Provisions In Adoption Of Matter

Original Language Title: Disposizioni In Materia Di Adozione

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LAW 25 June 1975, n. 14 (published in the albo of the Public Palace on the same date).
Provisions on adoption.

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting of 25 June 1975.
Art. 1
The San Marino spouses, or forensic by birth and actually resident in the territory of the Republic
, even with legitimate offspring, legitimate or adoptive, may proceed with the adoption, in
current forms, where the requirements and following conditions:
1) the adopters must be at least 25 years;
2) the adoptee must be no older than 8 years;
3) there must be a consensus adoption of the ascendant exercising parental authority sull'adottando
or Family Council.
Art. 2
And 'allowed the city of San Marino, or forensic King Idente by birth and actually, not
conjugate, before adopting it as long as they have completed 30 years and as long as there is the
requirements prescribed by n. 2 and 3 of the previous article is about.
Art. 3
The adopted acquires the status of a legitimate child of the adoptive parents for all purposes.
Art. 4
The adoption of the San Marino citizens from the subjects in art. 1 can take place at any age
hereof and provided the adopters are at least 25 years of age and are more
adoptee at least 18 years and subject to the requirement in Article. 1 point 3).
Art. 5
It is not given to revocation action against the adoption accomplished with observance of all prescribed forms
by law.
Art. 6
It 'declared the jurisdiction of the Commissioner's Court:
1) to know and decide on the requests for grant of enforceability in the territory of the Republic
to foreign judgments or decrees licensing l' adoption; enforceability is granted on condition that
adopters and adopted conforming to the requirements of this law;
2) to ascertain, on the basis of a reasoned request by the Officer of the Civil State, that the requirements
prescribed by this Act in relation to applications for registration in the Civil Registry records pursuant to and for the
effects of the rules contained in title XIII of the law 12 August 1946 n. 43 and Art. 4
of the law 28 March 1974 n. 26. 1)
Art. 7
The adoption by citizens of San Marino, which still retain foreign citizenship, they acquire the right
the San Marino citizenship.
Those for whom, the date of entry into force of this law, is ongoing procedure
adoption, even before foreign judicial authority, acquire citizenship of San Marino
if the adoption is finally authorized by 'Competent authority.
Art. 8
are hereby repealed Article. 54 of the law 12 August 1946 n. 43 and all provisions contrary to the present law
Art. 9
Any certificate of civil status relating to the adoptee must be issued with the sole
indication of the new name and with the exclusion of other indication of fatherhood and motherhood natural
The release of a full copy of birth is authorized, case by case, the judicial authorities.
Art. 10
This Act comes into force immediately.
Our Residence, this day of 26 June 1975 to 1674 Foundation of the Republic THE CAPTAINS REGENT

Alberto Cecchetti - Michele Righi
Giuseppe Lonfernini