Decree No. 2016-318 March 03, 2016

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2016-318 du 03 mars 2016

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Presidency of the Republic Decree No. 2016-318, March 03, 2016 Decree No. 2016-318, 03 March 2016 on the concession of the Medal of honor of firefighter the PRESIDENT of the Republic, pursuant to the constitution, especially the articles 43, 45 and 76;

Having regard to Act No. 82 - 12 July 23, 1982 submitting to military status the personnel of the national group of firefighters;

Mindful of Decree No. 72-24 of January 11, 1972, on the national order Code, as amended;

Considering Decree No. 80 - 1281 of 31 December 1980, creating the Medal of honor of firefighter;

Having regard to Decree No 84 - 153 09 February 1984 on the special status of the personnel of the national group of firefighters;

Pursuant to Decree No. 2012 - 1434 13 December 2012 on creation of the national Brigade of firefighters;

Having regard to Decree No. 2014 - 845 06 July 2014 appointing the Prime Minister;

Having regard to Decree No. 2015 - 855 of 22 June 2015 on the composition of the Government.

On presentation of the Grand Chancellor of the national order of the Lion, DECREED: Article 1. -The Medal of honor of firefighter is granted to members of the weapon the following: 1 Dhange Lieutenant born OA in Thiès 2 Sean MARE Chief Warrant Officer Mle 02.05.1965 born in Linguere 3 Namita Chief Warrant Officer Mle born 06.04.1967 10.12.1965 to Mbamb 4 Baye Richard Dickerson Chief Warrant Officer Mle born the 28.03.1966 in Dakar 5 Sidy Refugio DIALLO Chief Warrant Officer Mle born 02.08.1963 in Thiès 6 Ahmadou Nair Chief Warrant Officer Mle born the 13.12.1962 in Dakar 7 Maguette WADE Chief Warrant Officer Mle born the 10.01.1964 in Dakar 8 Vishal Nair Adjutant Mle born in Thiès 9 Kashan BABOU Adjutant Mle born 16.02.1973 the 30.04.1974 in Rufisque 10 Fahmawi Adjutant Mle born the 28.11.1971 in Dakar 11 Moustapha NDIR Adjutant Mle born the 19.10.1959 to Daniel Leena 12 El Hadji Amadou T DACOSTA Sergeant Mle born the 08.05.1978 in Dakar 13 Abdoulaye BA staff sergeant Mle born the 02.01.1971 to Mbodiene 14 Pope Djibril SALL Sergeant Mle born to Ziguinchor 15 Helene L. DIOUF Sergeant Mle 10.01.1972 born the 18,10.1971 in Dakar 16 Gorgui Gonzalez Sergeant Mle born 23.10.1973 at Yoff 18 Aly Guissé Sergeant Mle born in Nguith 19 Lexes Cissé Sergeant Mle born 03.06.1972 the 10.11.1974 to Kallene 20 Cheikh Tidiane Cissé Sergeant Mle born the 01.01.1976 to Ndiassane 21 Baye Moussé DIOP Sergeant Mle born 29.01.1977 in Tamba 22 Falou BA staff sergeant Mle born 07.02.1974 in Thiès 23 Djibril DAWOUD Sergeant Mle born the 18.08.1973 in Dakar 24 Pope Gandhiatul36 NDIAYE Sergeant Mle born in Kaolack 25 Moustapha Gandhi Sergeant Mle 27.01.1979 born 16.08.1973 to Mangacounda 26 root Babu Sergeant Mle born the 24.03.1978 to Balingore 27 Charles BAGLEY Sergeant Mle born in Kolda 28 Mouhamadou DIENG Sergeant Mle born 21.01.1978 the Pikine 29 Viktoriah Sergeant Mle born 23.03.1963 the 20.05.1966 at Bagaya 30 Emmanuel SAGNA Sergeant Mle born at Affiniam 31 Albert Saleh Sergeant Mle born 10.02.1966 15.06.1968 to Ndiagamba 32 Bouh SIDIBE Sergeant Mle born 14.08.1977 at Bagana 33 El Hadji Falilou NDOUR Sergeant Mle born in Joal Fadiouth 34 Kabamba Sergeant Mle 20.12.1968 born in St - Louis 35 Babacar DIOUF Sergeant Mle born 13.10.1969 the 25.04.1971 in Ziguinchor 36 Abib MBENGUE Sergeant Mle born at Sébikotane 37 Cyprien Jacques DIENE Sergeant Mle 02.12.1971 born in Joal Fadiouth 38 Michel DlATTA corporal Mle born 30.05.1972 07.05.1976 to Bouyouye 39 Ousmane Seck DIOP corporal Mle born 05.05.1980 in St - Louis 40 Mamadou AC SY corporal Mle born the 28.01.1973 in Dakar Mamadou WADE corporal Mle born 41 20.06.1975 to Tanaff 42 Moussa DIAWARA corporal Mle born in Thiès 43 Kadric Gonzalez 05.04.1979 1st class Mle born the 08.10.1973 in Dakar 44 Abdourahmane Dickinson 1st class Mle born 20.08.1975 in Pikine 45 Cheikh Oumar TALL 1st class Mle born 08.10.1975 in Pikine 46 Alassane Narvaez 1st class Mle born the 26.06.1974 to Bargny s. 2. - the Minister of the Interior and the Grand Chancellor of the national order of the Lion are responsible, each in relation to the implementation of this Decree which shall be published in the Official Journal.

Made in Dakar, March 03, 2016 Macky SALL.