Decree No. 2016-262 Of February 19, 2016

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2016-262 du 19 février 2016

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Ministry of the Interior and of the security public order No. 2016-262 of February 19, 2016 Decree No. 2016-262 of 19 February 2016 on the organisation of a referendum the President of the Republic, pursuant to the Constitution;
Pursuant to law organic No. 92-23 of May 30, 1992 on the Constitutional Council.
Having regard to the electoral code;
Having regard to Decree No. 2016-261 18 February 2016 fixing the date of a referendum and the convening of the electoral body.
Having regard to decision n ° 2000-C-5 November 16, 2000;
Having regard to decision n ° 1/C/2016 12 February 2016 of the Constitutional Council;
Having regard to the opinion of the President of the National Assembly of 18 January 2016 on the draft revision of the Constitution;

The report of the Minister of the Interior and public security;

Ordained: Article 1. -On the occasion of the referendum of March 20, 2016, the exercise of the right to vote is open to all voters in the general file.

The lists of electors for the referendum are those arrested as follows:-the register of electors established on national territory and the military and paramilitary, file consolidated at the end of the regular revision of 2015;
-special file of the Senegalese living abroad consolidated at the end of the exceptional revision of 2011.

S. 2 - the text of the draft constitutional revision submitted to the referendum is printed and brought to the attention of voters by the care of the Administration.

S. 3 - put at the disposal of voters, excluding any other two ballots which one is the answer 'Yes' and the other the answer 'no '.

An order of the Minister of the Interior and public security sets the color of the ballots.

S. 4 - the prefects and sub-prefects establish, by order, administrative commissions of distribution of voter registration cards specifying timetables and their location. However, if the circumstances so require, they may be transformed, by Decree, in travelling committees, subject of a broad dissemination of the plan of homelessness by the competent administrative authority. The commissions are established in accordance with the provisions of article L.54 of the electoral code.

In any case, they are aggregated at the level of the seats in the Commons three (03) days before the polling day and operate until the day before at midnight.

For this referendum, it shall apply article L.53, paragraph 7 of the electoral code.

Art 5. -The conditions for the conduct of polling and voting procedures are laid down by order of the Minister of the Interior and public security.

Art 6 - the campaign for the referendum is open Saturday, March 12, 2016 at zero hour and close on Friday, March 18, 2016 at midnight.

It is governed by articles L.59, LO 123, LO 127 paragraphs 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, LO 128 and LO 129 of the electoral Code.

Debates in the public service media can be organised, under the control of the body responsible for the regulation of the media, on the content of the draft constitutional revision, the concept of referendum and civic duty of the citizen participation in the vote.

Any body, any privately written, audiovisual press or using any other medium, which deals with the campaign is required to ensure compliance with the rules of fairness and balance on the treatment of issues relating to the referendum.

S. 7 - for the purposes of this order and for the purpose of the referendum, "candidate" or 'lists of candidates', 'political party' or 'coalition of political parties' contained in the electoral code shall be replaced by "representative of the power of Yes" or "no current representative."

Organizations that contribute to the expression of the votes, wishing to participate in the referendum operations are organized to identify with one or the other, notify the competent administrative authority and declare the identity of their Plenipotentiary, not later than the eve of the start of the referendum campaign, in accordance with the procedure described in article L.67 du Code electoral.

S. 8 - delegates from appellate courts are involved in the supervision of the returning officer.

The Commission electoral Nationale autonomous, pursuant to the electoral code L.5, monitors and oversees operations referendum.

For the control of the conduct of the vote, each stream can have more than one representative per polling.

The forenames, names and registration number on the list of electors for the constituency of representatives in the polling stations shall be notified to the administrative authority of the spring six (06) days before the holding of the referendum.

S. 9 - the general census of the votes, the announcement of the results and the litigation of the referendum are governed by articles 136 LO to LO 141 of the electoral Code.

S. 10. - an order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese from the outside determines the arrangements necessary for the application of this Decree for the vote of the Senegalese established or residing outside in relation to the Minister of the Interior and public security.

S. 11 - the Minister of the Armed Forces, the Minister of the Interior and public security, the keeper of the seals, Minister of Justice, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and of Senegalese living abroad, the Minister of economy, finance and the Plan, the Minister of Culture and Communication, are responsible, each in relation to the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.

Made in Dakar, February 19, 2016 Macky SALL.
By the President of the Republic: the Prime Minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah DIONNE