Decree No. 2015-397 March 26, 2015

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2015-397 du 26 mars 2015

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Department of vocational training, of the learning and of the crafts Decree No. 2015-397 March 26, 2015 Decree No. 2015-397 of 26 March 2015 repealing and replacing Decree No. 97-928 of 27 August 1997 on the establishment of the project furniture National report of PRESENTATION the Decree n ° 97-928 of 27 August 1997 on the establishment of National furniture project (PMN) has been taken in order to associate upstream designers to design models of furniture of office and apartment with aesthetic, ergonomic and technical characteristics comply with our cultural heritage.

Taking into account of the cultural and aesthetic dimension as well as the innovative nature of some initiatives for the promotion of furniture design was partly justified its institutional anchorage to the Ministry of Culture.

Today, the option of the public authorities to open the command of the State to the artisanal production reveals the desire to engage this sector in the process of the economic emergence of Senegal.

In this spirit, the allotted State advocates to go beyond the simple reproduction of the 174 manufactured prototypes of the National furniture to totally open public procurement to a sector with a high capacity to absorb unemployment and wealth creation, contributing to the gross domestic product (GDP).

The place and role of the artisanal sector in the national economy, with a strong involvement of the private sector, justifies the repeal of Decree No. 97-928, on 27 August 1997 to give to the new project furniture National whole wingspan.

The present draft de Mobilier National opening public order to artisans goes to term, reduce dramatically the massive importation of products harmful to the equilibrium of the trade balance.

While safeguarding our cultural identity, the project contributes to the socio-economic development of the country.

Such is the economy of the draft decree.


The President of the Republic, pursuant to the Constitution;
Mindful of Decree No. 90 - 600 28 May 1990 laying down the system of allowances of public servants participating in the implementation of the agreements concluded by the State for development projects;
Having regard to Decree No. 2014 - 845 06 July 2014 appointing the Prime Minister;
Having regard to Decree No. 2014 - 849 06 July 2014 on the composition of the Government.
Mindful of Decree No. 2014-853 09 July 2014 on the distribution of the services of the State and control of public institutions, national companies and companies with public participation between the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister's Office and departments amended by Decree No. 2015-299, March 06, 2015;
Considering Decree No. 2014 - 872 of July 22, 2014, on the powers of the Minister of economy, finance and the Plan;
Considering Decree No. 2014 - 892 22 July 2014 on the powers of the Minister of vocational training, learning and crafts;

The report of the Minister of vocational training and learning crafts, decreed: Article 1. -It is created within the Ministry of vocational training and learning crafts a National furniture Project Coordination.

S. 2 - Coordination has the mission of:-accompany the artisans to better respond to the requirements of public order, by the training, development, funding and access to land.
-coordinate and monitor the development of artisans access to public procurement;
-confirm the investment of Senegalese creative genius in the economic development of the country;
-popularize the National furniture project by the reproduction of the prototypes already cxistants;
-create new prototypes by the Organization of a National furniture competition.

S. 3 - the Coordination of the National furniture project is placed under the direction of a national coordinator appointed by Decree on the proposal of the Minister responsible for the craft.

He was chosen among the officials of the hierarchy A or similar.

The Coordinator ensures the administrative and financial management of the Proiect.

S. 4 - one Advisory Committee assists the furniture National project coordinator in the accomplishment of its mission.

It is composed as follows:-a representative of the Presidency of the Republic (Chairman of the Advisory Committee);
-a representative of the Prime Minister;
-a representative of the Minister in charge of crafts;
-a representative of the Minister of the environment;
-a representative of the Minister responsible for culture;
-the material and administrative Transit Director or his representative;
-one representative of the Senegalese Association for Standardization;
-one representative of the National Union of the Chambers of trade (UNCM);
-a representative of the Minister responsible for trade;
-a representative of the professional artisans (OPA) organizations.

The Coordinator provides the secretariat for the meetings of the Advisory Committee.

The Committee meets twice a year and if necessary at the call of its Chairman.

The Committee may call, if necessary, any jurisdiction considered useful.

S. 5. - the members of the Committee are appointed by order of the Minister of vocational training, learning and crafts on designation of the authorities of the institutions or bodies which they fall.

S. 6. - Organization and operation of the Coordination rules are laid down by order of the Minister of vocational training, and learning the craft.

S. 7. - all provisions contrary to this order are hereby repealed, including Decree No 97-928 of 27 August 1997.

S. 8. - the Minister of economy, finance and the Plan and the Minister of vocational training, learning and crafts are responsible, each in relation to the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.

Made in Dakar, March 26, 2015.

Macky SALL.

By the President of the Republic: Prime Minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah DIONNE