The Salary Of Members Of Congress Of State

Original Language Title: La Retribuzione Dei Membri Del Congresso Di Stato

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LAW 31 October 1978, n. 47 (published in the albo of the Public Palace on 9 November 1978
Law for the remuneration of members of the State Congress.

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting of 31 October 1978.
Art. 1
Until the reform of the Law May 9, 1945, n. 26, those who are elected members of the State
Congress, held employment with the Public Administration or of
private companies, are placed on unpaid back up towards the end of the assignment.
However, the leave of absence referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be considered valid for all purposes
for the purpose of vesting for retirement, as well as length of service allowance and end of service
The contributory charge related to these rights is placed entirely borne by the State.
Art. 2
To those who are elected members of the State Congress, enjoy
pension paid by the State or by the ISS are attributed the salary and benefits provided by this
law, except for throughout the term of the receipt of the pension.
Remain unchanged favorable conditions.
Art. 3
Those who are elected members of the State Congress, sv lgono an autonomous activities, enjoy
salary and benefits of the present gge and are subject to the obligations and
professional limitations contained therein.
Art. 4
A modification of Annex "F" of the Law 22 December 1972 n. 41
the emoluments of members of the Congress of State with effect 1 October 1978 is set up to:

ind.rappre- baseindennitàsentenza and

integrativatrasporto 432.600216 Secretaries of State. 400200.000 Deputati381.100217.900100.000

Art. 5
E 'absolutely forbidden to members of Congress of the State to enter into business relationship with
Public Administration, under any form, including by persons associated in business
professional, commercial, industrial and craft , occasional ven.
The members of the Congress of State can not be against the public administration
rights or interests of third parties, nor can take advice or carry out performance even free
in favor of anyone who enters, even occasionally and temporarily, in relation
with the Public Administration.
Art. 6
you can also get the expectation of the employees of the State or private enterprises, appointed
political and administrative positions that require the provision of full-time activity.
Employers are required to comply with this standard, subject to compliance with the last paragraph of Article
1. Art. 7
Although not expressly provided for by this law, limited to subjects having
of employment in public administration, reference is made to the Law 22 December 1972 n
. 41 and subsequent amendments and additions.
This Act comes into force immediately.
Our Residence, this day of November 6th 1978 to 1678 Foundation of the Republic THE CAPTAINS REGENT

Ermenegildo Gasperoni - Adriano Reffi

Alvaro Selva