Establishment Of Coordination Of Departments

Original Language Title: Istituzione Del Coordinamento Dei Dipartimenti

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Law 25 of 13 February 1995 (published 17 February 1995)

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
promulgate and publish the following law passed by Great and General Council
held on 13th February 1995.

1 Purpose In order to ensure coordination between the various departments of the Public Administration is
established the Departments of Coordination. Art.2

The Composition and convening of the Departments Coordination is composed of the coordinators of the individual departments and is chaired by the Chief of Staff
. In case of absence or incapacity of the Chief of Staff of the Presidency
Departments Coordination is the most Reliable + ta 'senior coordinator.
The Coordination of Departments shall meet conv Cape cation of staff who
shall also define the agenda of the session taking into account the reports made
from time to time by individual Coordinators Department.
In cases of proven need and urgency of the Coordination Departments it may also be convened at the request of one
Coordinator Dept. chin.
The Coordination of the Departments from time to time appoint a secretary taking the minutes among those present
. Art.3

Operation Meetings of the Coordination Departments are deemed validly constituted with the presence
of the majority of its members, and its resolutions shall be adopted by a majority of those present
. In case of a tie the vote of the President.
The deliberations of the Coordination Departments are adopted by open ballot.
For meetings of the Coordination Departments and lle its deliberations are drawn up
report to be signed by the Chief of Staff and the recording secretary.
The decisions will have to be brought to the attention of the department Councils concerned. Article 4. Competence

They are assigned to the Departments Coordination the following functions:
a) preparing opinions on all matters relating to cross-sectoral coordination of
programming activities of the various departments ; in particular the Departments of Coordination is
expressed on the general criteria governing the determination of priorities in individual areas
which make up the public administration;
B) the evaluation of proposals, the mobility cuioncreta activation is delegated to the Chief of Staff in order
with the provisions of the Law on Mobility;
C) the training of staff in the rankings Subero as defined by the Law on Mobility
D) the assessment of the general lines of legislation affecting the use and / or the reorganization
Public Administration based on the proposals of the Department Councils and any
suggestions of bills in order to rationalize and coordinate interventions in different sectors
E) the formulation of proposals to the Chief of Staff for the implementation of the policy objectives defined by political
Great and General Council and the Congress of State;
F) the suggestion of operational proposals useful to the renewal of the contract of employment of public employees
The Coordination Departments periodically checks the status of implementation of the initiatives and
programs on which it is pronounced. Art.5

Entry into force This Law shall enter into force on the fifteenth day following that of its legal publication
Our Residence, this day of February 16 1995/1694 dFR

Renzo Ghiotti - Luciano Ciavatta

Antonio L. Volpinari