique born 1955-11-05 St. Louis;
20 Mr Lamine KEITA Colonel COMZONE No.7 born 09/02/1959 to Ngath;
21 Mr Maxime MANGA doctor-Colonel, born 1959-03-05 Mlomp Djicomol BATSANTE;
22 Mr Mamadou NDIAYE doctor-colonel, Chief Service anesthesia/HPD born 1959-10-25 Kaolack;
23 Mr Kamran SD doctor-colonel, BATSANTE born 30/08/1960 in Dakar;
24 Mr Souleymane NDIAYE Colonel, Chief Division Resources Humaines/DIRINT born in 1959 in Kaffrine;
25 Mr Babacar SECK Colonel, BHR born 1962-06-24 Tambacounda;
26 Mr Cheikh Tidiane Maria Colonel, COMZONE No.3 born 1962-04-02 Thies;
27 Mr Vinod KAMBLI Colonel, NAMA Washington born 1957-10-24 St. Louis;
28 Mr Chandran DINESH Colonel, head of body/BATSPORTS born 1964-09-24 Koungheul;
29 Mr Abdou Maria Colonel, ADM Division Chief Budget/DAAEB born 1960-09-03 Thies;
30 Mr Dmello Commander, BATRANS born in 1963 in Ngalagne;
31 Mr Moustapha NDOUR Chief, Squadron, LGI only on 07/10/1965 in Kaolack.
32 Mr Dobson head Squadron, EOGN born 19/01/1971 in Dakar;
33 Mr Pope Ramin NAJAFI Chief Squadron, LHR born 01/02/1970 in Dakar;
34 Mr Nartey captain, BHR born 02 29, 1960 in Dakar;
35 Mr Ismaila Gonzalez Adjutant retired born 12/09/1941 in Dakar;
36 Mr Mamadou Moustapha Nam Chief Warrant Officer, BATMAT born 01 01, 1961 in Dakar;
37 Mr Malick DIOP Chief Warrant Officer, BATINT born 1962-04-03 Keur Matar;
38 Mr Emile NAMBIAR petty, GSM born 1964-09-30 Diouroup;
39 Mr Ousmane DIOP Chief Warrant Officer, National Gendarmerie born 31/05/1964 in Dakar;
40 Mr Moussa BA Chief Warrant Officer, National Gendarmerie born 10/02/1965 in Dakar;
41 Mr Hamed SOW warrant officer, Secretary DAAEB/MFA born 1964-04-21 St. Louis;
42 th Moussa BA Chief Warrant Officer, National Gendarmerie born 11 26, 1963 in Dakar;
43 Mr Moussa DIOP Constable born 1968-02-22 Keur Massar.
44 Mrs Aissatou SOUKHO social worker, military Zone No. 3 born 1956-01-02 Djincare;

45 Ms. Kaye Sanchez social worker, military Zone No. 1 born 1960-04-03 Louga;
46 Madam Whitenox Nouma FAYE social worker, born BATMAT 20/11/1960â Thiès Department of the Interior and public security 47 Mr Musa NASIR Commander, Commander GIS No. 1/BNSP born 1958-06-16 Nguekokh;
48 Mr Taylor WADE Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born 10/01/1964 in Dakar;
49 Mr Léopold WADE administrator Civil, DG of Territorial Administration born 1955-09-15 mark.
50 Mr Dhinz administrator Civil, prefect of Tivaouane born 1955-09-13 St. Louis;
51 Mr Papa Samba MARCUS Secretary Administration, sub-prefect of the Almadies born 06 14, 1954 in Dakar;
52 Mr Abdoulaye SOW Secretary Administration, sub-prefect of Sare - Roshan born 26/06/1966 in Dakar;
53 Mr Halder DIXIT engineer, sub-prefect of Sindia born 1954-11-19 margin call;

Department of JUSTICE 54 Mr Malick DIOP controller of the Penitentiary Administration, born 1957-01-01 Taiba Moutoupha;
55 Madam grace baby controller, the Prison Administration born 1966-12-10 Rufisque;
56 Madam Abibatou NDIAYE officer of the Prison Administration born 1965-11-12 Thies;
57 Mr Abdou Nair Agent of the Penitentiary Administration born 01/04/1958 in Dakar;
58 Mr Andy Dimitrov Agent of the Penitentiary Administration, born in 1960 in Bignona.
59 Mr Samsudeen Agent of the Penitentiary Administration, born 1967-02-27 ago;
60 Mr Mamadou Lamine DIOP Agent of the Penitentiary Administration born 23/02/1972 in Keur Madiabel;

Department of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese living abroad 61 Mr Utham 1 Counsellor Embassy of Senegal in Pikine born 1956-11-03 Kolda;

Ministry of economy, finance and the PLAN: 62 Madam Suzette DIOP administer Civil, Director of the currency and Credit born 13/01/1969 in Dakar;
63 Mr Alioune Badara WACHIRA administrator Civil, PCA/FONDEF born 1957-11-02 Thiès 64 Mr Lenie NASRULLAH Director General of the Caisse de dépôt et Consignation born 25 / 04 / 1959 in Dakar;
65 Mr Lady FALL Inspector of taxes and fields born 19/08/1959 in Dakar;
66 Mr Ronnie FALL engineering Economist retired born 05 27, 1954 in Dakar;
67 Mr Ousmane DIOP Economist Planner born 09 26, 1957 in Dakar;
68 Mr Ibrahim NDIAYE Economist changed studies born on 08/11/1958 in Dakar;
69 Mr Mamadou Moustapha BA Economist born 1965-08-06 Nioro du Rip.
70 Ms. Ionut SAFA Chief Executive born 1958-02-01 St. Louis;
71 Mr Mamadou told Nguekokh Baloch NDIAYE former head office Coordination balance born 12/11/1953;
72 Madam Nene NIANG Secretary to Director retired born 12/12/1954 in Dakar;
73 Madam Ndoure KA planning born 1961-01-02 Thiargny Executive Secretary;
74 Mr CHÉRIF Ousmane SANKAR administrative officer retired born 1954-10-20 Boudialabou;
75 Mr Famara bird administrative officer retired born in 1954 in Diourou;
76 Madam Mariama DIALLO operator born 14/02/1955;
77 main Najz patented Agent Mr of the customs of this retired born 26/02/1953 in Rufisque;
78 Mr V.s. Narayanan operator of seizure to retirement born 1951-02-17 Rufisque;

Department of AGRICULTURE and equipment RURAL 79 Madam Bashar NAJAFI Secretary born 1955-10-05 Rufisque;
Ministry of renewal, Habitat and du Cadre de Vie: 80 Ms. Brigitte Martins Secretary typist born 19/10/1963 in Dakar;
81 Mr Ibou Ndir Samson designer buildings born 02 23, 1966 in Dakar;

Department of hydraulics and sanitation 82 Mr Mamadou Dia, teacher, technical advisor APRHN born in 1955 in Galoya;

Ministry of industry and MINES 83 Mr. Amadou Sarr DIOP Chief Division studies and Industrial Promotion born 1966-10-17 Rosso Senegal;
84 Mrs. Khady SAGNA born 1962-10-18 Bhai Executive Assistant;
Ministry of infrastructure, land transport and the opening-up 85 Mr Monika DHARANKAR Chargé de Mission born 17/410/1958 in St. Louis;
86 Ms. Astou NANAVATI Secretary typists born 1955-12-19 Rufisque;
87 Ms. Aissatou Taylor Secretary born 01 27, 1957 in Dakar;

Ministry of the environment and sustainable development 88 Mr Momar Talla DIAGNE des Eaux et Forêts born 1958 to Vilanene engineer;
89 Mr Abu Abdarakhmane NDIAYE Agent Technique of waters and forests born 1956-03-25 Diourbel.
90 Mr Ibrahima Cissé custody of born 1976-03-12 Bignona national parks;

Ministry of higher education and research 91 Madam Suzette DIAGNE documentalist born 12 22, 1959 in Dakar;
92 Mr Baba NDIAYE born accountant 30/11/964 to gain Mbar;
93 Mr Eugene DIAM corporal of Police officers born the 21/09/1958 in Mbam.

Ministry of national EDUCATION 94 Madame Fatou NDIAYE Inspector of Education superannuation born 1951-01-02 Thiès.
95 Mr Abdou DIA Inspector of education elementary born 1959-01-28 Gossas;
96 Mr Abdoulaye MAHAPATRA headmaster of the school of Medina Fall in Thies born 1955-12-19 Thies;
97 Mr Bint NDIAYE Professor retirement born in Mboro in 1949;
98 Mr Djibril SOW Professor of mathematics born 29/06/1957 in Dakar;
99 Mr Samba Guissé Professor of physics born 1961-12-24 Thies;
100 Mr Momar THIOUNE Professor of physical science born 1961-08-03 Rufisque;
101 Mrs Brigitte SAMERGHALLY Professor of philosophy born on 07/10/1969 in Dakar;
102 Mr. Ahmed Khalifa FALL high school born 1955-03-24 Kaolack Intendant;
Ms. Anne Marie SEAY Professor economy 103 family and social born 09/08/1965 in St. Louis;
104 Mr Thant Touré trainer in the Thiès CREPE born 1956-06-19 Kaolack;
105 Mr Mor DIME supervisor retired born in Luga in 1949;
106 Mr Ali Mar Santillan teacher retirement born 28/05/1945 in Dakar;
107 Mr Mbaye DIOUF teacher retired born 1954-11-07 Rufisque;
108 Mr Mame Ousmane Maguette DIENE teacher retired born 12 03, 1949 in Dakar;
109 Madam Silvana Rassoul FAYE teacher retired born 09/24/1954 in Dakar;
110 Madame Fatou DIOP teacher Taylor retired born 1950-09-09 Guinguinéo;
111 Madam Awa SARR teacher born 09 24, 1955 in Dakar.
112 Mr Aly Marie teacher retired born 1952-01-19 Thies;
113 Mr Abdoulaye TAREEN teacher retired born 1954-12-30 Kaolack;
114 Madam Mohammad NASIR teacher born 1955-04-21 Podor;
Ministry of trade, the informal sector, consumption, the Promotion of local products and the SMEs 115 Madam Rao DIOP Economist, project leader born 13/03/1959 in Dakar;
116 Madame Aimée NASRULLAH controller of the born 1956-06-11 Thiadiaye economic control;
117 Mr Abdou DIENG controller control economic born in 1954 Keur Samba Kane;
118 Mr Abbas SAGNA born 1954-10-12 Kaolack administrative officer;

Ministry of the fishing and of the economy MARITIME 119 Babou LOUM Chief of Bureau Resources Humaines/DPM born 08/04/1956 at Foundiougne;

Ministry of posts and TELECOMMUNICATIONS 120 Mr Doudou GUEYE CEO post finance born 16/02/1960 in Goudiri;
121 Mr Serigne GUEYE born 1960-01-01 Bambey Postal Inspector;
122 Mr Makha NDIOM head of the CHAGE born 1969-01-03 Dagana.

Ministry of tourism and air transport 123 Mr Oumar DIOP Chief of the Division of statistics born 30/07/1970 in Dakar;

Ministry of CULTURE and COMMUNICATION 124 Mr Serigne Mbaye CAMARA Professor, Advisor education born 1948-10-28 St. Louis;
125 Madam Balakumar Saleh Director House of the Culture Douta Seck born the 24/06/1956 in Saint-Louis;
Ministry of labour, social dialogue, the professional organizations and Institutions 126 Mr Seydina Ousmane GUEYE controller of Labour Relations of the social security born 15/01/1955 in St. Louis;
127 Mr Kore SOUARE controller of labour social security, born in 1954 in Gandjiri;

Department of energy and the development of renewable ENERGIES 128 Mr Kagwa Chief Division energy news born 11 14, 1956 in Dakar;
129 Mrs Suzanne Farkas DIALLO Secretary born retired 02/12 1953a Dakar;
Department of vocational training, and learning the craft 130 Madam Atta Nar DIENG cultural animator born 1960-01-25 St. Louis;

Ministry of youth, employment and building citizen 131 Mrs Rao NIANG Advisor popular people born 1957-12-15 St. Louis;
132 Mr Bayla BARRY EPJS born on 03/07/1955 in Dakar Inspector;
133 Mr Djibril SADIO master of popular Education born 1963-10-15 Sédhiou.

Ministry of sport 134 Mr Shreyas DHARMADHIKARI Inspector of EPJS retired born in 1943 in Gossas;
135 Madam Tiguidia KAMARA Inspector of EPJS born the 16/01/1959 in Thiès.
136 Ms. Safiétou Zaman Bint Aisha drama Inspector of EPJS born 1954-07-20 Ziguinchor;

Ministry of public service, the rationalization of staff and the renewal of the PUBLIC SERVICE 137 Mr Ibrahima Cissé entry operator born 1956-12-17 Louga;
Grand Chancellery of the national order of the Lion 138 Mr Marak FALL former Advisor technical SG/PR born 1950-12-27 Thies;
139 Mr Jeremy KEITA President CEDA of Rufisque born 1942-10-25 Rufisque;
140 Mr Mamadou NIAKHATE President CEDA from Bignona born in 1948 in Yobocounda;

141 Mr Yahya Nasser officer Office of the Ombudsman born 1953-05-01 Abidjan (RCI);
142 Mr Lamin SENE Chief Warrant Officer in service to the GCONL born 09/29/1959 in Dakar;
143 Mr Alioune DIOP Adjutant retired born 07 11, 1945 in Dakar;
144 Mr Bali THIAM Adjutant retired born 04 16, 1955 in Dakar;
145 Mr. Tandakha NDIAYE Chief warrant officer retired born 1949-01-13 Saint Louis;
146 Mr. Amadou GAKOU former instructor of youth born 25/03/1940 in Dakar;
147 Mr Jean Pierre Ndimack KANWAR Constable retired born 08/10/1947 in Joal;

S. 3 - are appointed to the rank of Knight President of the Republic Mr Papa Demba DIA administrator Civil, born technical advisor 1 28 11 1967 in Thiès.
2 Mr Momar NDAO Commercial engineer, President of the ASCOSEN born 04/10 1961 in Kaolack.
3 Mr Mohammad NAMI official aged born 1967-07-27 worse;
4 Mr Mor Nair warrant officer, operator Radio/STCC born 1963-02-11 Thies;
5 Mr Romain DIONOU staff sergeant operator Radio/TCC born 1964-02-29 Ziguinchor;
6 Mr Mr Barra DIOP Sergeant, computer scientist/IGFA born 02/05/1974 in Dakar;
6 Mr Barra DIOP GFA-computer scientist-Sergeant born 1974-05-02 Dakar 7 Mr Lamine Salem Second-master, maître d ' Hôtel born 1971-05-29 Fatick 8 Mr Papa Djibril NITIN Constable, Assistant to the SG/PR born on 06/10/1980 in Rufisque.
9 Mr Abdoulaye KANDE quartermaster 1st class, master of hotel/CEMPART born 1976-04-02 Kitime;
10 Mr Farrukh FAYE soldier from 1st class, driver/GFA born 1975-10-24 Pikine;

ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE 11 Ms. Fanta DANFAKHA Secretary typists born 28/05/1959) Mamakhono;
12 Mr Sambou Diallo officer of Directors born on 15-10 - 1959 in Mamakhono;
13 Mr Ousmane SARR Agent service born in 1960 in Jalal;
14 Mr Papa Maguette DIOP born 25/12/1965 in Dakar service Agent;
Prime Minister's Office 15 Madam basin MAR 1953-05-15 Thiès technical adviser;
16 Mr Momar NDIAYE Planner Economist born 1955-05-05 St. Louis;
17 Mr Mamadou Babu Sergeant Secretary born 1977-017-01 Ziguinchor;
18 Mr Amadou doctor born 31/02/1975 in Dakar administrative officer;
19 Mr Jean Gniaye FAYE Maréchal-des-Logies-Chef born 1979-09-17 Fandène;
20 Mr Mamadou SANE Constable born 1960-08-01 Rufisque;
21 Mr André Martins Constable born 02/03/1970 in Dakar;
22 Mr Oumar SAHOO Brigade of the Police born 01 20, 1960 in Dakar;
23 Mr Hamdjiatou LY soldier from 1st class, born driver 03/08/1974 in Dakar;

Council economic SOCIAL and environmental 24 Mr Duarte Elfeki AGNE first Vice-president of the EESC born 08/09, 1960 in Dakar;
25 Mr Samy FALL driver born 1958-12-01 Richard-toll.
Ministry of health and Social Action 26 Mr Sheikh Tacko DIOP doctor, Director of the Fann hospital born 1971-08-19 Luga.
27 Mrs Fatma Nash TOURÉ technician higher of health born 1971-02-18 Ziguinchor;
28 Mrs Adama TAYAR technician senior health retired born 1953-09-24 Mékhé.
29 Ms. Binette NDIR TSS, Director Formation Permanente and research born 03 01, 1955 in Dakar;
30 Mrs Aissatou Gonzalez technician superior health born on 03/07/1956 in Dakar;
31 Madam Oumoukalsoume DIOUF midwife of State born 1957-04-05 Sain-Louis;
32 Mr Biram FAYE Intendant to the ENDSS born 1959-09-27 MBellacadiao;
33 Mr Papa Seck Gonzalez head reviews and competition born 17/09/1963 in Dakar;
34 Mr Mor SANNI teacher, head of the audio-visual service born 11/12/1956 in Dakar;
35 Mr Seydi SOW State nurse retired born 1954-06-01 koungheul;
36 Madam Salimata Garcia State born 1966-11-05 Thiès nurse;
37 Madam Marie Angèle MANGA Assistant nurse born in 1956 in Djivente;
38 Madam known as Nene Dior DIENG social worker born 1958-05-14 Dahra;
39 Mrs Grace SY Secretary typists born 1955-08-30 Linguère.
Mrs Agnes NDIAYE Secretary born in 1956 in Fadiouth 40;
41 Mr Djibril Nair hygiene laboratory born 1956-03-20 Fissel Agent;
42 Mr Malic DIMRI EHO born 1961-09-11 Bignona.
43 Mr Lamin SONKO EHO born in 1958 in Kagnobon;
44 Mr Abdoulaye Paul joiner retired born 1931-08-01 Rufisque;

Ministry of armed FORCES 45 Mr Quinton DIOUF Colonel, officer LOG/area No. born 1961-10-20 Keur Schrader;
46 Mr Diack NDIAYE dentist Lt-colonel, Chief Division HR/DIRSANTE born 22/04/1966 in Dakar;
47 Mr Abdoulaye NALWALA Commander, Chief of Corps/22nd BRA born 1964-01-02 Tivaouane.
48 Mr Saliou Narvaez skipper, officer Adjoint BATROIS born 1970-03-10 Dealy.
49 Mr Mouhamadou Moustapha MBENGUE Commander, Officer Assistant BAT. Twelve born 12/12/1969 in Rufisque.
50 Mr Abdou SY doctor Commander, BATSANTE born 1972-12-07 Rufisque;
51 Mr Abraham Manoj NIANG Commander, Chief Division finance/DIRMAT born 1976-05-23 Linguere;
52 Mr Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane DIOUF Commander, Officer Assistant BAT. FOUR born 03/08/1973 to Tene Toubab;
53 Mr Gilbert Louis DIENE Commander BATMAT born 1976-03-20 Joal Fadiouth;
54 Sir Massamba Taylor Commander, Chief of Cabinet/CEMAT born le07/06/1975 at Tambacounda;
55 Mr Aba WADE Commander, officer Adjoint BATPARAS born 21/01/1974 in Dakar;
56 Mr Davi Koguilla MANE squadron leader, National Gendarmerie born 1977-03-17 Simbandi Batante;
57 Mr Ibrahim BA captain, BATMAT born 04 14, 1956 in Dakar;
58 Mr Ousseynou Cissé captain, Commander of unit BAT. FIVE born 16/02/1968 in Tivaouane.
59 Madam Mohammed FALL doctor-Captain (F), BATSANTE born 11/10/1978 in Dakar;
60 Ms. Aminata Diop NAEEM doctor-Captain (F), HPD born 10/06/1979 in Dakar;
61 Mr Amed DIENG captain, BHR/DGRE born 1962-12-12 Mbour.
62 Mr Babacar DIOUF Lieutenant, GSAA born 1960-06-28 Ndiop;
63 Mr Fodéseydi Adjutant retired born on 01/01/1958 in Baghère;
64 Mr El Hadji Moussa NDOA Adjutant, HPD born on 15/09/1963 in St. Louis;
65 Mr Joseph Louis DIATTA Adjutant, BAT five born in 1959 in Mlomp;
66 Mr Alioune DEME Adjutant retired born 31/01/1975 in Dakar;
67 Mr Gábor master warrant officer BATRAVGEN born 1960-03-18 St. Louis;
68 Mr Mamadou Babu master main, GSM born 10/15/1959 in Dakar;
69 Mr Flynn Gill Chief Warrant Officer, BATSPORTS born in 1959 in Kagnorou.
Mr Benedict MANGA Chief Warrant Officer, born in 1959 in Edounga GSAA 70;
71 Mr Laust Marco CWO, 1 GOAA born 04 02, 1961 in Dakar;
72 Mr Imran Saleem Chief Warrant Officer, GSAA born 05 06, 1959 in Dakar;
73 Mr Mbaye NDIAYE Chief Warrant Officer, GSAA born 1962-12-10 Ngothie;
74 Mr Mamadou GUEYE Chief Warrant Officer, BATRANS born 17/03/1963 in Dakar;
75 Mr Dady KEITA Chief Warrant Officer, 25th BRA born 1965-02-01 Ibel;
76 Mr Malik NASIR Chief Warrant Officer, born 1966-04-06 Ngaparou BATBLINDES;
77 Mr Prakash DIOP Chief Warrant Officer, BHR born 11 27, 1959 in Dakar;
78 Mr McClain NGOM Chief Warrant Officer, BHR born 01 02, 1959 in Dakar;
79 Mr Djibril GHANI petty, GNO born 1964-02-19 Thies;
80 Mr Roland Garcia Chief Warrant Officer, BHR born 1968-03-11 Foundioune;
81 Mr Cheikh Sidy said Ibou KAMARA Chief Warrant Officer, BATSANTE born 11/05/1968 in Bignona;
82 Mr Moussa NDIAYE Chief Warrant Officer, National Gendarmerie born 1965-12-14 Bambey.
83 Mr Bemabe STRIPED Chief Warrant Officer, National Gendarmerie born 06 10, 1967 in Dakar;
84 Mr Memory KEMI Chief Warrant Officer, MFA/Jeremy born 18/01/1964 in Dakar;
85 Mr Samba KA Chief warrant officer retired born 1954-09-03 Yendou Mariamichael;
86 Mr Sadio MANE warrant officer, BATRANS born in 1959 in Simbadi Btasso;
87 Mr Demba DIOUF warrant officer, BATRAVGEN born 1961-01-04 St. Louis;
88 Mr Ibrahima GUEYE warrant officer, BATRANS born 1964-04-17 Kaolack;
89 Mr Elianna NDONG warrant officer, National Gendarmerie born 1969-09-27 Kaolack;
90 Mr Omar NDOYE warrant officer, National Gendarmerie born 1970-01-06 Rufisque;
91 Mr Mody DIALLO warrant officer, National Gendarmerie born 1961-12-22 Kaolack;
92 Mr François BALOCH warrant officer, born in 1959 in Edjoungou National Gendarmerie;
93 Mr Mack DIAGNE Adjutant, Chief Park Auto DAAEB/MFA born 1961-11-15 Yoff.
94 Mr Mana GILLAM warrant officer, born 1965-03-12 Baila DPMMMFA;
95 Mr Dhruv Marie Sanchez warrant officer, CAB.MILI/MFA born 1967-07-09 Joal Fadiouth 96 Mr Ahmed Dickinson Adjutant, IAAF/MFA born 20/04/1966â Moubanak;
97 Mr Avdoulaye SAMBA master, GNO born 1966-04-26 Pikine;
98 Mr Cyprie Stella Nair master, GSM born 09 24, 1969 in Dakar;
99 Mr Aliou SANE Sergeant, BATCODOS born in 1962 in Faghatte;
100 Mr Samba BAH Sergeant, 26th BRA born 1963-07-30 Kolda;
101 Mr Abdoulaye NDIAYE Sergeant, BATRAVGEN born 1963-07-27 Fatick;
102 Mr Amadou NDIAYE Sergeant NAMA Washington born 09/02/1962 in Dakar;
103 Mr Mame Galo NIANG Maréchal-des-Logis-Chef, born 1962-06-20 Coki.
104 Mr Randy DIOUF Maréchal-des-Logis-Chef, National Gendarmerie born 03/09/1966 at MMFA;
105 Mr Mbagnick NDIAYE Maréchal-des-Logis-Chef, National Gendarmerie born 1967-12-15 Nioro Rip.
106 Mr Abdou Samuel Maréchal-des-Logis-Chef, Gendarmerie born 1969-01-02 Sankedji 107 Mr Farrukh Gonzalez FALL Maréchal-des-Logis-Chef, ESOGN born 29/03/1975 in Dakar;
108 Mr Arona DIENG Maréchal-des-Logis-Chef, born 19/12/1965 in Dakar Gendarmerie.
109 Mr Mamadou Moussa BALDE Sergeant, BHR/OLUDAISI born 1965-04-01 Tambacounda;

110 Mr Serigne FALL Constable born 15/03/1961 in Dakar;
111 Madam Poulette Martins Secretary/HPD born 08/02/1959 in Dakar.
112 Mr Leity BA, BAT. SIX born 06/05/1973 in Dakar;
113 Mr Cheikh NDOYE civilian staff of the military born 1955-01-31 Keur Matar Gueye.
114 Mr Emmanuel Emna former fighter, born 1938-05-07 Joal Anac.VG;
115 Mr Ousmane Babu former fighter, ONAC. Born in 1935 in Thionck-essyl; VG
116 Mr Ibrahima DIOUF resulted from class 1 to retirement; ONAC. VG born 1960-02-27 Kant Khatt Ministry of the Interior and public security: 117 Mr Ibrahima FALL Civil Administrator, advise Technique born 14/07/1969 in Dakar;
118 Mr Moustapha Diaw administrator Civil Governor of Tambacounda born on 04-05-1965 in Dakar;
119 Mr Khadim SYLLA Islamologist, technical advisor born on 02-01 - 1695 in Touba.
120 Mr Moustapha Diao Inspector of Police divisional born 09.06.1959 in Rufisque.
121 Mr Lassana Saleh Chief Division finance and logistics born on 09-09 - 1970 in Dakar;
122 Mr Papa Geoffrey Dixon official of Police born 08.04 - Yoff, 1965;
123 Mr Fallou Fall engineer of land, sub-prefect of Niakhene born in 1954 in Diokoul;
124 Mr Abdoulaye Diop Agent Technique of Agriculture, sub-prefect of Sakal born 20.05.1961 in Thiès.
125 Mr Marak Fall, Agent Technique of Oceanography, sub-prefect of Boucouto born on 07-16 - 1961 Ndande.
126 Mr. Bouna Ndiaye DIOP Agent Technique Horticole, sub-prefect of Birkelane born on 23-11 - 1967 in Bambey.
127 Mr Amadou FAYE Secretary of administration, sub-prefect of the plots sanitized born on 31-05 - 1970 in Kahone.
128 Mr. Malick Marie teacher, sub-prefect of Gniby (Kaffrine) born on 12-28 - 1955 in Dakar;
129 Mr Afzal FALL Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born on 25-02 - 1967 in Rufisque.
130 Mr Moussa TOURÉ Chief Warrant Officer/BNSP born on 05-01 - 1961 in Rufisque.
131 Mr Ousmane GHANI Chief Warrant Officer of Police born on 02-07-Mbalamsone, 1956;
132 Mr Mamadou Ishmael DIOP Sergeant/BNSP, head of tackle born on 05-24-1964 in Dakar;
133 Mr Idrissa DIOP Sergeant/BNSP born on 28-07 - 1979 in St. Louis;
134 Mr Richard Samson staff sergeant/BNSP born on 10-10 - Maka Chinchu203, 1980;
135 Mr Oumar SARR Sergeant, born 1973-01-01 to Missirah 136 transmitter. Mr Abbas GUEYE Capital-chef/BNSP born on 08-04 - 1974 in Dakar;
137 Mr Mamadou MASHIRI corporal/BNSP born on 10-14-1980 in Kaffrine;
138 Mr Malik SY corporal/BNSP born on 07-14 - 1972 in Thiaroye station;
139 Mr Ravi San cpl/BNSP born on 08-11-1972 in Mbao.
140 Mr Ibrahima Dieng Brigade-Chief of police officers born on 11-21 - 1959 in Dakar;
141 Mr Assane Ndiaye Brigade-Chief of police officers born on 29-03 - 1960 in Rufisque.
142 Mr Jean Martirez Brigade-Chief of police officers born on 07-08-1960 to Boutoupa;
143 Mr Amadou Lamine SALL Brigade-Chief of police officers born on 03-06-Kébémer, 1963;
144 Mr El Hadji Diago brigade of police officers born on 07-04 - Medina Thiamene, 1964;
145 Mr. Coly MARE Birgadier of police officers born on 15-10 - Sarfo, 1962;
146 Mr Babacar Ndiaye Brigadier of police officers born 08-95-Ndiobene, 1963;
147 Mr El Hadji Ousseynou Fall Brigadier of police officers born on 05-07-1969 in Rufisque.
148 Mr Abdoulaye CISSE soldier 1st class/BNSP born on 18-02 - 1978 in Fatick;
149. Mr. Youba mechanic Babu Escadon GMI born in 1964 in Diandialatte Department of JUSTICE 150. Mr. Aliou THET head of Office of the Garde des Sceaux born 1953 in Tambacounda;
151 Mr Mamadou Racine Sy magistrate, technical advisor born 01-08-1973 in Thilogne;
152 Mr El hadji Babacar DIOP magistrate, Assistant Director of judicial Services born on 20-10 - 1972 in Kaolack.
153 Mr Soro Samba DIOP journalist, born on 04-03 - Communication Adviser Kanel, 1957;
154 Madam Fanta KANTE journalist, responsible Communication born in 1952 in Kayes (Mali);
155 Madam Coumba Gonzalez Tounkara Secretary born on 02-03-1970 in Dakar;
156 Madam Awa Ndir Samson Agent of the Prison Administration born 11-11 - Yoff, 1971;
157 Mr. Amassamba NDIAYE Administration prison officer born on 02-03-1972 in Fatick;
158 Mr. Dinesh DIVYA the Prison Administration Officer born on 14-11 - 1970 to Niomoune;
159 Mr. Alioune Garcia Administration prison officer born on 04-28-Bangadji, 1969;
160 Mr Djibirou BA Agent of the Penitentiary Administration born on 01-05-1968 in Ogo;
161 Mr. Moctar SARR Administration prison officer born on 07-06 - 1968 in Dakar;
162 Mr Sheikh Abu mens Nair the Prison Administration Officer born on 18-03 - 1969 in Thiès.
163 Madam Ndèye Fatou SANE the Prison Administration Officer born on 10-06 - 1968 in St. Louis;
164 Mr. Mamadou NDOUR Administration prison officer born on 06-08-1963 in St. Louis;
165 Mr. Thierno DIA Administration prison officer born on 15-03 - 1956 in Rufisque.

DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND SENEGALESE LIVING ABROAD 166. Assane Taye Chief of staff born on 07-29 - 1966 in Pikine.
167 Mr Raymond Salla DIONE Chief Service mail and pouch born on 04-02 - 1961 to Dougnane;
168 Madame Marie Thérèse DIOP responsible arrival pouch born on 10-06 - Fandène, 1957;
169 Mrs Aissatou Samson translator Embassy of Senegal in Britain born on 29-05 - 1971 in Dakar;
170 Mamadou Rao Mbengue Secretary Embassy of Senegal in Algiers born on 10-01 - 1956 in Saint-Louis;

MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, FINANCE AND THE 171 PLAN. Mr McClain Bara NDIAYE civil administrator, technical advisor born on 05-02 - 1965 in Louga.
172 Mr Babacar Dhillon Director Commercial/SONAC born on 21-07 - 1961 in Dakar;
173 Mr Abdou SALL Chen Counsellor Commercial/SONAC born on 09-05 - 1960 in Kaolack.
174 Mr Alioune Kash Inspector of taxes and fields born on 22-06 - 1956 in Dabo (Kolda).
175 Mr Mouhamadine Oumar BA senior customs inspector born on 04-04 - 1973 in Thiès.
176 work statistics Mr Mamadou Cissé engineer born on 16-10 - 1969 in Rufisque.
177 Mr Ivan Kaeser engineer surveyor born in 1958 in Djifanghor;
178 Mr Cheikh Amadou Bamba FALL Advisor to the DRS/SFD born on 13-04 - 1968 in Dakar;
179 Mr. Ibrahima NDONG Planner Economist born on 26-11 - Mar Lothie, 1959;
180 Mr Papa Saliou TOURE Senior Economist of this born on 05-08-1959 in Thiès.
181 Madam Ketan SOME Economist born retired on 24-07 - 1953 in Bamako;
182 Madam Marie Anne Dodd Chief of Administration and the R.H. Of the FGA born on 26-01 - Fadiouth, 1966;
183 Mr Daouda Diop Chief Sevice Regional Cadastre of Thies born on 23-05 - 1955 in Bodo-Dioulasso;
184 Mr El Hadji Malick Tall head of Reference Center born on 07-22 - 1966 in Thiès.
185 Mr Lamine LABOU Chief of Bureau monitoring programs and political economic born on 21-08 - Diofior, 1966;
186 Madam Ndèye Kolawole DIOP responsible Service administrative born on 06-07-1971 to Kaolack;
187 Mr Raja Sandhu load of functions Administratives/BICIS born on 30-04 - 1962 in Dakar;
188 Madame Joseph CAMARA accountant born 22.05.1963 in Dakar;
189 Mrs Eunice Nair Executive Secretary born at Joal Fadiouth 31.05.1968;
190 Mr Mouhamadou Moustapha FAYE Agent of Directors born 15.10.1956 in St. Louis;
191 Madame Ndeye Penda SALL administrative officer born 23.06.1968 in Dakar;
192 Madam Nafissatou FAYE Secretary typist born retired the 24.09.1954 in Dakar;
193 Madam Coumba Bakhoume Nair data entry born retired operator 24.08.1953 in St. Louis;
194 Madame Brigitte Margerit AWA BOUCHER cashier born 20.06.1962 to Djifère;
195 Mr Doudou DIOP driver born 12.09.1960 in Dakar;

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND THE RURAL 196 EQUIPMENT. . Mr Alan DIOP agricultural engineer born 18.01.1955 in Dakar;
197 Mr Abdou SALL agronomist born 10.01.1957 to Feto.
198 Mr Abubakar Saeed engineer of work agricultural born 02.10.1958 to Thiathiour;
199 Mr Ahmet Tidiane Dieng engineer engineering Rural born 28.11.1054 in Dakar;
200 Mr Papa Sam Gonzales agronomist born 23.09.1959 in Kaolack.
201 Mr Farhan SOW Director of CFPH born 03.07.1957 in St. Louis;
202 Mr Bouna Neck Intendant of CFPH born in 1955 in Dahra;
203 Mr Lamine SAMBOU Chief Sevice Dptal of rural development from Bignona born in 1954 in Diaboudior;
204 Mr. Baba Gadji environmentalist born in 1959 in Nguith;
205 Madam Rokhaye known as Suzanne DIOUF controller of Cooperatives born on 03. 01.1959 in Fatick;

MINISTRY OF WOMEN, FAMILY AND CHILDHOOD 206. Madam Ndèye Faeze Diop Chief Administrative Office and financial born 15.12.1956 in St. Louis;
207 Mr Mansour Diagne Chief Service départemental in the urbanism of Mbour born 11.11.1970 in St. Louis;
208 Mr Issah DHARMAWAN Chief Division Strategies and urban development born 22.01.1963 in Kolda.
209 Mr Assane Sow horticultural technician born 01.11.1956 in Dakar;
210 Monisieur Oumar GADIO Agent service born in 1954 in Kathleen;

Ministry of local governance, development and planning the 211. Ms. Aminata Nanavati Professor of history and geography born 12.10.1965 in Thiès.
212 Mrs Kaye Diante mistress of education technical vocational born 27.09.1959 in Kolda.
213 Mr Joseph NDIAYE Goemetre born in 1958 in Keur Namdev;
214 Mr Abbas GUEYE controller of Cooperatives born 14.07.1962 at Ndiebel.
215 Mr Ibrahima KA technician horticultural born 01.01.1957 to Mboudaille Peul.

216 Mr Mamadou Ibra DIAGNE Agent Technique of Agriculture/MRR of Niakhar born in 1956 in Ndiaganiao;

DEPARTMENT OF HYDRAULICS AND SANITATION 217. Mr Mandir Samson engineer of the construction of the territory born 17.07.1961 in Dakar;
218 Mr Samba BA planning Advisor born 04.08.1958 in Dakar;
219 Mr Babacar SARR technician higher of public works born 10.05.1954 at Diagle;
220 Mr Lat Souk TOUNKARA researcher, Chief biotechnology Division born 31.07.1961 in Dakar;
221 Mrs Aissatou Tall culinary Art technician born in Podor 14.01.1955;
222 Madame Fatou drama Assistant of Direction born 30.04.1960 at Marsassoum;
223 Mr Boubacar LAM administrative officer born 25.03.1966 in Dakar;

MINISTRY OF THE INFRASTRCTURES, LAND TRANSPORT AND THE OPENING UP 224. Mr Sheikh Mr. Khalifa BA Director Technique FERA born 22.02.1976 in Rufisque.
225 Mr Rakyat NDIAYE engineer of transport born 20.05.1972 in Nioro du Rip;
226 Mr Ousseynou FAYE coordinator training of staff/DDD born 21.11.1955 in Conakry;
227 Mr Doudou SAR attending the traffic Coordinator, born 23.10.1954 in St. Louis;
228 Madam Anne Marie Agnès RoxAnn Bocandé Executive Secretary born 27.09.1973 in Dakar;
229 Mrs. AWA Gueye Secretary steno-daclylographe born 21.04.1958 in Dakar;
230 Madam Mahesh Babu Secretary born typist 13.05.1969 to Chocolily;
231 Mr said Amadou Samba DIOUF the road Directorate accountant born 02.04.1957 in Mékhé.
232 Mr Madiw Khor MBENGUE cashier-auditor DDD born in 1954 in Thiago;
233 Mr. Thierno GANO driver born in Sare Maffa 19.08.1973;
234 Mr Amadou SY, volunteer of the movement born 30.04.1965 in Dakar;

MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 235. . Mrs. Mame Gogo Banel NDIAYE technical advisor born 15.04.1966 in Dakar;
236 Mr Babacar DIONE engineer des Eaux et Forêts born 10.01.1967 in Gandiaye;
237 Mr Cheikh Tidiane Kante head of the DREEC born in Podor 15.09.1970;
238 Mr Lamine Sambou Agent Technique of national parks born 31.12.1974 to Kartiack;
239 Mr Mor Sagne driver born 09.09.1955 in Patar.

MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH 240. . Mr. Leroux drama administrator Civil, S.G. du Rectorat/UCAD born 29.09.1971 in Dakar;
241 Mr Mamadou Mian KA doctor-colonel, Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences born 03.04.1959 in Dakar;
242 Mr Mamadou Ghani director-general of the ITECOM born 24.01.1967 at Gossas;
243 Mr Rodolfo NASRULLAH Director of financing of Ets higher education born 27.10.1963 to Kaka.
244 Mr Seydina Moussa NDIAYE Director of Centre of networks and Information systems born 23.07.1971 in Dakar;
245 Mr Abdou SENE private higher education Director born 24.09.1967 in Dakar;
246 Mr Waly FAYE Director General Administration and equipment born the 10.03. 1971-Boof Mbalem;
247 Mr Moustapha SANE Director of studies of the ISBEA born in 1955 in Kaolack;
248 Mr Allen born engineer geography SOW the 07.04.1955 in Dakar;
249 Madam Marie Christmas Mario Chief of education ESP/UCAD born 26.12.1954 in Tivigne ye;
250 Madam Jun Diagne head of Service of the education faculty letters/UCAD born 14.08.1956 in St. Louis;
251 Madam Lika Niang Chief Services Finance and accounting to the FLSH/UCAD born 22.11.1956 in Dakar;
252 Mr Raymond SAGNA Chief of Service of finance to the INSEPS born 10.03.1958 in Dakar;
253 Madam Oumoukhary FALL head of Administrative Services / University of Thiès, born in 1956 in Gae.
254 Ms. Aminata B. Wahebine SEYDI Chief of Administrative Service to the INSEPS born 08.09.1956 in Velingara;
255 Ms. Fatou DIOP teacher-researcher born 01.01.1960 Leona;
256 Mr. Ababacar Gaye FALL head Division strategy and quality/DGES born in Mékhé 257 30.08.1952. Mr Sahgal Senghor Chief Division to the Office of the Bachelor born in 1957 in Uzbekistan;
258 Ms. Astou Samson Chief Division Maintenance and environment/Univ. Thies born 29.01.1957 in Dakar;
259 Madame Fatou Kine Camara Coordinator of GESTURES/Lu nee 29.12.1964 in Dakar;
260 Mrs Aissatou NIANG born Executive Secretary 12.10.1955 to Manzano;
261 Madam Jeanne Te foam Diouf Executive Secretary born 30.09.1956 to Fouloune;
262 Madame Bineta NANAVATI Executive Secretary born the 15.01. 1957 in Dakar;
263 Madam Marie Sarr Executive Secretary born 25.12.1959 in Dakar;
264 Madam IATA CAMARA Executive Secretary born 13.01.1957 in Dakar;
265 Mrs Anta Diallo Executive Secretary born 10.08.1957 in Dakar;
266 Madam Martha Dodd Executive Secretary born in Joal 29.09.1960;
267 Mr Sheikh Evan Narcisse home to university administration born 27.05.1954 in Dakar;
268 Madam Khardidiatou Gonzalez Secretary born 21.07.1959 in Dakar;
269 Mr Jean Théodore NDIAYE head office mail to the INSEPS born 20.06.1957 in Dakar;

MINISTRY OF EDUCATION NATIONAL 270. Mr Mamadou Khalifa Diop Inspector teaching middle and high school born in 1955 in Kaolack;
271 Mr Amadou Berry SY Inspector elementary born in Podor 12.04.1959;
272 Mr Cheikh FAYE medium secondary education inspector born in Sokone 20.05.1973;
273 Mr Alioune Badara Diop inspector education and training born 23.06.1965 in St. Louis;
274 Mr Lady DIAW, Professor, responsible for born private education 18.02.1959 to Mbeuleukhe;
275 Mrs Aissatou Nana Professor teaching means born 05.02.1965 in Dakar;
276 Mr Alioune NIANG Professor of College born 30.07.1972 in Mbour.
277 Mrs Aissatou GUEYE secondary education professor born retired the 11.08.1953 in Dakar;
278 Mr Abdoulaye FALL Professor history and geography born 26.04.1962 in Dakar;
279 Mrs Aissatou Traoré principal born 29.10.1954 to Kartiack;
280 Madam Maimouna modu principal born the 03.09. 1957 in Kaolack;
281 Mr Théodore Tavares Principal of College retired born 30.07.1954 to Cheepcheepchick;
282 Mr Abdoulaye DIALLO Principal of College born in 1955 in Kandemba;
283 Mr Ibrahim Mbaye supervisor born in Diourbel 284 21.05.1956. Mrs Bhandari BISTA teacher retired born in 1954 in Bokidiawe;
285 Madam Suzette Fane teacher born 28.04.1968 in St. Louis;
286 Mr Mamadou Niang teacher born 02.04.1955 in Rufisque.
287 Mr Nikkila DIOP teacher born in 1954 in Mboro;
288 Mr Amadou SANE teacher retired born 1953 in MAM;
289 Mr Moustapha Amadou NDIAYE teacher born in Bignona 27.01.1956;
290 Mr Seigne Oumar GAYE teacher born 16.05.1964 to Kegougou;
291 Mr Mamadou Abdoulaye Diawara retired teacher born 17.03.1952 in Thiès.
292 Madam Suhail NAJMI teacher born the 03.03. 1955 in Dakar;
293 Mr Mamadou SCICLUNA teacher born in Diannah-malari 04.06.1968;
294 Mr Ebeed SAGNA Planner born 12.05.1970 in Dakar;
295 Mr. Mbaye FAYE computer scientist born in 1962 in Diourbel;

297 Mr Maurice DIOP controller of control economic born 14.10.1957 in Rufisque.
298 Mr. Babacar Sadikh BA controller of control economic born 05.03.1958 in Thiès.
299 Mr Papa Abdoulaye Sow controller of control economic born 09.02.1960 in Thiès.

MINISTRY OF FISHING AND THE MARITIME 300 ECONOMY. . Mr Kabir COLY refrigeration engineer, born in 1954 in Kagnobon; technical advisor
301 Mr Yang Gandhi observer of fisheries born 31.12.1958 to Djrack;
302 Mr Hady Diack Coordinator cell procurement born in 1957 in Mani;
303 Mr Melton GUINDO river pilot born 28.04.1954 in Dakar;
304 Mrs. Aissatou Gonzalez teacher in-service at ANAM born 03.12.1958 in Thiès.
305 Mr Bradley FALL officer fisheries Technique born 29.01.1957 in St. Louis;
306 Madame Sophie FALL, Secretary steno-daclylographe born 11.12.1971 in Kaolack.
307 Mr Abba Babu administrative officer retired born 1953 in Sindian;

MINISTRY OF POSTS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS 308. . Mr. Amadou Cissé Loum DIOP Economist, Adviser born 04.03.1957 in Kaolack.
309 Madam DISHA DEME posts receiver born in Kaffrine 22.09.1958;
310 Mr Issa SAHOO driver born in Bargny 08.06.1963;

Department of the livestock and PRODUCTIONS of animal 311.Monsieur Mbaye agronomist born zootechnician in 1958 born in Diourbel.
312 Mr Mamadou Moustapha CISSE engineer of work of livestock born 04.07.1968 to Palmarine;
313 Madame Aïda GUEYE engineer of work of livestock born 15.07.1967 in Thiès.
314 Mr Mbaye GUEYE technical officer for livestock born 22.06.1957 in Louga.
315 Mr Samba DIOP, technical officer of livestock born 03.03.1957 to Saneinte;
316 Mr Cheikh Tidiane Dieng administrative officer born 06.06.1968 in Rufisque.
317 Mr Moustapha LAM Agent of Service born 27.05.1970 in Dakar;

DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM AND TRANSPORT AÉRIENS 318. Mr Zacria Gonzalez Education Inspector, technical advisor born 06.05.1966 in St. Louis;
319 Ms. Fatimata Zahra Rassoul THIAM specialist in tourism, technical advisor born 03.05.1965 in Kaolack.
320 Mrs Hanan Nasser le22.08.1970 in Dakar born administrative officer;


321. Mr Keyssi Bradley Deputy Head of the national Grand Theater, born in 1956 in Doumga;
322 Mr Jean Benoît Faheem Professor Art Education music born in Tivaouane 28.10.1971;
323 Mr Pankaj Dhingra filmmaker, cinematographer born 19.01.1952 in Dakar;
324 Mr Abbasi Coly libraries curator born 27.09.1972 in Daroul Khairy.
325 Mr Abdoulaye FAYE Biblithecaire born on 12. 11.1967 to Ngollar serer;
326 Madam Ndèye Fatou Fall Assistant born 17.05.1966 in Dakar;
327 Madame Fatou FALL GAYE, born Secretary in Velingara 10.01.1967;
328 Madam Rao SANE, born Secretary 15.11.1977 in Dakar;

MINISTRY OF LABOUR, SOCIAL DIALOGUE, PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND RELATIONS WITH INSTITUTIONS 329. . Mr Ousmane NDAO, Inspector Regional Labour and social security born 27.10.1964 in Kaolack.
330 Mr Tène Garcia Inspector Regional Labour and the born social security mle 31.03.1965 to Dakar Hann;
331 Mr Sada Racine WANE, Director of agencies and regional offices born in 1959 in Mariam;
332 Mr Pape Mamadou Tandian Economist, Chief Service allowances born 05.05.1957 in Banjul (Gambia);
333 Mr Ibrahima SALL Chef du Service heritage estate born 20.10.1964 in Kaolack.
334 Mr Thierno Birahim Gonzalez administrative officer, Chief Human Resources Division born on 08. 12, 1969 in Diourbel;
335 Mr Papa Soce Samson Chief Administrative Officer of this born 1954-10-03 Thies;
336 Mrs Fabienne Thérèse CORREIA Secretary born 09/10/1967 in Dakar;
337 Mr Mohamed Moustapha SOA service born 1974-02-01 Kaolack agent;

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES 338. Mr Jonathan Wagner Director Exploration Production born 31.12.1952 in Dakar;

MINISTRY OF VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND LEARNING CRAFTS 339. Mr Chelkhou Oumar SY Director of the Centre of professional training of Ndoulo born 03.09.1965 in Dagana.
340 Madam Soukeya Ndiaye born retired school director 05.09.1953 in Tambacounda.
341 Madama Rao Ndiaye Professor of economy family born retired the 26.10.1951 in Dakar;
342 Madam Hawa COULIBALY mistress of technical education and professional born 24.06.1957 in Thiès.
343 Madam ya Adamou HADIO mistress of technical education and professional born 27.05.1954 at Kolibagonga 344. Ms. Bintou Samson mistress of technical education and professional born 18.09.1962 in Louga.
345 Mrs Usha Farba SY mistress of technical education and professional born 21.07.1965 in Kolda.
346 Madam Jeanne Gibson mistress of technical education and professional born retired the 15.08.1953 in Thiès.
347 Madame Fatou Kanwar mistress of economy family born retired the 19.01.1950 at Joal.
348 Madam Nafissatou Mbaye styling-model trainer born in Bignona 06.11.1962;
349 Madam Assa KANTE trainer styling-model born 23.08.1962 in Dakar;
350 Mr Djibril Sagna trainer in fashion-model born in 1956 at Bagaya;
351 Madam Awa Samson teacher born retired the 02.10.1952 in Dakar;
352 Mrs Aissatou Dharan Assistant born 05.05.1963 in Dakar;
353 Madam Nicole Taylor Assistant born 25.04.1960 in Thiès.
354 Mr. Etienne Mario retired service officer born 29.02.1948 to Fouloune;

MINISTRY OF YOUTH, EMPLOYMENT AND BUILDING CITIZEN 355. Mr Papa Mbagnick master SOUMARE popular education born 25. 04, 1955 in St. Louis;
356 Mr. Abdourahmane Ndiaye master of popular Education born 12.06.1960 in Bambey.
357 Mr Sidy Ahmed Dhar master of popular Education born 16.10.1955 in Thiès.
358 Mr Matal SCICLUNA E instructor. P.S born 16.06.1962 in Diannah BA;
359 Mr Samuel Nam E instructor. P.S born 07.10.1964 in Ziguinchor.
360 Mr Wright Dino driver born 26.09.1972 in Dakar;
Ministry of sport 361.Monsieur Gorgui Samba teacher born 13.01.1972 in Rufisque.
362 Mr Alassane Fisher master of EPS born 14.04.1973 in Ziguinchor.
363 Ms. Dennis Dickerson mistress of E. P.S born 01.02.1968 in St. Louis;
364 Madame Fatou MBOUP born Secretary 28.06.1972 to Diourbel.


365 Mr Elimane Abdoul KANE Professor College education means born in Podor 11.01.1972;
366 Mr Cheikh Fady LAYE dentist born 24.10.1965 in Tambacounda.
367 Mr Mamadou GAYE Chief Division Pensions and retirement born to Maral 02.10.1962.
368 Mr Papa Biram BA teacher born 07.08.1969 in Dakar;
369 Mr Venu Nair head office reception and Orientation born 01.01.1974 in Louga.
370 Mr Sadio SOW accountant matter/CNFA Rufisque born 09.09.1974 to Keur Yakham.
371 Mr El Hadji drama entry operator born 10.05.1955 Tiguere wax;

MINISTRY OF AFRICAN INTEGRATION, NEPAD AND THE PROMOTION OF GOOD GOVERNANCE 372. Mr. Massamba Sène magistrate, Director of cabinet of the Minister born 22.01.1972 in Thiès.
373 Mr Demba Diouf Secretary of Administration, head of the wise born 15.08.1979 to Toucar;
374 Mrs Kaye Daff administrative officer born in Touba 02.01.1975;

GRAND CHANCELLERY OF THE NATIONAL ORDER OF THE LION 375. Mr Sheikh Jessica CEO of Master born in 1957 in Mékhé;
376 Mr Mbaye SENE Chief de Cabinet du Médiateur de la République born 09.07.1960 to Farare;
377 Mr Jean Pierre Olivier former pilot Air Africa born in Villeneuve-Le-Roi 30.10.1932;
378 Madam Maimouna Mbaye framework of Bank born retired the 05.12.1950 in St. Louis;
379 Mrs Shirin Kaire actress of development community born upon the 01.10.1949 to Cheepcheepchick;
380 Mr Demba TEWE responsible Centre Documentation Institute Islamic Dakar born 19.12.1951 in Dakar;
381 Mr Mamadou SARR Second master in service to the GCONL born 31.08.1975 in Kahone.

S. 4 - the Prime Minister, Ministers and the Chancellor of the order of merit are responsible, each in relation to the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.

Made in Dakar, March 19, 2015, by the President of the Republic: Macky SALL.

The Prime Minister, Mahammed Boun Abdallah DIONNE