Decree No. 2015 - 1040 Of July 20, 2015

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2015-1040 du 20 juillet 2015

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Ministry of the environment and of development sustainable Decree No. 2015 - 1040 20 July 2015 Decree No. 2015-1040 20 July 2015 on decommissioning of one hundred and one (101) hectares of the classified forest of Kaffrine, Department of Kaffrine Kaffrine region for the benefit of the University of Sine Saloum of Kaolack.

REPORT of agriculture represents a major issue in the economic and social development of Senegal. That is why, at the Council of decentralized Ministers that the region of Kaolack hosted in June 2012, several measures have been taken by the Council, including the establishment of an institution for agricultural and related trades: the University of Sine Saloum of Kaolack (USSK).

The University of Sine Saloum of Kaolack has a number of training units and research across the four regions of Kaolack, Diourbel, Fatick and Kaffrine.

The implementation of the training units and research "Science and technology of animal husbandry and animal production" and "Social Sciences" in the forest of Kaffrine, Mr Minister of higher education and research requested the Governor of the region of Kaffrine convene the regional commission of soil conservation in order to decide on the decommissioning of this forest on an area of 100 ha.

The regional commission of conservation of soils of Kaffrine, meeting on 24 February 2015, gave a favourable response to the request but on an area of 101 ha in accordance with the geo-referenced data accompanying said request.

May 18, 2015, the national soil Conservation Commission met to finally adopt the conclusions of the regional commission of Kaffrine soil conservation.

However, the partial decommissioning of Kaffrine forest for the benefit of the University du Sine Saloum of Kaolack is subject to compensation measures aimed to protect and enrich the rest of the forest.

These compensation measures will be a memorandum of understanding between the Department of higher education and research and the Department of the environment and sustainable development.

That is, the President of the Republic, the economy of this Decree.

The President of the Republic, pursuant to the Constitution, particularly articles 43 and 76;
Having regard to Act No. 64-46 June 17, 1964 the national domain, as amended;
Pursuant to law No. 98-03 of January 08, 1998 on the forest Code, part legislative;
Pursuant to law No. 2013-10 December 28, 2013, general code of local authorities, as amended;
Mindful of Decree No. 64 - 473 of 30 July 1964 laying down the conditions for the application of the law on the national field.
Mindful of Decree No. 72-1288 of October 27, 1972, relating to the conditions of assignment and decommissioning of the national lands included in rural communities, as amended;
Having regard to Decree No. 98-164 of 20 February 1998 on the application of the forest Code, part regulatory.
Mindful of Decree No. 2014-853 09 July detailing the distribution of services of the State and control of public institutions, societies and corporations with public participation between the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister's Office and the ministries, amended by Decree No. 2015-299 06 March 2015.
Considering Decree No. 2015 - 855 of 22 June 2015 concerning the composition of the Government.
Having regard to the minutes of the proceedings of the Regional Commission of Conservation of soils of the Thiès region dated April 18, 2014;
Having regard to the minutes of the deliberations of the national soil Conservation Commission dated May 27, 2014;

The report of the Minister of the environment and sustainable development, decreed: Article 1. -The part of the forest classified of Kaffrine, located in the Kaffrine region, an area of one hundred and one (101) hectares, is downgraded to the benefit of the University of Sine Saloum of Kaolack to the installation of the units of training and research 'Science and Techniques of farming and livestock production 'and' social science'.

S. 2 - the Minister for economy, finance and the Plan, the Minister of urban renewal, housing and the living environment, Minister for infrastructure, land transport and the opening-up, the Minister of the environment and sustainable development and the Minister of higher education and research are responsible, each in relation to the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.

Made in Dakar, July 20, 2015 Macky SALL by the President of the Republic: Prime Minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah DIONNE