Establishing The Right Of Recourse Dell'istituto For Social Security

Original Language Title: Istituisce Il Diritto Di Rivalsa Dell'istituto Per La Sicurezza Sociale

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LAW 3 December 1973, n. 45 (published in the albo of the Government Palace on December 7
Law establishing the right to compensation of the Institute for Social Security.

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting on 3 December 1973.
Art. 1
And 'the faculty at the Institute for Social Security to achieve the recovery of allowances, of
checks, the economic benefits and costs of health assistance provided by
art. 68 of Law 22 December 1955 n. 42 by direct legal action against
Such action takes place in accordance with normal procedural forms required by law.
Remain unchanged, alternatively, Member of the same Article obligations borne by the clients.
Art. 2
This Act comes into force on 1 January 1974.
Our Residence, this day of December 4 1973 to 1673 Foundation of the Republic THE CAPTAINS REGENT

Antonio Volpinari - Giovan Luigi Franciosi

Giuseppe Lonfernini