Regulation For The Discipline Of Country Elttorale

Original Language Title: Regolamento Per La Disciplina Della Campagna Elttorale

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LAW 14 March 1997 36

Regulations for the campaign elttorale

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
promulgate and publish the following law approved during the Board
Great and General dated 14 March 1997. Art.1

1. The campaign is open on the twentieth day before the election and
ceases to 24.00, the second day before the election.
2. Before and after the period referred to in the first paragraph is prohibited any form of electioneering
by any means the same is implemented.

Art.2 The date of opening of the election campaign, in Article 1, the posting of printed matter, newspapers or other
wall, or representative images of figures of thought and posters,
through any form, constitute event electioneering is allowed
exclusively in the spaces intended for that purpose in the territory of the individual Castles and with the observance of the norms
referred to in this Regulation. Art.3

1. The Electoral Commission referred to in Article 6 of the Electoral Law, by cinquatesimo
day following the convening of the electoral meetings, establishes, through boards of
uniform size to be placed in the individual castles, spaces intended for '
posting material referred to in Article 2, by following these guidelines:
: n. 5; Castellaro: 1; Casole: 1; Canepa: 1; Cà Berlone: ​​1; Santa Mustiola: 1; Montalbo
: 1; Murata: n. 1.
Borgo Maggiore: 2; Valdragone (above): 1; Valdr gone (below): 1; Cà Melon: 1;
Cailungo (above): 1; Cailungo (below): 1; Ventoso: 1; San Giovanni: 1; Cà Rigo: 1.

Serravalle CASTLE OF SERRAVALLE: 2; Customs: 2; Falciano: 1; Five Ways: 1; Mellini Bridge: 1; Cà Ragni: 1; Lesignano
: 1; Le Tane: 1.
Domagnano: 1; Piandavello: 1; Cà Giannino: 1; The Fiorina: 1; Torraccia: 1; Spaccio Giannoni
: 1.

Fiorentino CASTLE OF FLORENCE: 1; Crociale Fiorentino: 1; Cabins: 1; Pianacci: 1.
Faetano: 1; Monte Clean: 1; Corianino: 1; Callig ria: 1; Cà Chiavello: 1.
Montegiardino: 1; Cerbaiola: 1.
Chiesanuova: 1; Caladino: 1; Poggio Casalino: 1; Galavotto: 1; Teglio: 1;
Poggio Chiesanuova: 1; Border: # 1; Molarini: 1.

CASTLE OF ACQUAVIVA Acquaviva: 1; Gualdicciolo: 1; La Serra: # 1.
2. Should it be impossible to allocate a unique space for the placement of the board, this
may be distributed in two or more places areas as close as possible.
To the effects of the provisions of this Article, all the spaces as indicated constitutes a unit. Art.4

1. The Election Commission, after the admission of the lists of candidates in accordance with Article
16 of the Electoral Law and in any case not later than thirty days prior to the election of
, provides for the demarcation of the spaces referred to ' Article 3. Each allowed list entitled
to an area of ​​m. 1.50 of height to base m.1.
2. Within the period specified in the first paragraph of the Electoral Commission assigns the surfaces
following the order number of the allowed lists and on a single horizontal line, starting from the left side
and continuing to the right. 3
. The assignment referred to in the second paragraph must be notified, within 24 hours, the
delegated under the fourth paragraph of Article 14 of the Electoral Law.
4. Each list provides its own billboards. Art.5

1. They can take advantage of the areas allocated to the individual lists of candidates
assignee list also admitted, as well as other parties, pol tical groups, associations and citizens
voters who have freely expressed their will and that they have been authorized by the delegates of which in the fourth paragraph
Article 14 of the Electoral law.
2. The authorization referred to in the first paragraph must be issued in writing by the delegate or alternate
actual assignee of the list; must be precise and complete data on
candidate, party, political group, the pairing-one, the citizen voter concerned, and must be
filed, in duplicate, at the Electoral Office of State at least 24 hours before
Car. The Electoral Office of State must r replace the depositor an exemplary authorization
, stamped receipt. 3
. They are prohibited surface exchanges assigned d t the Electoral Commission under the second paragraph of Article 4.


1. The exposure of printed, wall or other newspapers, or representative images of figures and
posters that, through whatever form, costituicano electoral propaganda tool, or
reproduce the symbol adopted from a list or, however, can influence the voter's choice,
is prohibited on any space other than that assigned under Article 4.
2. The prohibition in the first paragraph is extended to private spaces that allow a vision external public
(windows, windows, etc.), Balloon or balloons anchored to the ground, on vehicles and equipment of any kind
except those necessary for the propaganda and conduct
of rallies and meetings pools, including all'rticolo 8. It 'also prohibited all propaganda
using banners or drapes and using neon signs, as well as launch leaflets. 3
. Neither they have the ban from normal and permanent signs indicative of the party,
movements and political associations premises. Art.7

1. During the campaign, organized by the Secretariat of State for Internal Affairs and the Department
to Information, it will be guaranteed the programming of radio and television broadcasts
2. Such broadcasts are aimed to the illustration of the programs of each
this list in the elections and presentation of candidates. 3
. For each list is guaranteed equal space.
4. Based on the availability of lists, they are also planned
radio broadcasts and television dedicated to the comparison between the tribunes permitted lists.
5. Each mode relative to the transmissions referred to in this Article shall be agreed between the
Secretariat of State for Internal Affairs, the Department to Information and delegates referred to
fourth paragraph of Article 14 of the Electoral Law and with the Supervisory Committee referred to
Law 41 of April 27, 1989, to the extent applicable. Art.8

1. The rallies and meetings may take place outdoors, in the time of the electoral campaign
in the first paragraph of Article 1, every day from 16.00 to 24.00 hours.
2. Each rally and outdoor meeting must be notified to the Command of Gendarmerie in
care of managing actual or alternate eressata in the list, at least 24 hours before the holding
, with a time stamp and place of the rally and outdoor meeting.
The failure advance notification may result in unwinding ban. 3
. The use of loudspeakers and sound or self-propelled equipment for the dissemination of news or messages
is allowed, in the times of the campaign, from 15.00 to 22.00 hours every day
. Art.9

1. On election day and during the opening of polling stations, outside and in the immediate vicinity of the seats themselves
, it is prohibited the stationing of equipment, including furniture, parties, political groups and associations
, the use bracelets, ribbons and badges of recognition and use of qualsisi
object can be the manifestation of a policy choice.
2. In order to avoid any work or suspicion of propaganda pear, preparation or
pressure on those who are waiting to exercise the vote, it is forbidden to candidates on the lists
participants to stand elections, during ' opening of polling stations and over the period necessary to
the expression of their vote, within and in the immediate vicinity of the seats themselves. 3
. Violations of the provisions of this Article shall be punished with imprisonment of First Instance
referred to in Article 81 of the Criminal Code or a fine to ITL referred to in Article 84 of the Criminal Code. Art.10

1. Anyone subtract or destroy propaganda admitted and regulated by
this Regulation or prevents the posting or distribution or make unreadable material posted
spaces reserved to electoral propaganda or, not having title, affix or face || | post propaganda, both spaces allowed elsewhere, shall be punished with imprisonment
of first Instance in Article 81 of the Criminal Code or a fine to ITL referred to in Article 84 of the Criminal Code
2. The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply to anyone who uses an h, for
material permitted and regulated by this Regulation, the spaces allowed. 3
. To play any electioneering activities before the opening and after the closing of the
election campaign and who, by any means, prevent and disrupt a meeting of electioneering
, both public and private, is the pply worth effected by Article 398 of the Criminal Code
. Art.11

The offenses provided for in this Regulation are declared of public actions. Art.12

And 'repealed the Law 26 of July 14, 1959 "Law for the regulation of the election campaign"
and Article 4 of Law 17 of February 11, 1983 "Amendments to the Act 23 December 1958 36
( electoral law) and the law 26 of July 14, 1959 (law for the regulation of the electoral campaign
) ". Art.13

This Regulation shall enter into force on quindices mo day following that of its legal publication

Our Residence, this day of March 21 1997/1696 dFR

Gian Carlo Venturini - Maurizio Rattini